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Long live Red Army of workers and peasants the true guard of the

Long live Red Army of workers and peasants the true guard of the


Long live Red Army of workers and peasants - the true guard of the Soviet borders!


Stalin and Klement Voroshilov. SovietArt. Shopping cart (0) Stalin and Klement Voroshilov. Description: "Long live the workers' and peasants' Red Army ...

Carteles de propaganda Sovietica [traducidos] ([Megapost]) | Red army, Long live and Army

Long live Red Army of workers and peasants - the true guard of the Soviet borders! On each and every attack our valorous Red Army will answer with three ...

Long live our dear and invicible Red Army ! » (1939

Soviet Red Army Posters

Russian poster, Long live our native invincible Red Army!

“Long live the workers' and peasants' Red Army – the true guard of the Soviet borders!” Gustav

Poster for the bond issued to support the upcoming offensive against the German Army, an offensive that would fail. the image of the Russian soldier ...

Long Live The November Revolution !

Glory to the Red Army! Long live ...

Long live powerful aviation of the socialist country!

Worker-Peasant Red Guards

... of child soldiers in Africa holding AK-47s or some other kind of weapon appear here and there provoking outrage and compassion from the Western public.

Joseph Stalin (center), leader of the Soviet Union during the Great Purge.

4.40 'Long live the leader of the Soviet people — great Stalin', Onufriichuk, 1946, Mistetstvo, edn 50,000

4.9 'Long live the organiser and leader of the victorious Red Army great Stalin!', S. Podobedov, 1938, RKKA

The womean worker ! The peasant woman ! 8th of March is the international review of female working revolutionary masses. » (1929)

How do the Russian soldiers, workers and poor peasants celebrate today the 98th anniversary of the Red Army of Lenin and Stalin?

Only the close union of workers and peasants will save Russia from destruction and hunger. (1917-1921)

The third basis of the dictatorship of the proletariat is our Red Army and our Red Navy. More than once did Lenin impress upon us that the respite we had ...

4.43 'Long live the leader of the Soviet people — great Stalin', Vladislav Pravdin & Nikolai Denisov, 1947, Iskusstvo (Moscow, Leningrad), edn 200,000


Long Live the World October

This ...

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Lenin speaks to soldiers and others. The Russian ...

Oath of Allegiance of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army

The Communist Order of Samurai: Leon Trotsky and the Red Army

Portraits of tsars gave way to posters of factory workers. Newborn babies were given revolutionary first names, like “Barricade”, “Kim” (short for “ ...

Long live our sublime socialist Motherland. Long live our great Stalin ! » (1935)

Workers' organizations in the Russian Revolution | International Socialist Review

CHAIRMAN MAO VINTAGE POSTER Vintage Chinese political poster 'long live Chairman Mao the reddest sun

Russian Revolution, exhibition at the British Library, Red Army recruitment poster and wall text

True to the prophecy of the Russian poet Mayakovsky, “Lenin lived/ Lenin lives/ Lenin will live,” Vladimir Ilyich comes back to life in his Red Square ...

Long live the gunners of the Red Army!

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia on the Great October Socialist Revolution

SovMusPosters_dop_20 Ленин – знамя, ленинизм – оружие, путь – мировая революция

Local people talking to Red Army soldiers, September 1943

25th Anniversary of the RED ARMY

... 63. Revvoensovet (Military Revolutionary ...

- The Personality Cult of Stalin in Soviet Posters, 1929–1953 - ANU

Trotsky was the first leader of October Revolution and Red Army

"Long live the workers' and peasants' Red Army - the true guard of the Soviet borders!" Gustav Klutsis, 1935

Long live the 5th anniversary of the Great October Proletarian Revolution!

Russian Soldier

Long Live the Mighty Worker-Peasant War-Navy Fleet of the USSR!,

The Russian Revolutions of 1917

It is really stirring news that the DPRK has successfully held a parade of the Worker- Peasant Red Guard has been held in Pyongyang to celebrate the 63rd ...

Long live the Red Army, an armed detachment of the proletarian revolution. » (1933)

Residents of a town in Eastern Poland (now Western Belarus) assembled to greet the arrival of the Red Army during the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939.

Long live Soviet pilots !

Red Army is the loyal guard of the October Revolution gains.

Workers' Militia - Slate grey clad Hungarian workers' guards and their PPSh-41

Armed Love: Capitalism, Anarchism and the Russian Revolution – architectsforsocialhousing

Long live the gunners of the Red Army!

Women workers, come under the banner of the VKP (the All-Union Communist Party). Long live to the international day of working women, 8th of March. » (1926)

The War against the Village PEASANT! THE RED ARMY ...

Down with capitalism - Long live the dictatorship of the proletariat (1920)

Bolshevik opposition to Lenin: G. T. Miasnikov and the Workers' Group - Paul Avrich


Владыкой мира будет труд

If you would not read books, you will forget the grammar.

Trotsky was the first leader of October Revolution and Red Army

Nicholas II with guards outside the imperial palace. (Wikimedia Commons)

Red Guards at Rally Reading Mao Zedong's Little Red Book, Beijing, ...

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OCTOBER: The Story of the Russian Revolution


The armed conflict against internal counter-revolution began even before the seizure of power by the Bolshevists. When, in August 1917, General Kornilov ...

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4.48 'Long live the V.K.P.(b) inspirer and organiser of the victory of the Soviet people!', B.I. Lebedev, 1948, Izdatelstvo (Moldavia), edn 5,000

Russian, Soviet, Communist propaganda poster, Long live the Workers! strengthen communist cooperation

Lenin taught generations of Soviet children to read. On a trip to the USSR, I once bought a reading book for nine-year-old school kids to practise my ...

Long Live World October [revolution].] (1917-1921)

Moor, Dmitrii Stakhievich, ArtisGlory to victorious Red Army soldier! (1920)

Forth Coming: Long Live the Glorious May 7 Directive Books on Books No. 20 Errata Editions Photography

The 2nd Moscow Women Death Battalion protecting the Winter Palace as the last guards of the stronghold.

The autocracy had been overthrown, but what would replace it? On March 11, some members of the Duma6 created a Russian Provisional—that is, ...

Adrian Brown of Al Jazeera wrote: “For many Chinese people, the Cultural Revolution remains a taboo subject, especially among those of 65 years of age or ...

The proportions of peasants, particularly lads who had served in the Red Army, and what the sources refer to as “employees,” that is, white-collar workers, ...

Female peasant and worker.] (1920)

Ministry of People's Armed Forces - Image: Hyon Yong Chol

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) visits the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Victory will belong only to those who have faith in the people, those who are immersed in the life-giving spring of popular creativity.

Members of the Jewish Bund with bodies of their comrades killed in Odessa during the Russian revolution of 1905. Wikimedia Commons

Revolutionary Bhagat Singh: 87 Years of Martyrdom

Workers of the World Unite! Long Live ...

Featured image is reproduced from 'Long Live the Glorious May 7 Directive.'

Chinese Propaganda Posters - Mao, Jiang Qing, Lin Biao

The people's Army. Workers' and Peasants' Red Army