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I laughed so hard I fell off my horse comical t Grammar

I laughed so hard I fell off my horse comical t Grammar


Nothing says spring like a bunch of baby birds falling on your head (or under your horse's feet :x) there is this bird that keeps trying to attack us in our ...

Since I own a Timber. It's going down, I'm yellin timberrrr

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Laughter is Always Better when you Laugh with a Friend! What is happening? Why are the horse and girl laughing? Who do you laugh with?

Exploring Dressage Biomechanics: Perception is Everything in the (non) Horse World

Horse humor, little pony with big heart!

LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW not because I would ever do drugs but because how true

Always Wanted

Yessss, sadly if you have lots of money in the gaming area of things you can make out pretty good even if you don't know anything

When I fell off my horse, it scared my mom becasue I didn't


HORSE: " Dat guy iz an arrogant ass ands a control freak !

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics

Ugh, still feeling the last one. But here's to those who get up, dust themselves off, and keep going no matter how bad it hurts

oh horseback riding!! so true!

Thursday Timewasters ...


Don't be a t-rex, apply sunscreen or have someone help you. Laughing So Hard Can't ...

I fell off a horse or more like slid off before I

So Reddit Held a Photoshop Battle For This Girl Falling Off of Her Horse | HORSE

Silence, water horse! Haha! I laughed so hard!

I can't help my grammar and spelling neuroses.

Comic artist Pedro Arizpe of Port Sherry made this cute comic called "Helping the Princess" - dragon, knight

Funny Picture - Best Tearable Puns

So take a minute to put everything aside and enjoy a few silly moments Baba-Mail is happy to share with you. After all, laughter is good for you!

Please never underestimate the communicative abilities of a little diacritical marker.

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just so happened to trip and she ran off. alright now who jinked me?

Bahahahahahahahhahahahhahhahhahhahahahhaha.....to infinity and beyond. This just made me laugh so hard

ha ha when a horse bolts with me i think heels down! heels down!

Ah, grammar humor. I love it.

Join the young inventor Eugenius, his robot Dax and his friends and have fun discovering English grammar and structure!

Obviously they can't use the apostrophe, either.

Grammar is important

•Lessons are tightly focused on core concepts of grammar •More than 80 practice exercises ...

Eternal Mistakes - Bizarro by Dan Piraro

Dragonborn is a douche. If I had a dragon for a pet it would totally be a grammar nerd. Seriously, Dragonborn, you really need to use the accusative if ...

laptop chimp

This made me laugh so hard. So many of my cookie cutter cookies turn out "big boned".

funny laffy taffy jokes

(Off too [sic] funny we go!)

What are onomatopoeia?

Just because you leave science class, doesn't mean gravity stops working!

Our confidence in English grammar, after reading this

really funny laffy taffy jokes


Grand National farce: 20 years on from the race that never was | Sport | The Guardian

(I rest my case.)

VerbsName Grammar BLM 18Saying verbs express spoken actions, for example, talk, tell, said. 1. Add a saying verb to complete each sentence. tell quacked ...

Puns @Web English Teacher

Can't stop laughing at this! This poor kid.It just looks so funny, though.

The bus driver says: ''Ugh, that's the ugliest baby I've ever seen!'' The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down ...

A misplaced comma can provide hours of fun on the web but sabotage the meaning of a sentence.

Tearable Puns --- @Tan Dinh, I though you and Lily would enjoy these

Because Capital Letters Matter.

Don't freak out, but I'm in the hospital

Charleston carriage horse Big John 'stumbled and fell'

Learn to Speak and Understand Italian Like a Native, While Cutting Your Learning Time In HALF!

Laughed until I cried.

for the grammar freaks like me. wish everyone could be correct with this. It drives me CRAZY when people mix them up

Example: It was shocking how Manchester United did a Devon Loch in the last minutes of the match against Arsenal.


... the use of a word or words that either have multiple meanings or sound like other words, the result of which is humorous. There are several different ...

HAHAHAHHAHA! Lame jokes make great jokes.

I love you just the way I am.

Do me a favour - Arctic Monkeys lyric too - Leigh Whipday

This one makes me laugh because I had a total freakout over similar grammar errors with our Spirit Wear at school. I might not be English teacher good at ...

English Grammar

yes i will get you a bigger swimmy pool because you are cute and sad looking. -Diablo neeeeeds a swimmy pool!

"Why was that Indian so excited?" asked the service station attendant. "I don't know. I just rode behind him on the horse with my arms around his waist and ...



fat-little-virgin: “ wickedlywenchy: “ “ Alternative phrases to “calm your tits” ” Hakuna your tatas……love that one! ” Don't have a rack attack lol ”

A Track to English Grammar ...

Business Cat

lol so true

Verbs and Tenses: Irregular Verbs ◗; 69.

Photographers say that there are birds that will never get tired to take photos, and who give lots of positive emotions.

76; 78.

That, ladies and gents, is what we call an epic [forced] fail.

But the next morning there was still no sign that I'd used the new outfit at all. The boys all thought I'd sure picked out a good rig all the way thru, ...

The best picture of a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence EVER . < < the fact that there is a picture of a horse stuck in a fence is amusing ...

I can't begin to tell of how I really felt during the first few days of Bopy's disappearing. Bopy had left me alone for many a day at the time before and ...

POWERED BY COBUILD Worfc onyour Grammar Over 200 exercises to improve your English grammar Contents Introduction Is this the ...

funny tumblr posts | funny tumblr comments

Mother's Day Cards That Don't Suck: You may never understand the damage you

This picture captures the epitome of tolerance / Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 25 Pics

A man on a horse pays for an item at the Safeway in Steamboat Springs (credit: CBS)

It's so funny I just love grumpy cat

Tag Yourself by FuzzyPickles42

Kitty thinks he's found a loophole, knowing he's not allowed on table.

Don't hate me just cuz I'm a little cooler-Funny shirt!

I just pinned it because it's FUNNY!!!! Look at that!

... 28.