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Monsters D and Watches on t

Monsters D and Watches on t


Shinola Lake Erie Monster Watch

Re: SRP New Monsters -- Post 'Em Here!

Didn't imagine that I'd fit a Monster or a shrouded diver on my 6.5 wrist in the past, and i'm pleasantly surprised at how well it fits.

I couldn't resist any longer. There is now a monster in the house!

My first decent watch and I couldn't love it more. Now I just have to buy a new orange monster.

I did a Monster too. I did move the date a very tiny bit outboard to make this work, but if the 3 and 9 markers were slightly larger, this wouldn't be ...

I'd say you won't go wrong with the price.

You won't be sorry, I'm not:)

But then the Dracula and the Black beast? And the Royal Blue. Anybody out there who has also been bitten? Any special monsters I don't know about?

My monster is my go to watch. I know it's a first gen and the newer ones have the hacking movement, but I wouldn't give this one up for anything.

Wildforlife Monster Hunter Zinogre Collector's Edition Touch LED Watch. Gently touch the touch screen to

In the process of moding the watch the section of the bracelet shows what it lookedd like everywhere prior to bead blasting.

I've been looking around and I haven't seen much about the mini monsters. Are they any good, and what is the difference between it and the regular.

There are 3 variations in the series, the SRP637 (black dial with stainless steel bracelet), SRP641 (Black PVD case with gold accents) and my SRP639.

Isn't that such a hot orange, though? Pic is from jerseyman119's FS thread, hope he doesn't mind.

I'd leave it alone if I were you. I had an SKX009J and did the sapphire "upgrade" thing - it doesn't really make a difference. Well, it does look blue :|

My daily beater is an Orange Monster, you just can't kill them. I'd love a blue and a green to go with it.

Japan made big orange Monster. About $200 -$250 US online And a great 200 meter diver.

Re: I'd like to call to order the "Seiko Monster Owner's Club"

I read an Amazon reviewer write that his new second generation Monster doesn't have the lume of his first generation. I'd love to do a side by side with ...

... I'd recommend the SEIKO SARB033. It's what I use for all around use and dressier type occasions when I wouldn't wear my SEIKO Orange Monster.

My Omegas aren't really beach watches (Speedy, DeVille, vintage Connie), so I'd probably go with my Monster (Vampire), and maybe my KonTiki or Oris 65 for a ...

As I've said many times, watch acquisition is a slippery slope. What started out as a silly hobby – I still remember wondering if I should pick up a $100 ...

If you take this thing down to 1000M, you'd better have a back-up. While the back may say 1000M and the eBay page may say 1000M, ...

On the rubber, it's comfy and not what I'd describe as heavy (I don't have scales to give you an accurate weight).

In my opinion right now a decent quartz field watch for the wis who doesn't like to spend a lot.

5 Tool Watches I'd Buy If I Didn't Want to Spring For A Rolex Submariner

Seiko Men's SRP311J1 2nd Generation Monster Analogue Automatic Black Stainless Steel Watch

I'm pretty sure this isn't JDM.

This is my C6, a T3 gadget magazine special Ed..

... and wouldn't even deem it worthy of this thread if not for the monster-esque bezel still being intact (although I have plans for that also...)

As soon as I found a Seiko orange monster I grabbed one. Living in Switzerland one doesn't see many Seiko's.

Here's my OM on a gray zulu, sitting on top of a pile of work I swore I'd finish editing over the long holiday (but which I've barely touched).

As I said, I couldn't be happier with my purchase and see me and my Monster spending many happy years together. :D

... can't go wrong with either. I'd also suggest playing around with different straps/bracelets. Here's my combo that I love - black monster on watchadoo:

Monster Sonic! D'Artagnan no Idol Sengen

Mishka x Sesame Street Cookie Monster Keep Watch Tee White. Available at Concrete Store Prinsestraat

except I'd have both hands in chrome to match the indices (no need for bright orange here, I want it to look less tool-ish and more dressy, ...

That's all I got for ya. I like the look of the BOR, but I like the wear of the mesh better. If the BOR didn't taper, I'd "feel" it more.

If you're looking for an interview of two experts talking about monsters and science-fiction, you'd be hard pressed to find better experts than James ...

Oops, forgot to correct the date on my safe queen GS :) Thanks for your time guys!

No, I didn't wear this anywhere, but I was wearing my OM on a black NATO and I look in my change tray and there's my black mini monster on an orange ...

In summary, the pelagos doesn't feel all too big, especially if you're already wearing monsters or sumos. If you have an AD near you, I'd recommend checking ...

"Tough times don't last, tough watches do."



My love for horror wasn't confined to just the classics, but growing up we'd always watch all the Friday the 13th movies as well.

I'd LOVE an Orange Monster! But I haven't got one, I do have a box of G-Shocks though, and my favourite is the most basic of them all, the DW-5600E:

Oops, forgot to correct the date on my safe queen GS :) Thanks for your time guys!

ウルトラQ (ultra Q) 1Don't know what this is from, but I'd watch it.

While isn't not quiet as bright as it is on the Monster or the MM300, it's plenty bright enough to pass my patented quick-glance-inside-a-dark-car test, ...

I'm not the only admirer. The natives are starting to take notice.

As you might have seen in one of the photos above, my phone isn't exactly a media monster but I think you can zoom in if you click on the photos here ...

Grendel Monsters of the Mind card 90 front

Monster's, Inc 3D - 12.19.12 Don't miss Mike and Sulley's original

Srp Denver Bronco Monster The blue PVD bezel doesn't really look as blue in the picture.

The sumo is so well made compared to the 007 and monster. I didn't expect such attention to detail but when I got my sumo I was blown away.


As you might have seen in one of the photos above, my phone isn't exactly a media monster but I think you can zoom in if you click on the photos here ...

Future Card Buddyfight Triple D

As you might have seen in one of the photos above, my phone isn't exactly a media monster but I think you can zoom in if you click on the photos here ...

Orange monster with Dagaz bubble dome sapphire can't take my eyes off this bad boy

monster stock

I'd kill you myself if you weren't family. I sit here

Orange monster with Dagaz bubble dome sapphire can't take my eyes off this bad boy

austin walker on Twitter: "ICYMI earlier, you can watch my Monster Hunter: World review here: https://t.co/lrdiMU7ArV"

"Tough times don't last, tough watches do."

IMG_0037 IMG_0038 IMG_0039 ...

Reminds me of the monster lobster in Julie & Julia. I want to watch the

7322278. >>

The-Munsters-Vintage-1965 I HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW IN YEAAARRRRSSSS!!!!!! I am going to Netflix to watch from the beginning again. :D | lunchbox | Pinterest ...

Didn't think so~ Monster https://youtu.be/KSH-FVVtTf0 Growl https://youtu.be/yWfsla_Uh80 Kokobop https://youtu.be/IdssuxDdqKk CMB ...

Mummy Fifth Edition Monster Manual

HBO Documentaries

Deep Forest by Artem Demura

I'd watch it.... bet most people didn't realize. Monsters ...

For an easy bridge into Skrillex, I'd say this is the easiest listen. Scary MonstersWatchesMusic ...

Who doesn't just love “Where the Wild Things Are”? This is a wonderful book to bring a good dose of art. Just watch the story come alive in your cl…

For athletic use, I'd buy the real Seiko rubber strap for $30 and have both versions. I agree with those who say this watch looks and feels more expensive ...

Watch Monster fleece trainers 120 cm 2273556-B type (non-packaging wrapping)

Horror Film Review: Bride of the Monster (directed by Edward D. Wood,

Sent from my IPhone 4

Simbar the Werelion (a character from the comic book "The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor") challenges you to match the actor to the monster they portrayed.

Never thought he'd agree!

I really enjoyed seeing how Stefano has Bobby pop out of Panel 3 when running away from Wertham's Drugstore. It reminds me how Jack Kirby would have Captain ...

Don't Watch That, Watch This! This Is The Heavy Heavy Monster Sound. The Nuttiest Sound Around. So If You Come In Off The Street And You're Beginning The ...

@PantslessPajama as a spider monster 2. @Skarpantre & @SweetHamaru as alien fighters 3. @munkiuke as a big boi monkeypic.twitter.com/hTxuiqeWAY

Well, I guess we didn't have to wait long to find out when we would be seeing Japan's latest Big G film, Godzilla Resurgence.

Skillet - Monster (Lyrics)

Godzilla: Monster Planet Official Trailer #2 (2017) Netflix Animated Movie HD

Sorry for the OT post, but this Timex doesn't have a reason to get posted on watch forums very often :D

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my beloved pigeons. Symbols of decay and disorder. Weaponized by the military and by educational psychologists.

Watch Monsters University online for free at HD quality, full-length movie. Watch Monsters University movie online from The movie Monsters University has ...

I think 'clunky' is a good way to describe THE X FROM OUTER SPACE! Those antennae are cool, but hey, you can't beat that freakin' horn on its forehead!!

It's one movie that I'd watch over and over again (just like Jurassic

Disney (Disney) USA products monsters University watches children's kids boys girls capdase Disney Kids ' W001230 Monsters University Stainless Steel with ...

8BPlus Bobo Furry Rock Climbing Chalk Bag Monster. BOBO SHY AT FIRST, BUT THEN AN EXTROVERT Hi there! Listen, I'd love to go out to the rocks with you, ...

To be fair, the watch does look pretty sweet, and we'd probably consider buying one if it didn't cost…y'know, the down payment for a four room flat.