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Maori Battalion performing traditional haka Maori Battalion WWII

Maori Battalion performing traditional haka Maori Battalion WWII


Members of the Maori Battalion who had fought in Greece perform a Haka for the King of Greece at Helwan, Egypt, June 1941.

Maori Battalion haka in Egypt, 1941

Maori Battalion performing traditional haka.

Haka is a traditional ancestral war cry, dance or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand.

Maori and the Second World War - Maori Battalion haka in Egypt, 1941

The 28th Maori Battalion

Maori battalion. North Africa 1940.

Maori battalion doing the Haka on the Western front WWI

Māori Battalion performing a haka in Maadi, Egypt, World War II. Alexander Turnbull

Sergeant 28th Maori Battalion WW2 My tribute to the brave young men of the Maori Battalion

Major General Horatio Gordon Robley with his collection of tattooed Maori heads, 1895

28th Maori Battalion. 'We will lose some of the most promising of our young leaders,' wrote Sir Āpirana Ngata, 'but we will gain the respect of our Pakeha ...

The 28th Maori Battalion

maori battalion ww1 - Google Search

Uniformed Maori members of Women's Army Auxiliary Corp welcoming the Maori Battalion on Wellington wharf, 23 January 1946 History in Photos: John Dobree ...

28th (Māori) Battalion. A group of men standing or lying on the deck of a ship, posing for

Maori Battalion training at Maadi, Egypt.

Eruera Tirikatene (wearing a traditional feather cloak) walks in front of the Maori Battalion on its return from the Second World War.

Officers of the 28th (Maori) Battalion, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, with their

Maadi Training Camp | 28th Maori Battalion

NZ Maori battalion, Crete WWII, pin by Paolo Marzioli

maori battalion

The Story of the Maori Battalion, Te Mura O Te Ahi. A definitive history of the Maori Battalion formed at the outbreak of World War Two.

Maori Battalion training at Maadi, Egypt.

Soldiers of the Māori Battalion training in the Western Desert, Egypt. The Māori infantrymen

Youtube - 28th Maori Battalion - Between 1941 and 1945 the Māori Battalion forged an outstanding

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uss-edsall: “ Sergeant Amohau, 28 (Maori) Battalion, photographed during training in Egypt in 1941 by an army photographer.

Hakari on the return of the Maori Battalion 23 Jan 1946 Wellington

Members of the Maori Battalion sampling food, during World War II

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Māoris of 'C' Company, 28th Māori Battalion of the 2nd New Zealand Division perform the 'Haka' (ancestral war dance) for the visit of King George I… ...

Pioneer Battalion performing a haka

28th Maori Battalion

OtherBattlefield 1's new DLC has a NZ/Māori Battalion soldier skin ...

New Zealanders and Australians took part in the unveiling of a monument dedicated to Australians, New Zealanders and Maori who fought at Tsikalaria, Crete, ...

http://i.imgur.com/oGfpT0n.jpg Something like those

An (inadvertent) atmospheric shot of Turks making a dawn attack?

The horrors of Western Front, 1914-1918

Late 28th Māori Battalion veteran Nolan Raihania commemorated at Pākirikiri Marae - YouTube

The men of the 28th Maori Battalion moving up to the front-line on the Karelian Isthmus, May 1940.


Tony Hawk [1983]

A performance by the Kahurangi Māori Dance group

ake_ake_B Company 28 Maori Battalion

Members of the Maori Battalion performing a haka at the opening of the Tamatekapua meeting house

Video: New Zealand soldiers perform Haka for fallen comrades in Afghanistan

'Collective grief': Major John Gordon, a spokesman for the NZ army,

Soldiers march along a road past a stone building that has been damaged. Troops from the Maori battalion ...

19th-century illustration of a haka, c. 1890


The original model of the USS Enterprise in 1965.

Spine-tingling: The car carrying the bodies is surrounded by 200 infantrymen as they

Sergeant Major Anania Amohau performing the wero (challenge) for the 28th ( Maori) Battalion upon their arrival in Wellington, 23 January 1946.

The troops performed the Cibi, an old Fijian meke war dance. The Colonel responded with Ka Mate, the haka written by Te Rauparaha, which is quite ...

Key idea: The Maori Battalion used traditional games to improve battle skills to help them with their identity as brave warriors.

Main image

New Zealand Māori rugby team haka

... http://www.steelcactus.com/OLD_PGH_A08.jpg ...

He makes for funny pictures though.

Māori Haka Welcome To Great White Fleet

Maori soldiers perform a Haka at Gaba Tepe on the Gallipoli Peninsula Turkey 1915 - Stock

New Zealand Infantry performs maori haka for fallen comrades

Strong tradition: The haka is a war cry or dance originally performed by Maori warriors

This Japanese-American fighting unit was one of WWII's most decorated, 1943-1945

Maori 'haka' War Cry (1910-1919)

Māori group performing a haka

Māori kapa haka group performing haka

Soldiers on the anti-aircraft guard of the New Zealand Pioneer Maori Battalion camp,

2nd 1st Farewell Their Fallen Comrades With A Huge Haka

ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 10, 2018: Maori carvings mark the entrance to

ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 10, 2018: Maori carvings mark the entrance to

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ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 10, 2018: Maori carvings mark the entrance to

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND: MARCH 16, 2012 - Students from New Zealand perform traditional

New Zealand Army soldiers doing HAKA

Gone viral: Footage of Saturday's service has been viewed more than 340,000 times on YouTube

War cry.

ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 10, 2018: Maori carvings mark the entrance to

The Stage - Haka Fusion - First Episode

The origins of the haka

When the Haka Became Boogie - The Showbands (Episode Two)

When performed by men, the haka features protruding of the tongue.

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that's yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, ...

A group of men and women perform a haka for Governor Lord Ranfurly at Ruatoki, Bay of Plenty, 1904

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It is very easy to look back at these times and speculate on the whys, and what ifs. Some of this story belongs within our whanau only.

Photos from 1941: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/d4/c3/3a/d4c33a532515fb91f81c1590455ebc2b.jpg ...

Maori Performance - Haka - Auckland War Memorial Museum

Māori Battalion - March to Victory

New Zealanders welcome U.S. Marines with Maori warrior ceremony

Pupils from Fernworth School perform at the 2012 Nga Putangitangi.