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Max Bill Albert Einstein Monument concrete art t

Max Bill Albert Einstein Monument concrete art t


Endlose Treppe in Ludwigshafen 02 - Max Bill - Wikipedia. Find this Pin and more on concrete art by ...

Pavillon-Skulptur Max Bill 02 - Max Bill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Find this Pin and more on concrete art by ...

Monument to Franz Kafka in Prague, Czech Republic

США Калифорния

Саранск "Будьте как дома"

Part of Max Bill's sculpture group in Karlsruhe

The sculptor Jürgen Goertz created this bronze sculpture of Ulm's internationally most famous son in 1984. It is located on the grounds of Zeughaus, ...

Story of cities #31: Skopje plans for the future by fixating on its ancient past | Cities | The Guardian

Place d'Armes, Montréal, Canada

One of the now more obscure denizens of the Hall is James B. Eads, an engineer and the builder of the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, the world's first steel ...

Albert Einstein Memorial - Bahnhofstraße Ulm, Germany, BW - Citizen Memorials on Waymarking.com

Max Bill

Edwin Booth by Edmond T. Quinn with Lafayette in the background

Edwin Booth by Edmond T. Quinn with Lafayette in the background

lh 258

интересные памятники россии с описанием: 15 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках. Garden SculpturesSculpture ArtMonumentsCirclesBronze ...

October 1973 - Bust of Max Josef Metzger (1887-1944), Augsburg Cathedral (South Side), Augsburg (Germany). Sculpted by Hans Ladner.

Lincoln by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Forum Konkrete Kunst - Erfurt Germany - sculptures (site specific and public sculpture) in cities in Europe and America by Lucien den Arend .

Memorial plaque, Albert Einstein, Ulm, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, Europe -

Albert Einstein by Robert Berk

Säule mit 3-6-eckigen Querschnitten (Column with 3-6 angular cross sections) (1966) in Marl

Max Bill, Endless Loop, 1935, bronze

Garden Sculptures, Metal Sculptures, Bronze Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Kultura, Street Art, Monuments, Statues, Modern Sculpture

lh 224

And yet, jurors of the Hall drew the line at Jefferson Davis. Military leaders of a rebellion against the United States were acceptable, but the president ...

Einstein 1921 by F Schmutzer - restoration.jpg

Building Ulm HfG, photography by Hans G. Conrad.

Ad augusta per angusta. Find this Pin and more on concrete art by ...

Koblenz, Germany statue; photo by luc1102

Pavillon-Skulptur (1983), Zürich, by Max Bill

Madonna of the Trail (Bethesda, MD)

Mark Twain (i.e. Samuel Clemens) by Albert Humphries

One of the best sculptures in the Hall in my opinion is Daniel Chester French's bust of Phillips Brooks.

The painting ' ...

Albert Einstein Memorial

Fernando Pessoa statue ...

71. Six Pre-Columbian Pottery Fragments. $215.25

The painting ' ...

Madonna of the Trail (Wheeling, WV)

Among the finest sculptures in the Hall is Augustus Saint-Gaudens' bust of General Sherman.

Gilbert Stuart in a very striking bust by Laura Gardin Fraser unveiled in 1922

LH 231


John Lothrop Motely the historian by Frederic MacMonnies on the right seems to look anxiously toward James Fenimore Cooper by Victore Salvatore.

Carl von Ossietzky Monument, Ossietzky Strasse, Berlin-Pankow, East Berlin (Germany).Carl von Ossietzky [1889-1938] received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1935.

Anthony Hill: Catenary Rhythms, 1953, collage on paper, 30 x 55 cms

“I am of ...

Jo Davidson's magnificent portrait of FDR was one of the last busts installed in the Hall.


View waymark gallery. Albert Einstein Memorial ...

A radiation detector in Iitate, where some of the heaviest concentrations of fallout were found. Once known as one of Japan's most beautiful villages, ...

Max Bill, 15 variations on a single theme, 1938, set of lithographs

Among the finest sculptures in the Hall is Augustus Saint-Gaudens' bust of General Sherman.

James Buchanan Memorial

lh 212

Statue of Dante

lh 263

The "degenerative art" (German Entartete Kunst) is the term of Nazi propaganda for the designation of avant-garde art, which was not only modernistic, ...

Bronze Sculpture of an Archer on Stone Base. $553.50

Joan of Arc statue

Junghans clock, design by Max Bill

This poster was designed for an exhibition of South African prehistoric painting, reading from “Geometry of design”:

Einstein fountain. Fountain with statue of ...

This statue of a youth was included at the cemetery since most of the soldiers were in the prime of their lives.

LH 101

Mary Dyer [c1611-1660] was hanged in May 1660 for re-entering that colony, rather than abandon the principles of freedom of speech and conscience."


Richmond, IN

He ended his days as the Episcopal bishop of Boston. He was a famously eloquent preacher in the causes of the abolition of slavery and of the Union during ...

24. Two Carl Aubock Bronze Figures. $767

October 1, 2006 - Gandhi Statue, Indian Cultural Garden, Cleveland, Ohio (USA). At the unveiling, Indian Ambassador Sen welcomed the crowd on behalf of ...

LH 15

Book page depicting statue

1985 - Skulptur "Jüdische Opfer des Faschismus / Jewish Victims of Fascism," Gedenkstätte Große Hamburger Straße, Scheunenviertel, Berlin (Germany).

Copy of original statue in Boston. "The Massachusetts legislature enacted a law that every Quaker in its jurisdiction should ...

We'd spent our first night of many at Gonville and Caius College and woke up rejuvenated from our change in scenery.

24: Statue of St. Remigius on top the elliptical colonnaded corridor of St Peter's Basilica. The Bishop was born ca. 437 and he died ca. 530.

LH 154b

So as with the journalists, clergy, and American & Guyanese politicians in the Cast Of Shameless Wonders that enabled Jim Jones and his cult mafia to run ...

A hundred times every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, and that I must exert myself ...

Photo by William Johnston.

A body of work by Jonathan McCabe.

LH 93

The Interplay of Economics, Politics, and Culture in Hong Kong

Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial at dusk, facing south in 2011.

Einstein Denkmal (Einstein Monument) (1982) in Ulm

LH 02

Albert Einstein Quote Albert Einstein on Fat is Fatal Its the Women Not the Men

With so much negativity out in the world right now, small acts of kindness really mean a lot. We're all in this together.

Totalitarian art

Rootless Cosmopolitans

Palaces of Time

One of the most popular cities in all of Belgium is Bruges, about 100 kilometres northwest of Brussels. Known as the Venice of the North, ...

In Britain, one thinks of Victor Pasmore's Apollo Pavilion which Pasmore described as “architecture as sculpture” and which DOCOMOMO campaigned to save from ...

As we see, the belief that having a divine ruler, or monarch, diminished with the times, but when we think back to the true meaning of a monarch, ...

Elizabeth Guarisco Bronze Sculpture of Horse. $307.50

Upon walking out of the chapel, we saw an American flag flying high behind several pools of water (like the Washington monument in Washington DC).