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Marine mammal battle royale humpbacks fight off orcas to save sea

Marine mammal battle royale humpbacks fight off orcas to save sea


Marine mammal battle royale: humpbacks fight off orcas to save sea lion

A killer whale and Steller sea lion engage in a life-and-death battle in the waters of Juan De Fuca Strait, just west of Victoria.

The sea boiled as the three sides battled for position, according to witnesses. ( Alethea Leddy/Port Angeles Whale Watch)

Orcas and whales seen in fight to the death

Whales may thrash their tails to defend each other (credit: Liza / CC by

Researchers have recorded multiple accounts of humpbacks mobbing killer whales as they hunt seals. Shown

An orca breaching off the Australian coast

After Menopause, Killer Whale Moms Become Pod Leaders

“A pretty intense day today watching the family successfully hunt a harbour seal. This is one of my favourite whales, heading towards the…”

Clash: A sperm whale surfaces accompanied by two killer whales during a vicious hunt off

Humpback whales save sea lion from orcas in 'unbelievable encounter' | KIRO-TV

Adult humpbacks are formidable foes (credit: Simon Ager / CC by 2.0)


Four humpbacks intervened, blocking the killer whales from attacking the Steller sea lion. (Alethea Leddy/Port Angeles Whale Watch Co.)

Four Orcas: "Spy-Hoping!" Orca pods in these fjords are quite large and the members of each family travel in tight groups. (Photographed in Gryllefjord ...

Humpback whales have swarmed the coast of Monterey Bay, California, to fight off orcas

The acrobatics of a humpback whale.

Humpbacks often interfere with killer whales' hunting habits, with one study revealing that 84

The striking image of a humpback whale saving a seal (pictured) has raised questions

Heartbreaking footage shows SeaWorld killer whale 'trying to commit suicide' in front of shocked tourists

Orca whales breaching.

Whale wars: Why humpbacks save other animals from orca attacks | CTV News

The marine biologists have revealed that every single time the killer whales appear to be hunting

Capt. Russ Nicks, BC Whale Tours, Victoria.

Altruistic humpback whales stop orcas hunting seals in mystery global phenomenon

A pod of Killer Whales feeds on a rare Beaked Whale off the south coast of

Race to save 100 stranded whales on New Zealand beach

Orca. In this Sept. 2017, photo made with a drone, a young resident killer whale chases a chinook salmon in the Salish Sea near San Juan Island, Wash.

Killer whale

captive-russian-orcas: “ From Erich Hoyt's Fb Page: “«Hope

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The inter-species encounter was the first of its kind reported in the Salish Sea, according to local naturalists. (Alethea Leddy/Port Angeles Whale Watch)

Soooo very busy

Whale slaughter scenes

The killer whales have killed seven gray whales over the last 12 days (seen here

Stunned whale watchers with Monterey Bay Whale Watch witnessed the killer whale attack

Humpback whale just under the surface.

Killer whales are seen off the west coast of Vancouver Island in this undated handout photo. (Brian Gellis/HO/THE CANADIAN PRESS/)

Killer whales are known as the wolves of the sea but are genetically more similar to

Some orcas are specialist hunters (credit: Doug Perrine / NPL)


poor Tilikum. Save The WhalesPretty ...

With the number of endangered orcas that frequent the inland waters of Washington state at a

Adult humpbacks are formidable foes (credit: Christopher Michel / CC by 2.0)

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A pod of orcas swims in the ocean.

Only known white killer whale sighted by scientists for first time since 2012

Orca euthanized at Seaworld

orcas campbell river

Orcas spotted in the Moray Firth off shore from Burghead

The orcas tail-lobbed and breached and spyhopped, as she captured. And she recalled the cold, rainy day when people gathered to watch while shivering.

orca campbell river

Cool Drone Footage of Paddle Boarding with Whales

Altruistic humpback whales stop orcas hunting seals in mystery global phenomenon

Photo of humpback in profile with most of its body out of the water, with

Mother and baby sperm whale.jpg

orca whale great white shark

Swimming with whales video

Orca killing spree captured in visceral footage as pod attacks mother whale and her calf - Mirror Online

Photo of several whales each with only its head visible above the surface

Read the Full Article Here

Sightings Archive 2012 - Whale Watching Albany Western Australia Tours and Scenic and Cruises Aboard Sail-Away Cruises Albany

Tilikum is very sick with lung infection. He's not responding to treatment. Please Boycott Marine parks like SeaWorld. Protect our ceans & sea life!


With fishing trawlers increasingly tossing nets deeper into the ocean, tales of innocent marine animals being entangled are becoming all too common.

In this July 31, 2015, file photo, an orca whale breaches in view of Mount Baker, some 60 miles distant, in the Salish Sea in the San Juan Islands, Wash.

Incredible moment last baby orca is born at SeaWorld caught on camera - Mirror Online

Orca Whales

The mother (left) of the dead humpback calf returns to the corpse of its

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Unique Alaskan Orcas Slip Toward Extinction


An orca off Darwin

"I will completely support SeaWorld, once they SHUTDOWN their orca entertainment…

A pod of orca staged a brazen attack on a 100ft blue whale in Monterey Bay

The Beaked Whale breaks the surface during its struggle with the killer whales.

Photo of humpback whales from forwhales.org

Killer whales take on whales on Jordan River 43 miles west of Victoria. Photo by naturalist Clint Showtime Rivers, Eagle Wing Tours.

Killer whales spotted swimming in the River Clyde by stunned sightseers | UK | News | Express.co.uk

Northern Resident orcas spend their lives in close-knit family groups. The male orcas never leave their mothers. Photo by Andrew S. Wright. “

Doris the whale

The mother orca was seen leaping and diving into the water as it hunted a sea lion.

Orcas Pregnancy Problems

'As the orca go, so go we': Washington state aims to help endangered orcas

An orca enjoys the freedom of living in the wild, as a judge considers a case brought by PETA as to whether the killer whales are being treated as slaves ...

Transient killer whales Photo: Kitsap Sun

Orca show at Sea World San Diego

An orca leaping from the water in the Clyde (Keith Hodgins/PA)

A pod of killer whales (Orcinus orca) in the North Pacific (Photo Credit:By Allen Shimada NOAA Photolib Library [public domain] via Wikimedia Commons)

List of captive orcas

Doris the whale