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Maestro Electric Violin by Junguk Shin violn t Electric

Maestro Electric Violin by Junguk Shin violn t Electric


Maestro Electric Violin by Junguk Shin

Maestro Electric Violin by Junguk Shin

Maestro Electric Violin with Companion App to Help You Learn to Play Easier



#IFA2017 – Samsung is coming to IFA 2017 with a brand new smartwatch, the successor of the Gear S3 Frontier, the Gear Sport is a more affordable and ...

Vitsœ Announces Exhibition Looking at People's Emotional Attachment to Products

Austin makes a great point in noticing how the future of sports footwear is in making right and left shoes that aren't mirror images of each other.


Don't be deceived by those sails! The Kathreen yacht's vertical honeycomb protrusions aren't just for catching wind. They're actually solar sails – not to ...




Hands On: Sony Morpheus Review

... while the charging cable remains relatively unchanged. Various cables have the ability to illuminate and surge, indicating power to the device. Wouldn't ...

A Dirt Bike You Could See Dieter Rams On

An Insight into the Transport of 2030

Zeiss announced a new family of cinema primes geared toward 'low budget' productions at the NAB 2017 show in Las Vegas. The CP.3 XD Cine line includes a ...



Samsung Details Galaxy Gifts For Its New Flagship

Microsoft Reportedly Bought Augmented Reality IP For $100 $150 Million

The Huawei Watch 2 is IP68 dust and water resistant, an upgrade from the IP67 rating for the previous version.


Os ataque de DDoS têm um propósito bem definido e que tem como resultado final o bloqueio de serviços na Internet. A sua forma de ataque é através da ...



8 Hour PSN Maintenance Taking Place On December 9

Packed with connectivity options (Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi), Zing can act as a visual indicator for incoming calls and other smartphone events.

If that wasn't enough, the XTEND even features bio-metric locking! Which means if your bag ever gets flicked prematurely off the conveyor belt, its contents ...

Best of CES 2014 Ubergizmo Awards


T Mobile Moto X Android 4.4.2 Update Might Not Be Far Off


Verizon's Nexus 7 Arrives At Stores (Rumor)

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Apple unveiled its Siri-powered smart speaker called the HomePod last year. The company was supposed to launch it in December but it ended up delaying the ...

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are expected to be announced in perhaps the next month or so, and as expected the leaks have already started to come in, ...

A Bottle Breakthrough

제 10회 졸업전시회 비핸스업로드 포cs6

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Surgo is 4×4 offroad vechicle designed for rescue services in places an average ambulance would never reach. To make this possible, it sports an innovative ...

With messenger apps like LINE or even iOS Messages, whenever you type a word/phrase that might have a corresponding emoji, you will be prompted as and given ...




Samsung today announced the launch of two mid-range smartphones that are geared towards the selfie and the social media generation.



Verizons Moto G Receives Android 4.4 KitKat




Method-2: From Advanced Startup Options

There are quite a few officially licensed third-party controllers available for the PlayStation 4 but they all have one problem: they need to be connected ...

Lyft is one of the many companies that's a player in the self-driving car space. It recently launched a pilot program in Boston to showcase the technology ...

T Mobile Wins Lawsuit Against AT&Ts Aio Wireless


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You should have no problems while downloading a video story to an Android or a PC. However, when downloading a video on an iPhone, you just can't download ...

Free turbine produces electricity out of wind which is used to recharge batteries inspired from Jaguar CX concept.

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LG Patent Reveals Smartwatch/Stylus Combo


Give Your Salads a Citrus Shower

The Less-is-More Mobile Phone

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To allow voice recognition in noisy environments so you can connect to Google Assitant or Apple Siri, Sony developed a new audio technology.

Galaxy Tab 4 Specifications Allegedly Leaked


ZiiLabs Tales Samsung And Apple To Court Over Patent Infringement

Geometric Art in an Accent Table


Official Nokia Lumia 1520 Price Leaked In China





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A versão 11 do IE foi lançada no mesmo dia que o novos SO da Microsoft e estava limitada a este, não havendo datas para o seu lançamento para os restantes ...

Bungie has confirmed that it's changing the way Destiny 2 dishes out experience points. There was outrage in the community recently after many had come to ...


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Robot Writer Publishes Earthquake Story On LA Times

A thank you note to Nintendo

Simply select the host file and open it. You should see something like this now (# starts a comment line and is not executed):

However, the software doesn't support products having an older version of GCN architecture (version 1.0 and 1.1).


Titanfall Edition Xbox One Console Is Real, But Not Available For Purchase

T Mobile Value Is Back To AT&T Deal Level: Deutsche Telekom CEO

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We did take a closer look at the Lenovo Miix 2 range of Windows-powered tablets at CES 2014 earlier this month, where these tablets ran on Intel processors ...

Sony Hints At Possible Windows Phone Device

Samsung's mobile browser

Stun Gun Disguised As An iPhone, Dispenses 50,000 Volts

Facebook Pages Get A New Design

When you think of Apple's CarPlay, there's a good chance you're thinking about those infotainment units found on the dashboards of cars, but hey, ...