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My baby girl Sadiee Loves Dogs amp Animals t German

My baby girl Sadiee Loves Dogs amp Animals t German


German Shepherd so handsome!

Everyone loves a good dog pun... right?

Dog puppy German Shepherd puppy Kim waiting for her treat

The doggy days of winter!


German Shepherd Names: Male & Female GSD Names

too cute! a German shepherd pup! We want a big-ish doggie whenever we get a home

More like wonder why dad sleeps on the floor

Sadie mae

50 of the Cutest Animal Pictures EVER

German Shepherd Babe look alike

Just in case you haven't smiled yet today

19 Reasons German Shepherds Are Actually The Worst Dogs To Live With - GSD little kid

A 10-year-old boy was viciously attacked by two dogs in Bellambi on

With just six months of training, a pair of German Shepherds became 100-percent

Manchester, CT - German Shepherd Dog. Meet Zoey and Lacey a Dog for Adoption.

Why Your Pets Should Eat Raw Meat

I love long-haired German Shepherd dogs -- my next future dog breed!

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts studied the development of 43 dogs including a control group

... couldn't be more perfect a loving family and a GSD brother who became fast friends. Thank you to all who helped her find this happiness.

Dog Shaming shame - German Shepherd - - Can you imagine if all dogs could do this?

This adorable picture of a stunning Husky puppy licking it's mother's snout kicked off one of

Breeding & Whelping Puppies Q&A

Video of moment German Shepherd slobbers on a baby and paws at his cradle in New Jersey | Daily Mail Online

Brand – pictured with Bear – describes the dog as a 'tornado of fur'

The experts found that smaller dogs weren't more likely to roll

Scientists have revealed how dogs spend up to half an hour howling, barking and whining


The hilarious video shows the moment a German shepherd mounts his mate while its excited owner

Zeke, a 10-year-old German Shepherd, is a favorite of students Sadie ...

(1 of ) Church member Cindy Heiller, center, receiving the Eucharist and wine, along with her dogs, during a Sunday morning service at Thanksgiving Lutheran ...


william r wimmer

Lost Dogs Ohio added a new photo to the album: Forever In Our Hearts.

Golden Retriever Names Introducing The ...

... Understanding the Body Language of German Shepherds

Sadie the rescue dog

Having a pet can dramatically improve the level of social interaction in autistic children, researchers

Female Golden Retriever Names


white german shepherd

Cream Golden Retriever names

I don't know what this terrible twosome did but the duo timeout looks real cute. How often do you see a baby and a dog on a timeout toge.

large german shepherd



Real Stories

Chocolate Spaniel Outside

Real Stories


Look into my eyes: Princess is the only dog in the world who can hypnotise

Getting ...

This Shepherd graduated at the top of the class, a model of perfection. Click here to see all

baby puppy 3 weeks

45 Gorgeous Flower Names for Dogs that Go Beyond Daisy and Lily


White Golden Retriever Names


Top Golden Retriever Names

Snuggles and Oakley are 1 yr old sisters looking for a fresh start with a family that will love them as much as they love each other. These girls weigh 10 ...

FOLLOW BELLA and ELLIE FOLGER--GSD's--click here to follow their training

Dog care advice

... but loves other animals. Because of him being skittish, I've not been able to take him to be scanned for a chip. Please call 336-416-5942 if you know ...


Amazon.com : Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats Made in USA - Slow Smoked, Delicious, Tender AND Healthy 6" Jerky Sticks Treat - Choose Beef, ...

Boxer Pitbull Mix

15 Foods You Should Never Give to Your Dog


Photo of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique - Pasadena, CA, United States

I did something like that in A Duke of Her Own. My heroine had a little dog, a pug named Oyster. The Duke of Villiers had to choose between two women: one ...

Photo of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique - Pasadena, CA, United States.


I am looking forward to Sadie and I spending our remaining years together, loving, playing, and laughing. Thank you so much!! -Patricia and Sadie

weimaraner on dog bed

87 of 131

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe for Dogs and Will It Kill Fleas? Uses and Facts | PetHelpful


This girl is pure love!


*I don't know how to make the title a link :(

Boxer Pitbull Mix

Photo of Splash and Dash Groomerie & Boutique - Pasadena, CA, United States.

The Boxer Pitbull Mix is very playful and will need lots of toys at home. Careful, though! With her strong jaw and love of chewing, this dogs can destroy a ...



... is the Father Mike Sinkler's Pomeranian, Paulie Girl, visits students at St. Mary School in ...


Top 101 Cute Dog Names for Your New Dog in 2018


male golden retriever names

Now that Gus has found the perfect fitting bed, he needs to find a perfect fitting foster home! This 1 yr old Mastiff mix is well on his way to becoming a ...

... where he can feel safe and loved, please click here to meet this 9 yr old, 10 lb, beautiful boy. Calvin! The older dogs deserve to be saved too.

Piper isn't a purebred, so she doesn't have fancy papers from the AKC. Does Piper look like she gives a flying duck about the AKC?