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Miriya Parina Sterling Robotech Macross Max Robotech t

Miriya Parina Sterling Robotech Macross Max Robotech t


Miriya from Robotech!

MiriyaHead. Miriya Parina ...

Miriya Parina Sterling

Miyria from Macross/Robotech.

The Sterling Woman - Dana, Miriya, & Miai Sterling - Robotech: The Robotech Masters, The Macross Saga, & The Shadow Chronicles - Art by Alex Knight

Max & Miriya Sterling - Robotech The Macross Saga - Art by Greg Lane


Miriya with the (then) green-haired Dana Sterling.

Mr. & Mrs. Sterling - A paraody of the Mr. & Mrs. Smith poster using Max & Miriya from Robotech - Art by Alex Knight

Miriya Sterling (Robotech) ~ Cos Play / by Vampy Bit Me Macross

Miriya Sterling - Robotech II: The Sentinels - Art by Marianela Giola

The beautiful Miriya with sleeping Dana Sterling.

Rick Hunter (Super Valkyrie), Max Sterling (VF-1 Valkyrie), Khyron (Glaug Tactical Pod), Miriya Parina Sterling (Queadluun-Rau Power Armor), ...

Max & Miriya Sterling - Robotech: The Macross Saga - Art by Greg Lane

Robotech, Dana Sterling. She was kind of annoying. Why couldn't she be as cool…

Miriya Sterling - Robotech The Macross Saga

ROBOTECH - Max and Miriya by ~sergio-quijada

Max Sterling confronts a Zentraedi guard.

Max. Maximillian Sterling

Maia Sterling - Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - Art by Marianela Giola

Grew up watching Robotech thanks to my older bros :)

Miriya y Max.

Dana Sterling

Max & Milia by 若枝葉ユーセー · Robotech MacrossComicManga ...

Fan Art de Max y Miriya.

Miriya - for AnimeBoston

Macross, Komilia, Max, Milia & Miracle Jenius, by Haruhiko Mikimoto

Robotech Miriya Quadrono dress uniform - for AnimeBoston

Miriya Parina Sterling

robotech dana - Google Search

Robotech - Miriya Sterling by jasonhohoho ...

The Meltrandi's nearly unbeatable pilot, only bested by Max Sterling because she lost her cool. Find this Pin and more on Robotech / Macross ...

this is from a comic book of an old anime series, Robotech

ZENTRAEDI Miriya by isamu5979.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Miriya Parino from the first generation of the Robotech saga. Originally the enemy alien ace, she's defeated by Max Sterling, the ace Earth fighter pilot.

Robotech- Roy Fokker and Rick Hunter

Macross | Max Sterling and Miriya Parina VF-1J Valkyrie

miriya parina sterling | Robotech - Miriya Parina by sergio-quijada

Watching #voltron on #netflix Found more Robotech Character sightings #RoyFokker #RickHunter #Miriya Parina Sterling #BIGMANILA #TheCollectorsLens ...

From the Robotech archives

robotech max sterling characters - Yahoo Image Search Results

Robotech: The Macross Saga #21 - A New Dawn (Issue)

Miriya Parina Sterling Robotech Macross

dana sterling | Tumblr · Robotech MacrossClimberInteresting ...

(Robotech: Love & War, Part 5)

Robotech Academy: la nueva serie que busca ser financiada por los mismos fans | Guioteca

Without MACROSS there would be No Robotech!

Exclusive Robotech Identification card: Baby Dana Sterling with Parents Max & Miriya.

Max and Milia's wedding day · Wedding DayRobotech ...

Macross, Max & Milia, from Macross Delta episode 5

Dana, Max Miriya Sterling Robotech Macross Masters

Robotech: Prelude to The Shadow Chronicles #5 - Cover Art by Omar Dogan

VF-1J "Miriya"

Rick Hunter - Robotech:The Macross Saga - Art by Marianela Giola

Max and Miriya on their wedding day. It is the happiest day of their lives and a turning point in the First Robotech War.

Fuck Yeah Macross, oopsinsurance: Stills from the 0-G Love.


Robotech Macross Rick Hunter lisa Hayes Minmay Claudia Grant Bridge Crew

nekomiKasai 13 0 ROBOTECH: Miriya Parina Sterling by nekomiKasai

Dana Sterling 2029 (2nd Robotech War) & 2031 Invid Invasion - Concept Art

Macross #Robotech #Miriya #Milia ミリア #マクロス #cosplay by VAMPY BIT ME

Robotech Sentinels by ChristianKaw.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Exclusive Robotech Identification card: Miriya Sterling wife of Max Sterling, mother to Dana Sterling

Miriya y Max. More information. More information. robotech max sterling ...

VF-1A 1/72 Gerwalk mode "imai" · Robotech MacrossMecha ...

Max and Milia Gerwalking · Mecha AnimeRobotech MacrossAnime ...

Hikaru Ichijo and his VF-1J

Lisa Hayes, Breetai, & Miriya Sterling - Robotech II: The Sentinels.

Fuck Yeah Macross : Photo

Robotech art. See more. Rick Hunter & Lisa Hayes

Maia Sterling Final Key Art - Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

1st_Lt_Dana_Sterling_5_large.jpg (640×480). Robotech MacrossRobotsMastersSci FiNostalgiaSeriesSouthernCartoonsMaster's Degree

Dana from Robotech

Robotech Dana Sterling Nova Satori Marie Crystal Masters Southern Cross The page 09 , August 05

Max Sterling from Robotech.

Exclusive Robotech Identification card: Zentraedi Miriya Parina, Pilot.

An art piece of Miriya Parina before she fell in love with Max Sterling, checking her latest kill, an Invid Scout along with her o.

miriya jenius from macross_by_bake robotech macross

Robotech: Azonia & officer - Quadrono Dress uniforms, reference for making Miriya's.

Squadron by *ChristianKaw on deviantART Robotech masters


Ben Dixon

Miriya Parina & Kazianna Hesh - Robotech - Art by Greg Lane

Vampy Bit Me As Miriya is So Enchanting

ROBOTECH: The Macross Saga. Artistic Rendition / Fan Art

Macross, by Haruhiko Mikimoto

Robotech Macross Lisa Hayes

Mint boxed Robotech Dana Sterling 12" Doll - 1992 ...

Character notes for Dana Sterling from the Robotech cartoons, the main goal being DC Heroes RPG stats for her.

Dana Sterling in Robotech episode #38 "False Start".

Quality Max and Milia cell. Robotech MacrossManga ArtSinkVessel SinkSink TopsBowl Sink


Max & Miriya Sterling - Robotech: The Macross Saga - Art by Greg Lane | Robotech | Pinterest | Saga, Anime and Manga

Robotech (U.S. TV)

Robotech Southern Cross Dana Sterling model

macross frontier | Tumblr

Max Sterling, the almost supernatural ace pilot in the first generation of Robotech. My

Sammie Porter