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IBM PCjr Internal Power Supply Cards Deals t Ibm

IBM PCjr Internal Power Supply Cards Deals t Ibm


IBM PCjr Internal Power Supply Cards

Ibm pcjr with display.jpg

Solutions like this avoided a sidecar on the side of the system, but they put more of a load on the internal power supply and heated things up a bit.

IBM PCB Jr Internal

IBM PCB Jr Motherboard

Floppy disk removed, motherboard revealed

64KB of memory in eight 64Kb chips on the PCjr logic board

IBM PC motherboard with 5 expansion slots

IBM PCjr STRIPPED BARE: We tear down the machine Big Blue would rather you forgot • The Register

This additional 64KB of DRAM, plus a 1.2MB floppy and parallel port – we be stylin' (click to enlarge).

A closer look at the card, with the red power switch at the top. (click to enlarge)

Before they went into the CPU cloning business, AMD made chips that supplemented the activity of the Intel 8088. The P8253-5 is a Programmable Interval ...

More memory

A PCjr "premium" feature (click to enlarge)

All this, just so you could play King's Quest (click to enlarge)

PCjr with ISA bus adapter

IBM PCjr STRIPPED BARE: We tear down the machine Big Blue would rather you forgot • The Register

IBM PC Jr BASIC Cartridge

https://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/. IBM's ...

Mmmm... 64KB in only eight chips!

The PC Jr. was IBM's attempt to tap into the budding home personal computer market of 1983. While the IBM PC Jr. had many positives with regard to the ...

The IBM Personal Computer running DOS 1.0

IBM Personal Computer with IBM CGA monitor (model number 5153), IBM PC keyboard, IBM 5152 printer and paper stand. (1988)

The IBM PC That Broke IBM

IBM 526 Printing Summary Punch, ca. 1948, with French keyboard layout

The chip marked in yellow may be important, but I found it curious. I also found that I could not find information explaining what its function was.

IBM PCjr retro

Vintage IBM PCjr Junior 4860 with Racore Drive Two Plus 640KB

KINGSTON SX/20LCM upgrade for IBM See All Pictures ASIS Because I can't

Back in the 1980s, if you wanted to play games on a computer, there were many incompatible options available. If you were on a budget, you may have had a ...


A spinoff of the classic IBM SN76489 by Squareinator

Card reader fitted into rear ports:

38L5307 CPU IBM Intel Xeon 3.0GHz Single Core 3000DP 2M 800 SL7ZF CPU Only

JPG P1020443.JPG

Shot it with Krylon Fusion satin white:

Monochrome & Hercules Graphics Aspect Ratio and Scaling. The IBM Monochrome Display and Printer Adapter ...

Magazine ad for Microsoft Booster

Image Unavailable


Vintage 1984 National Instruments GPIB-PC 8 Bit ISA IEEE488 Card for IBM PC 5150

IBM PCjr 'Chiclet' keyboard

IBM PCjr PC Junior 4860 Computer Base Unit Looks To Be In Nice Shape Look!

RAM expansion revealed

ibm 07h0017 07h1688 M WAVE SC ADAP sound card internal W/MODEM ISA 16BIT

Integrity Blank Cartridge Kit

Ibm px xt color.jpg

IBM 07H0017 M WAVE SC ADAP Sound Card Internal W/MODEM ISA 16BIT

Vintage IBM PC 5160 (Floppy Dr), Monitor 5153 & Kybd Set (1

You might come to regret that one, Intel (click to enlarge)

IBM advertising booklet

Vintage IBM PCjr w/ extras Racore Companion Drive II DMA + 512k Memory Expansion | eBay

2 Joysticks, Spare, keyboard, light pen, TV, RCA video, RJ11, CGA video, serial, cassette, power input, power rocker switch, audio out

IBM PC XT 5160 Dual Floppy Drives with 5153 Color Monitor

1984 IBM PCJr

Vintage IBM Personal Computer XT 5160 w/ Monitor No HDD Power Tested

DOS 1.0 Booting close up

Note: This picture is a sample of a joystick and it will probably not be the exact joystick that you buy. (Yours will look better.)

Here is the original documentation. 5150 PC Donated by Bob Maxwell.

Mike's PCjr Page Logo

($25) IBM PS/2 Keyboard (New in open box)

IBM XT frontal shot

Vintage IBM PS/2 Model 30

PCjr Buss Adaptor

Back of the IBM Fact Sheet

Vintage IBM PC JR 4860 Home Computer w/Floppy Disk Drive Monitor and keyboard

Attached Thumbnails

IBM PC-jr computer

IBM PC AT case

IBM PCjr Order Form (front) ...

IBM 5853 Modem Assembly, 2400 BPS, March 1992, Ex. Condition, Tested

Lots of Microsoft Docs. I also have the IBM ...

This Motorola CRT controller is a long way from an Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M (click to enlarge)

C14 power jack, USB ports, microphone jack, ethernet, card reader, HDMI and speaker jack. Above is a momentary contact rocker switch for ATX power.

After testing the card out a bit, I was pleased that it gave composite colors reasonably close to an IBM CGA card. I was also pleased that the card is less ...

The first IBM PC “

The Sega Card was a ROM card for the Sega Master System, a third-generation video game console released in 1987 in Europe.

Web shot of PCjr original case rear. (Before):

I got a really cheap, Chinese mechanical keyboard on Amazon that is just the right size: