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Marden Wiltshire 90805 Crop Circles t

Marden Wiltshire 90805 Crop Circles t


Crop Circle (July 1, 2012) Waden Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire,

Now That's What I Call Crop Circles 2016 [HJ]

Golden Ball Hill, Wiltshire | 1st May 2005 | Oilseed Rape

crop circle

Crop Circle_2009.6.13_Tawsmead Copse, West Stowell, Wiltshire, UK


Wheat pattern about 150 feet in diameter reported August 9, 2005, at Marden, Wiltshire, England. Aerial images © 2005 by Steve Alexander.

GEOM15BOW1 GEOM15BOW2 GEOM15BOW3 Bowerchalke800x800 copy Ox Drove, nr Bowerchalke, Wiltshire | 8th August 2015 | Wheat OH

Marden (2) - nr Chirton, Wiltshire, England, UK, 20th Aug · Circle Design Crop ...

Mayan Motif Crop Circle at Silbury Hill, Wiltshire Reported on the of June The formation also looks a lot like a traditional Native American / Aztec ...

Crop Circle at Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire.

Assessing ...

Crop Circles

Crop Circle found near East Sussex, UK on 3rd July 2014

A New Circular Crop Circle in Wiltshire UK

crop circles wiltshire 2014 - Google Search


Crop Circle discovered August 26, 2012 - Wiltshire No explanation or description provided with the video.

Crop Circle de Martinsell Hill du 7 juillet 2018

New crop circle East Kennett, Avebury Wiltshire UK 17th May

... The Sanctuary, ...

Archaeologists are due to begin digging at the 4,000 year old Marden Henge, in Wiltshire

Coneybury Hill Crop Circle Has a Clear Warning For Humanity

The message "No More War" is encoded in this crop circle.


Crop Circle near Standdaarbuiten, Netherlands on 27th June 2014

Sunday Lunch Burn Off around Marden

Cat's Brain Long Barrow Wiltshire

A complex crop circle formation at Monument Hill, Wiltshire

As usual Matthew Williams couldn't resist wading in to the comments section, and his post has likely done more damage than good in our estimation.

Crop Circle near Devizes, Wiltshire on the of August, 2008

Avebury Stone Circle, Wiltshire, England

Marden Henge

Image result for foto This crop circle was spotted near Cley Hill recently

Close-up of the carving of the Alton Barnes white horse on a sarsen stone at Alton Priors.

A crop circle in Wiltshire in 2010

Crop Circle found near Dorset, United Kingdom on 29th June 2014

Stonehenge, Wiltshire, is believed to have been the second ceremonial circle at the site


CROP CIRCLES OF THE UNITED STATES 2004, with Jeffrey Wilson. Jeffrey Wilson has visited over 100 crop circle formations throughout America's Midwest since ...

Thornborough Henges, North Yorkshire, UK - These henges are said to be older than

Crop circles in Wiltshire

A crop circle bearing a striking resemblance to the Spotify logo has appeared in Wiltshire, England near Stonehenge.

Crop Circle de Chilbolton e a Mensagem de Arecibo de 1974

Borobudur ...

The Horse

Crop Circle August 16th

crop circle center Oliver's Castle | Wiltshire England 2008 August 16 Wheat

Crop Circle 2015

To have the three axes of symmetry, the circle had to be divided into multiple of 6, but why 30? There is an aesthetic factor here, whereby this design ...

Wiltshire's monuments, mounds and new-age eccentrics | Travel | The Guardian

It ...

Aerial View of Stonehenge | Aerial Stonehenge

Identified Flying Objects

Rooms at the Three Daggers feature huge double beds

the sudden disappearance of the bank and ditch at D, has caused much debate and inquiry amongst us. Mr. Cunnington was of opinion that the bank did not ...

Agroglifo surgiu na Suíça no final de semana

Avebury half day tour: The southern inner circle at Avebury, Wiltshire, UK

Marden Henge

"Le 1er Août 2007, le photographe Steve Alexander a découvert cette formation à Sugar Hill, près de Aldbourne, Wiltshire, en Angleterre.

Pendant ce temps, Linda MH poursuit tranquillement ses mises à jour sur les crop-circles anglais :

THE Stonehenge ...

Property Image 1

Salinas Crop Circle

In 1991 Prince Charles was reported to have called in a crop circle expert

Now I've seen every show on this house so far, but the story keeps changing so I wonder if it isn't a mixture of two legends from ...

Avebury_Stone Circle, Wiltshire

Crop-circle à 9 branches, rapporté le 4 août 2007, en-dessous du Cheval Blanc de Pewsey, dans le Wiltshire, Angleterre. Vue aérienne © 2007 par John ...

Major Ufo hoax planned for May 22

A new long-distance footpath from Avebury Stone Circle to Stonehenge could topple Hadrian's Wall as the UK's most popular walking attraction.

umberto baudo 1

Allhallows, Kent - Image: Allhallows Church 5038

Hackpen Hill (Wiltshire) on The Modern Antiquarian, the UK & Ireland's most popular megalithic community website. 1 news item, 3 images, 4 fieldnotes, ...

Basalt Monoliths of Badrulchau, Northern Babeldaob, Palau, Micronesia

... the late Betty Hill herself, was present to guide us through a re-enactment of the entire “abduction” scenario, assisted by her niece Kathy Marden, ...

Aerial picture of the excavations at Little Catwick Quarry

An artist's impression of 'superhenge'

The object seemed to change shape. Pictured: Rochester, PA. (Credit:


Best UFO Sightings Of September 2016 #UFO

Si ces structures appartenaient à un système d'eau aussi sophistiqué, il apparaît évident que les dessins – araignées, lamas, fleurs – étaient tracés près ...

Broad Well (Alton Priors)

Nós corremos, eu e o policial, para os símbolos no Crop Circle no topo da colina em alta velocidade. Se dois dos aliens estavam tão perto do cume da colina, ...

Guided Tours around the Vale of Pewsey

This Anthro Life and Savage Minds joined forces to discuss why anthropology matters today

Marden Henge Model, A Curious Aside

“Quando IRAS cientistas – o artigo continua – vi pela primeira vez este corpo misterioso e calculado que poderia ser distante apenas 80.000 milhões km, ...

My Favorite TWO KINDS OF PEOPLE Quotation T-Shirt

Devils Den

Knap Hill Posted ...

Cerne Abbas Giant. '

Echoes ...

River Marden flows through the centre of Calne town in Wiltshire UK - Stock Image

Silbury Hill Collapse