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M6 60 mm bipod mortar Image Army Technology Armaments

M6 60 mm bipod mortar Image Army Technology Armaments


Hirtenberger Defence Systems Images

M6 60 mm bipod mortar. - Image - Army Technology

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M224 mortar. 60mm ...

Comprehensive mortar systems with outstanding performance and quality

HDS 60mm bipod mortars M6-640 M6-895 and M6-1000 640 001

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Modern British Army

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M224 60mm Mortar & M121 A1 120mm Mortar Live Fire Exercise. Future Army

Elbit Soltam smoothbore 120mm mortar

France looks to MAST-F options #Stahlmetall #Stahl_Metall #Aerospace #Defence #

SA Army orders mortar bombs worth R31.3m

British Army 81mm Mortar

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M252 mortar

Hirtenberger M12-1385 and M12-1535 Mortars 120mm 640 001

The M224 LWCMS is a 60mm system that is carried by its four person crew. It is organic to US Army light infantry and Marine Corps companies providing ...

Canadian soldier sighting an L16 81mm mortar in Afghanistan

51mm Mortar. To the Hirtenberger 60mm


A British Army infantryman showing full combat dress and standard personal kit (back)

The South African Army has ordered more mortar ammunition from Rheinmetall Denel Munitions (Pty) Ltd of Potchefstroom. The latest order, awarded last week, ...

Large-caliber M30 107mm mortar on a fire mission. Note round being dropped into

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Night patrol across the desert in No Man's Land. Rhodesian troops of the 60th King's

Colombian Army Mortar Fail


A British Army infantryman showing full combat dress and standard personal kit (front)

U.S. Army Soldiers with 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade deliver mortar

MINT inert 4.2" M329A2 HIGH EXPLOSIVE Mortar Round : Large Bore, Inert & Cannon


On the ground, the Matador ASM, one of the less frequently observed weapons of the British Army. Money wasted? Maybe. For sure, it isn't light.

Hirtenberger 60mm Mortar

M6 60 mm bipod mortar. - Image - Army Technology | Mortar | Pinterest | Army

Danish Soldiers Fire Mortar Rounds from Patrol Base in Afghanistan by Defence Images

M6 60 mm bipod mortar. - Image - Army Technology | Armaments | Pinterest | Army

World War II era 60 mm U.S. M2 Mortar, G.I. helmet shown for scale

NLAW training

Додатне слике

The South African Army has ordered a substantial amount of long-range 60mm mortar ammunition worth about R29 million. This takes recent mortar bomb orders ...

Mobile Motar Team? Where do I sign up

The current, interim solution is the Yamaha Grizzly 450 Quad Bike with trailer; grouped at Coy level.

HDS 60mm Commando Mortar M6C-640 Mk1 640 001

Stryker mortar

Training with the L111A1

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Mortar 60mm M57

UK Armed Forces Commentary: British Army "reviewing" whether to lose some more firepower

L16 in action

M3 Carl Gustav with the US Army

Light Protected Mobility battalion mortar post during a recent exercise. No upgrade or change to the L16 is evident.



This well known photo of a squad from the Special Forces Support Group (1 PARA) shows an H&K 417 sharpshooter rifle (second man knelling from the left) and ...

120mm Mortar Ammunition 2B11 Sani

M224 mortar - Image: 4th Infantry Rgt. on reconnaissance mission off Highway 1 in

The Austrian Company Hirtenberger presents its full range of mortar and mortar ammunition as Eurosatory 2016 Austrian-made Hirtenberger M6 60mm ...

US Army Stryker units

Infantry section equipment[edit]

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M224 mortar - Image: Carrying M224

M224 mortar - Image: 6th Marine Rgt. on patrol in Marja 2010 02 22

M1129 Mortar Carrier

On top, the L86A2 LSW in normal configuration, then an LSW in "A3" configuration, proposed to improve its performance, with the same bipod as the L129A1 ...

M06 60mm light long–range mortar

UK Armed Forces Commentary: British Army "reviewing" whether to lose some more firepower


A British Army sniper showing full combat dress and personal kit.

A soldier from the Royal Anglian Regiment firing his L85A2 in Afghanistan

M1064 mortar carrier

M106 mortar carrier

BMP-2M Infantry Fighting Vehicle

LLR 81mm

Додатне слике

... Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, step off a helicopter and walk through a dust cloud to reach Village Stability Platform Chenar." U.S. Army ...


Again, someone within the army evidently said “no, thanks”, because all three weapons remained in use. They have since been spotted repeatedly in training ...

L85A2 TES fitted with Grip Pod, new handguard with rails, ACOG 4x on interim adapter, Vortex flash eliminator and Light Laser Marker (LLM) installed under ...

240 mm Trench Mortar

120mm heavy mortars

Vektor M6 Long range 60mm mortar

Type 60 81 mm self-propelled mortar

Fly-K Protection Module

M4 Collimator sight, used for both indirect fire and direct lay missions.

SA80 A2 (L85A2) 5.56mm Rifle MOD 45162138.jpg ...

All-terrain vehicles[edit]

Precision Extended Range Mortar PERM

Heavy Air Drop capability needs to be rebuilt; it cannot be delegated entirely to US help

The South Africans have a very nice 60mm Commando mortar, the M4. It has a carrying handle at its centre of gravity that mounts the trigger and a bubble ...

M1 mortar


It's all about the stability of the platform and how fine of adjustments you can make.

The Infantry of Army 2020: Lethality

2S35 Koalitsiya-SV 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer

M2 4.2 inch mortar

1 RIFLES training with handheld platoon mortar, September 2017. Reports of the 60mm mortar death were, fortunately, exaggerated. It might still have a short ...