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Many monogeneans for example show a marked preference for a

Many monogeneans for example show a marked preference for a


Mean parasite counts of Neobenedenia sp. infecting the head (A), body (B) and fins (C) of Lates calcarifer over time. 'a', 'b' and 'c' = differences between ...

4. Neobenedenia sp. mean infection success on Lates calcarifer over time. 'a', 'b' and 'c' = differences between pairs of means determined using Tukey's HSD ...

Frequency distribution of P. thrissoles in T. mystax with fitted negative binomial parameters.

Continuous character mapping of anchor size (in µm) of ventral (left) and

Frequency distribution of P. thrissocles in the host population. A – Sample 1;

Correlation between host length and number of parasites (r= 0.60058)

Scatter plots LM1–LM5 distance against LM1–LM3 distance for (A) ventral

Molecular phylogeny of the 13 Ligophorus species inferred using the maximum likelihood method (10,000 bootstrap

Wireframe-lollipop plots of mean shape change relative to estimated ancestral mean shape in (

Mean abundance of the parasite Aphanoblastella mastigatus on Rhamdia quelen, comparing the gill arches and

Figure 10: Scatter plot of male copulatory organ tube length against dorsal anchor shape.

Wireframe plots of anchors of L. navjotsodhii lying in their natural positions in the mounted

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Neobenedenia sp. mean infection success on Lates calcarifer over time. 'a',

PCA plots of PC1 against PC2 and PC3 for (A) ventral and (B

2 Effect of rearing light conditions on female preference – Females from different rearing

Graphical abstract


Fig[ 2[ Abundance and prevalence of three monogenean species] Haliotrema n[ sp

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Two relevant examples of multiple monogenean congeners found in one host species

Fig. 4. Gene trees as evidence of species? Species A and species B

Collection sites for bulinid snails in the Bamako district. The sample


Simplified summary flowchart documenting the sequences of predation avoidance strategies in fishes and

Figure 3. Simplified summary flowchart documenting shoaling behaviour in fishes and how parasite infection may

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Haptor diversity in the viviparous gyrodactylids. (A) Basic haptoral type with two hamuli, linking dorsal bar, ventral bar and 16 marginal hooks.

A kernel spatial point analysis was used to estimate the number of parasites/unit of measure2. Dhat values show ...

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Cluster heat map of specimens (column) using shape variable data (row).

12 K. Rohde (1978, 1979), of 435 species of marine Monogenea

Polarization of Th1/Th2 immune responses un - der influence of parasitic infection. Induction

Ecology of marine parasites 31 Llewellyn, J., 1962. The life histories and

Live fluorescent Neobenedenia sp. attached to Lates calcarifer over time. Parasites observed attached to

26 K. Rohde Entobdella soleae on Solea solea moves around frequently and the skin regenerates

The distribution of crayfish species in the UK

a) Class Turbellaria – a photograph of a flat oval-shaped worm labeled Pseudobiceros

Figure 1. Relationship between generalism metrics (rows) and length metrics (columns)

Phylogenetic hypotheses of the monopisthocotylean and polyopisthocotylean ' monogeneans' and a selection of available phylogenetic hypotheses for constituent ...

Ecology of marine parasites 21 Male walleye pollock, Theragra chalcogramma, in British Columbia,

Figure 1: Behavioural and physiological basis of host specificity and habitat fidelity in Argulus coregoni

Host preference of an introduced 'generalist' parasite for a non-native host

Degree of female preference (slope of preference function) for (

Host preference of an introduced 'generalist' parasite for a non-native host

32 K. Rohde Polyansky, Yu. I., 1961. Ecology of parasites

Comparison of the collagen cleaving activities of recombinant F. hepatica FhCL1,

Figure 1 Overview of the in situ production pipeline. (a-e) Examples illustrating each

FST values, Dest values and distances between the five sampling sites of

Figure 6

Figure 3

Figure 4.9 Representative drawings of parasitic Arthropoda reported as pathogens of farmed fish and/or

Host preference of an introduced 'generalist' parasite for a non-native host

8 K. Rohde Lutta (1937) reported that spiny sturgeon, Acipenser nudiventris

Fig. 4

Phylogram of Carapini based on the Bayesian analysis.

Fig. 1: Relación entre el porcentaje de alocitas recibidas por año y la edad

... 2013; 21. breeding ...

Figure 2

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Figure 1

Map showing the sampling localities in the Southwestern Atlantic coast and their

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Proportional distribution of (a) intensity of infection and (b

Fig. 3: Relación entre el número total de alocitas (log 10 ) y

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Map of sampling sites in the tropical Indo-West Pacific, with the number of species and total fish sampled per site.

(PDF) Diet and parasites of the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas in the Humboldt Current System

Fig. 1. Proportion of descriptions of new species and/or new geographic records

Figure 4. Multidimensional scaling plot for carcharhiniform species based on Bray-Curtis similarity and

Figure 3 The relationship between nest neatness and the length of the pre-building lag

Seasonal changes in the occurrence of P. thrissocles on the gills of T. mystax

Fig. 2: Relación entre el primer gradiente composicional en el AC de las infracomunidades

Fig. 7. Frequency distribution of infra-population Dominance Index values obtained in (

The prevalence of Echinorhynchus bothniensis Zdzitowiecki and Valtonen, 1987 in mysids

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Comparison of the Boulinier et al. (1996) measures of parasite aggregation (Jj


Figure 3

2. Inferred secondary structure of tRNACys, tRNASer1 and tRNASer2 of G. thymalli that have unpaired DHU-arms. The tRNAs are labeled with the abbreviations ...

Fig. 2. Condition factor of infected and uninfected fish. The condition factor (k) is significantly higher in uninfected fish (ANOVA: F = 16.5; P = 0.015).

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Ecology of marine parasites 7 "masking" of trypanosomes induces changes in the host's recognition

Dactylogyrid prevalence for the butterflyfish species analysed. Median, first and third quartiles are plotted. White dots represent outlier samples.

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Phylogram showing the alternative hypothesis obtained in some analysis.

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Lates calcarifer microhabitat terminology (A) and body surface regions (B) used for

Figure ...

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An example of the many information brochures from Norwegian authorities to protect from anthropochore spread of Gyrodactylus salaris to uninfected river ...

Geographical position of records of C. irenae, monogeneans infecting 'G.' pfefferi

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... on experimentally infected focal fish (N = 17) and naturally infected sticklebacks caught in June (N = 31) and October (N = 13) 2010 shown as median, ...

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... 22. measured ...

PCA plot (A) and CVA plot (B) of the species G. teuchis, G. salaris and G. thymalli using 26 morphometric variables (see Table 1).