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If League of Legends Champions Were Cartoon Characters t

If League of Legends Champions Were Cartoon Characters t


Here's a messy, stinky Twitch, ready to ruin a League of Legends pool party. Concept artist and character designer Genevieve Tsai played with the idea ...

If League of Legends Champions Were Cartoon Characters

If league of legends Champions had Facebook #43

If league of legends Champions had facebook #42

Between recent major announcements of a practice tool, Yorick rework, and replays on live servers, I would have never guessed the practice tool would be the ...

If League of Legends Champions Were Cartoon Characters

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Although some people may disagree, support is a vital role if not one of the most important roles in the game. Support players control the flow of the game ...

If league of legends Champions had Facebook #11 (Zoe, Ezreal and Taric)

If league of legends characters were cats

If league of legends Champions had Facebook #69 (Rhaast and Aatrox)

I remember back when I first started playing League of Legends, there was this rumor among my regular play group that Riot was planning on taking Soraka and ...

When Ekko scores Pentakill league of legends champions

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Back when Riot first released League of Legends it had a referral program. Bring your friends and associates into the game, they said, and we'll reward you ...

If league of legends Champions had Facebook #75 (Kayn and Ahri)

Tales of Valoran sluty loominatti chooots oil change had not been tough but criminal.

If league of legends Champions had Facebook #98 (New Evelynn)

If league of legends characters were cats part 2

Oftentimes when a new champion comes into League of Legends, the game's many players feels he or she is overpowered. Since the time-bending assassin Ekko ...

Seeing the opinions about Zoe, I have to ask: do you take perception into account when changing champs?

There is always a unique champion for everbody on League of Legends!

League of Legends Champions Portrayed By Spongebob

Zoe seems like a new-ish design for Riot (like cartoony) — is there a reason for this?

... is a solo queue column called “Exit, Pursued by a Volibear,” (referencing one of my least favorite Shakespeare plays and my most favorite bear champion) ...

You can be the son/daughter of 1 or 2 league of legends champions. Which champion would you look like the most? Would you take over the family business?

Category:Assassin champion | League of Legends Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

And some say that he was later on changed into swain but i don't know if he will never be released because if you look at the ...

Talon's welcoming Tips for League of legends so hot

Size Doesn't Matter Bundle - 50% off at 2623 RP (4482 RP if you need the champions)

About the OP creator, Riot's Champion Designer: 'CertainlyT' - Inven Global

What went well

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I need more awesome reinterpretations of League of Legends champions.

Image via Riot Games. Zoe has been one of the most divisive champions in League of Legends ...

If that isn't the point... I heard about a asiatic legend. About some nine-tailrd fox named Kitsune. Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox. Foxes are a ...

http://www.surrenderat20.net/2017/11/champion -reveal-zoe-aspect-of-twilight.html?m=1

League of Legends ~ Veigar (without hat) and Lulu

Really, look at his model Nami/Jinx Lulu/Tristana Nidal. Tips for League of legends so hot

Breast size varies, so I can't argue against the size of Miss Fortune's, but her waist is ridiculously small as compared to the majority of women.

Top 10 Support Champs In Ranked League of Legends. If you are ...

Carnival may have come and gone, but the poros aren't done celebrating! Check out the preview below with them dressed as your favorite champions before ...

Just wondering who everyone thought was the hardest support champion to master! If the champion isn't an option in the poll, put them down below!!

"Don't be fooled by her childish appearance—Zoe is an ancient being, a cosmic messenger of Targon. When the Aspect of Twilight appears, she warps reality.

/dev: On the Champions of 2016

Everyone say hi to Zoe: The Aspect of Twilight.

Comic by Dream Vessel (http://www.dream-vessel.com/post/155862176323/lolwarwick-rework)

Riot has updated its policy so you won't be automatically punished if you're frequently reported for playing something heavily off-meta, like unconventional ...

Evelynn's rework has she been released onto live servers, but what is a good champion without a little story? In celebration of her new release, ...

Image via Riot Games. When you think of the strongest champion in League of Legends ...

... League of Legends Animated 1 by Maggotx9

Then Rito decided "Poppy doesn't fit our Standards for 2015, but we can't just REMOVE her from the game.... MAKEOVER!!!!!"

... it doesn't matter. No one like a support that is building like an AP carry or a self-centered tank. If you want to fill the role, play the part.

This latest series comes from artist Elasar Reem, and it mashes the princesses together with the characters from League of Legends.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games

A champion that used to be very strong for 1 on 1 fights. Her past concept of being a tank-based assassin was also a rather strange one. When Looking at her ...

Riot Girl Tristana - Facebook

The popularity of LoL champions is changing dramatically in this current game's casual and pro scene. With numerous ongoing reworks and patches, ...

Perhaps more than with any other character, the idea of who Swain was shifted with developments in League's lore. He went from a creepy battle prodigy who ...

Julia: I wouldn't mind a new assassin that isn't too hard. I really need to learn how to play assassins, but I feel like the learning curve for them is too ...

League of Legends' new champion is Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight | PCGamesN

Talon plz

While he isn't exactly the strongest champion in the game, Garen is extremely easy to pick up. Let's be honest—while you're playing with other beginners, ...

Champion skins

When it comes to these MOBA, one of the most important parts is which character you play as. Called Champions in League of Legends and Heroes in Dota 2, ...

Riot Games



How Overwatch and League of Legends find creativity in repetitive characters

I didn't find a lot about this, but I hope you still enjoyed the second post of this! If you wanna suggest the next champions just write in the comments ...


I don't know who the original artists are. I just got these images right off Google lol. These are just some examples of what you can do.

Of course, you can buy the champions for yourself for 7800 IP or 975 RP, but why would you want to when you can exchange the champions with your friends for ...

League of Legends Champion Quiz

Emotes are now activated in most (if not all) regions, so it's time to learn how to set them up!

If she looks confused, surprised, etc etc. Maybe she is, idk. I also like putting champions in skins they don't have and so yeah!


We don't know if anything special was going on between them, but still they make a cute couple in fan-drawings.

A Hero's Calling. "

There isn't a finger on your hand that you can cut off and feel no pain. If you had 20 sons and daughters, there would not be a single one that you ...

Perhaps they don't have any more appropriate art lying around for Evelynn? These, which are exclusive to the Chinese server, would suggest so:


If you are looking for personlized mouse pads, please provide the picture with at least 1024*768, 150 or 300 DPI. It takes us one to two days to make ...

Images via Riot Games. League of Legends ...

His concept involved him having a half-mechanical body, so he lacked normal legs and his entire character design was sewn in patches.

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