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Make Theis Totally Rad 3990s Cake Pops Recipe for All the Nostalgia

Make Theis Totally Rad 3990s Cake Pops Recipe for All the Nostalgia


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Bath & Body Works Art Stuff Fruitie Cutie Lotion used to be my FAVORITE!

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Fisher Price Record Player- I loved this thing growing up! I was so curious as to how the bumps made the machine play music.

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Sticky Hands - in every quarter machine in every store lol

Girl Talk

and you know your a child and you grew up with these, when you see these and the baby bottle pop song pops into your head right away!

Santan Sun News 4-6-13 Issue

Jewel Lips Lip Smackers.

Crayola Glitter Crayons. I loved these. Until all the glitter clumped on the tip

27 Beauty Products Of The '90s You'll Never Use Again - BuzzFeed

24 Snack Foods That Make Us Nostalgic In the 90s

Before Wikipedia came along, there was Microsoft Encarta '95. I loved Encarta!

I miss almost all of these things, especially French Toast Crunch

everyone has these

dude, this is THE pencil box that everyone had.

55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

I remember the horrible noise it made during the dialling progress and if you couldn't use the phone and internet at the same time!

i just got a cotton candy liquid lip smackers from Dollar Tree

Trix shaped like ACTUAL FRUIT: | 35 Foods From Your Childhood That Are Extinct Now

Feeling nostalgic: Alphie the Robot (Crazy coincidence or fate?) I had this favorite toy when I was about six, it was called Alphie the Robot.

Little Lulu - Little Golden Book

Magic Baby Doll Bottles

Had one with me at all times!

Smashed pennies - Had to collect these from everywhere :) we use lay pennies on the rail road track the train flattened them.

Heart Shaped Mini Caboodle

Read them every night!

Топовая и ...

Trip Down Memory Lane - Bubble beeper! This makes me feel old.

Lets see if you can make it through this without wanting to be in fifth grade

You were super cool if you didn't make a face while eating these!

90's or 80's kids will remember doing that

Face was my favorite Nick Jr. thing ever (Other than Blues Clues :P) I was born in 2000 but I still remember Face :)

I remember when they stopped making these.

Only 90s kids know what this is, do they make these anymore?

why did these EVER go out of style?! lol this brings back so many

Snapple Elements (i loved "rain" ...

Cat's cradle, every girl in the playground had one. (Mine was the best)


20 Snack That Will Make You Miss The OMG puffy bite sized doritos! Best snacks ever! Miss these!




Face here!

Starcastle - tea party

Farewell letter from

Daniella Pestova - Cosmo Jan 1991 by Scavullo

I can't remember the name but I loved these things.

Article 99

Oh wow i totally remember this outfit from victoria secret

Burger King used to be so bad ass! They even had cheese fries for a

i had this one!

All the junk food goodness! Except I didn't eat fruit gushers, charleston chews or teddy grahms

my pretty mermaid; i had this exact one.

Vintage lisa frank craft box

I used to play with the spoon and press the cherries to make them retract. Baby all gone - the spoon had retractable food and it actually smelled like ...

See photos and learn all about the tween girl rage, Club Libby Lu! Sad news: All Club Libby Lu stores are closed!

Trix yogurt--I used to LOVE this stuff! It was probably terrible for

21 Things All Girls Will Remember About Limited Too

Doug...and then Rugrats, now those were the best cartoons ♥

School Cool Barbie Blonde

第3期燃える人認定証授与式 集合写真です

ご出席の第3期燃える人の皆様には現像したお写真を 発送しました face02