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Jack Harrison Earth616Images Jack flag Marvel and Capt america

Jack Harrison Earth616Images Jack flag Marvel and Capt america


Jack Harrison (Earth-616) from All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 1 5 001.jpg

Jack Harrison (Earth-616)

Steven Rogers (Earth-616) from Captain America- Steve Rogers Vol 1 10 001.jpg

Jack Harrison aka Jack Flag

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 14

Guardians of the Galaxy, hope to see some Bug and Jack Flag on the big

Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 1 3

Jack Flag (Jack Harrison) by Mike Deodato

Free Spirit

Captain America Vol 1 440

Captain America Vol 1 434

Captain America - Jack Flag

JACK FLAG of the Current Guardians of the Galaxy

Americop | Superheroes and superheroines | Pinterest | Jack flag and Superheroes

Thin Man Marvel - Google Search

Captain America Steve Rogers Vol 1 1

Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol 1 10

That was a mouthful, but I think Jack is incredible and is up there as one of my favorites in the Marvel universe. The guy has a history and an importance ...


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Avengers #4 (March 1964). Cover art by Jack Kirby and George Roussos.

Thread: Super Hero Squad Online's "Most Wanted" Characters! Redux


Guardians of the Galaxy by Arthur Adams

Plantman (Paul)

Now on shelves is Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes, a hardcover collection by Ed Brubaker, Marc Andreyko and Chris Samnee detailing ...

Captain America bursting through a page of newspaper

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Before facing a new foe, the team takes time to bond closer together!

U.S. Agent (John Walker)

Preview The Hasbro Toys at SDCC

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Captain America's shield - Image: Captain America v 5 5

Falcon (comics) - Image: All New Captain America Vol 1 1

Uh, there was this coed who was given meta-human abilities and brainwashed to hate all men. And then she met Captain America, broke her mental bonds, ...

Brian Michael Bendis wraps his time with the interstellar super team by stranding them on Earth!

Cover by Ron Lim

Captain America #198 June, 1976 Jack Kirby Pencils, Story, and Cover Art

Marvel, I compare the weapons of the DC universe with the weapons of the Marvel universe. The weapons are broken into three power levels.

I ...


Rogers returns as the original Captain America, with updated costume and shield, reminiscing actor Chris Evans' portrayal in Marvel Cinematic Universe and ...


Guardians of the Galaxy (3000)

Image for Every Guardian of the Galaxy Ever

Soul Searching: Part One

Infinity Entity preview inks by Alan Davis

Alongside Union Jack there, is former head Pendragon Adam Crown and villianess turned Pendragon Francesca Grace. So far there has been no other info as to ...

Nomad (comics) - Image: Captain America V1 180

Art from Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8

How important is it to you to avoid writing Sam as a “perfect” Captain America?

... 40-36-stratagems-as-portrayed-in-comic-books- ...

Union Jack

Jack Monroe (comics) - Image: Nomad Jack Monroe

This ...

... 37-36-stratagems-as-portrayed-in-comic-books- ...

Spirit of '76 (Marvel Comics) - Image: Spiritof 76 comics


This theory of how time travel works is sufficient for most stories but the Avengers: Forever miniseries posed its own problem because the main storyline ...

Guardians of Knowhere #3

Americop | Superheroes and superheroines | Pinterest | Jack flag and Superheroes

... Marvel Abstract Entities-Death-Captain Marvel V1 #26 - Page 19

Agents Of Atlas: Dark Reign ...

Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #4 (2003) - Page


Golden Girl (Timely Comics)

Founding Members

Leo Fitz

Marvel Abstract Entities-Anomaly-Quasar V1 #21 - Page 2 ...

Guardians of Knowhere #2

DC Comics

Captain America

Bucky Barnes - Bucky Barnes as Captain America. Art by Alex Ross

Captain America #100 - 1968, April [ Cover 4 ...


Drax the Destroyer - Image: Captain Marvel Drax

Golden Girl - Image: Goldengrrl

Review: Attack on Avengers – Attack on Titan/Avengers Crossover One-Shot | BAG & BORED

Jack O'Lantern

Sir James Braddock: Along with Merlyn & Roma (Merlyn's daughter), Sir James founded the Capt. Britain Corps. He was the first Captain Britain of note and is ...

More British Marvel's out there, you may not be so aware ARE still out there... or British.

18-36 Stratagems as Portrayed in Comic Books-Dark Avengers #1 - Page ...

... Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page ...

It's all been leading to April 27!