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Lucky Day Parker Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers etc

Lucky Day Parker Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers etc


The Adventures of Kool-Aid Man Marvel). Find this Pin and more on Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers ...

For a brief period in the early I had a Kool-Aid Man phase." spouting mascot for General Foods' Kool-Ai. Find this Pin and more on Popping Comic Book Panels ...

Robin sucks at mocking villains. Find this Pin and more on Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers ...

Nothing suggestive h. Find this Pin and more on Awkward Comic Book Panels ...

Marvel Comics Retro: Love Comic Panel, Kissing in the Park (aged) Stretched…

It's currently not. Find this Pin and more on Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers ...

Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers, etc. | Pinterest

... Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers, etc. by Dan Vargas. See more. General Fang!

I'll reveal all my nefarious plans for a piece of Extra Tasty Crispy.

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On The Perils & Pleasures Of Comicbook Schools (The Wednesday List)

Whether they're sexist, out-dated or just plain taken out of contest, old-school comic panels can be a pretty good source of entertainment.

While Sue and Spidey go out, the sulking Torch figures he'll fix the webslinger- he hunts down the Sub-Mariner, and tells Namor that Spidey has kidnapped ...

... Popping Comic Book Panels and Covers, etc. by Dan Vargas. HELP! See more. Serious Crime

Spider-man Faps, but runs out of fluid.

The Good: Usually I begin by lauding the art team. I'll get to that in a moment or three. But what struck me as I read this was the pacing of the ...

The 1950s almost destroyed the comic book, with a tide of crime and horror titles which provoked a national backlash, in an America paranoid about dark ...

Peter Parker, on the other hand, is beside himself with excitement. He floats through a day at school, but runs afoul of the old Parker luck ...

My earliest ...

1939 singletone ...

Out Of Context Comic Strips Sexual Perverted Superman Batman Archie Funny

Comic Book · What the FLICK?

Roy T Thomas homas' Marvel-Laden Marvel-Laden Roy Comics F F anzine anzine Comics

Monkey Covers

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dale Messick stepped into male territory when she created the action-adventure strip, “

Three Comic Book Weddings, or Holy Matrimony! – Part 1

Has anyone ever uttered a true statement on a comic book cover?

Category: Golden Age Greats

Now, this is a very dangerous cover to think about, at least any more deeply than “Wow, if you hit Batman hard enough, you can actually knock the dignity ...

From 1974′s Sugar Jones, as appeared in the Pink Annual 1975. Sadly, the creators went uncredited.

Comic Shop Comics: June 29

Amanda Conner and Laura Martin drew the cover for Marvel's 2010 all-women anthology "

Pithy Reviews of the Comics I Read Last Night

Gladys Parker took over Russell Keaton's "Flyin' Jenny" when he went into service

First issue of Hári János, with a page of Lyman Young's Tim Tyler's Luck translated as Puskás Pista

Page 1


But Peter Parker as a role model was impossible to keep up with. Pretty soon, he was surpassing himself, and exceeding any of my own possible achievements.

He's running so fast that he's actually popping right off the film.

Comic book metaphysics...probably not worth thinking about too much really.

X-Men: Blue #16

Page 1. Original Comic Book ...

... comics never used some type of film, ...

Lando #1 cover by Alex Maleev

Wonder Woman #1 - Green Arrow and Black Canary #9 - 365 Days of


I also picked up one of the X-Men issues I was missing (the last new issue before the title switched to reprints) as well as an EC comic that I got ...

Richard Thompson, Cul de Sac, Feb 2011

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 - 365 Days of Comics

WONDER WOMAN #4 – A Review

At the time they killed off Peter Parker's perennially pill-popping Aunt May, I thought it was a poor choice, as the character was too important to the ...

Moon Knight #4 - 365 Days of Comics

In the world of comics, no creator is more synonymous with the medium than Stan “The Man” Lee. During his revolutionary run at Marvel during the 1960s, ...

The Amazing Spider-Man #667 - 365 Days of Comics

My first comic very well might have been this one.

... 1962-1963) is currently available to Patreon Supporters only. (All backers get the e-book version; super-generous backers get a hard copy.)


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coastal Comic Book Reading

secret wars 9

King Tunk, thinking how to repair the ray gun: 'Let's see - I

... justice society2

Sex and Drugs

List of Comic Book Titles

... and talking and some weird Kuato baby thing popping up at the end that made absolutely no sense 'tat 'tall…so it's got that goin' for it, I guess.

... Miracle' #7 reviewed in this week's Carseat Covers

Pop Star Assassin Kickstarter

A comic strip by Három Madár Műhely (Three Birds Workshop) published in the absurd humor magazine, Kretén, 1995. With no substantial orders, ...

blackcat_004 blackcat_005

Siege is joined by a woman in red, who amazingly doesn't introduce herself when she pops on panel. The fight continues into the Crossroads until Superman ...

I like a lot of crappy characters. It comes with the territory, I think. Everybody has those weird little crap characters they like.

Additionally, once you get past the covers, choose the best page quality example available. I have no problem passing up a comic that may be a 9.2 with tan ...

The heroes were rendered in the hot style of the day and the storyline was far superior to that of Super Powers that was clearly written ...

As the Royal Rumble ends and the Superbowl is on the horizon, it's This Week in Panels! This week, I'm helped out by Gaijin Dan and Space Jawa.

The SuperHero Satellite | Commentary on Comics, , TV and The World of ProWrestling

Mark Waid recently started an appealing run on the Green Giant. To be honest, I've never really gotten into Dr. Banner and his particular Mr. Hyde.

The premier vampire anti-hero? Art by Dave Cockrum.

Aztec Ace Mr Monster Ms Tree ...


Strips like this have to sustain themselves on simple ideas — hence the plethora of “young lad with a toy soliders than comes to life” and “young girl whose ...

Wong and Farrell's art does a great job of taking a really talk-heavy set-up issue and keep it varied. I can't wait to see what they do now that things are ...

... a fertile creative soil that helps ...


I popped seeing SpeedBall for the first time in the Evolutionary War and convincing myself that he was the next big thing!!


TOS #95: panel detail with some dynamic Kirby action!


... to say that the style and design of the original 4 issue mini series owed a lot to Mr. X and Watchmen. I liked the way that those comics, and others, ...

The SuperHero Satellite | Commentary on Comics, , TV and The World of ProWrestling