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How to create scifi shooter Blog Start Preproduction Start Unreal

How to create scifi shooter Blog Start Preproduction Start Unreal


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This is a beginners quick start to matinee. In this tutorial we will learn how to create a cutscene that is triggered with a box event.

We are in mesh view window -> double click on mesh to open it.

Remember to change LightMap Coordinate

You will use parameters a lot. Try to read about Layers as well

You will see that your meshes are small when you put them to the scene. That's because of Unity is using different metrics system than UE3.

In Materials folder create Material - name it how you like it will be master material for all other architecture materials,

James Broderick Design Blog - Collision Tileset

This means that UE4 will use Per Poly collision which isn't cheap but I've found that it's causing really small performance drop. Not visible for me.

And then in Unreal search for the same material by Highlighting materials ID.

In Materials folder create Material - name it how you like it will be master material for all other architecture materials,

How to create sci-fi shooter: Prototype - Sci Fi Environment Import

We will be using First Person Blueprint Template

Create Post Begin Play event and SetVectorParameter to ParticleSystem Component that you have created (Trail),

James Broderick Design Blog - 'Cables' Prototype in Unreal Engine

(UnrealEngine) LevelDesign Making Sci-Fi scene part-1

Lytro Picks up Limitless Team to Build Tools to Work With Light-fields in Game

If you don't know where your assets are use Show In Explorer


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Unreal Engine 4 : Shooter Game


Using the lessons of this course, you will be able to create beautiful, next gen game environments using Unreal Engine 4 and other industry standard ...

Concept artist Michael Oberschneider from YAGER talked about the way he creates amazing space ships and environments Dreadnought.

James Broderick Design Blog - UE4 Pixelated Post Effect


GDC 2014 Unreal Engine 4 Soul Mobile Tech Demo

James Broderick Design Blog - Moody Pixelated Scene Test

Картинки по запросу 3d person shooter mobile





We've been talking for a while now (nearly a year) about how Guardians of Orion has simply not been performing as well as our first game, ...


Spawning optimisations


The Technomancer is a sci-fi RPG set on Mars, dig into these trailers and screenshots



Plus a little Deus Ex thrown in, in terms of multiple solves, as much emergence as we could intentionally create (not the mention the happy surprises)”


Getting the scale of NY right was very important so before I randomly started assigning values to distances I wanted to make as accurate a guess ...




A horror film that pays homage to the slasher genre; five friends going on a


This is the very first rough look at the Raupi region remastered for Unreal Engine 4 and we wanted to also give an updated look at the currently ...

As my theme totally runs in night and rainy I tried to create those effects in photoshop to get a clear visual.

FPS ...

Unreal Engine 4 visualizing a bunch of the rendering buffers.

'The Technomancer' isn't the sci-fi RPG epic you've been waiting for, critics say. '



I textured the tables and chairs with metal chrome as It is shiny and it suits the sci-fi theme which the brief asks for.


The Joys Of Mecha Soaring Through The Clouds, Or How 'Project Nimbus' Got Made

A Heart to Heart with Gunheart Developer, Drifter Entertainment


Dead Space 3 Preview: Alone in the Dark

... Mass Effect Andromeda: finally, hands-on gameplay reassures us Bioware's sci-fi ...

Insomnia: The Ark is worth watching for sci-fi RPG fans


Few films have been more eagerly anticipated by sci-fi film fans than Blade Runner 2049. By Cinefex readers too – we know that this is the movie you really ...

Lee - Technical Director

Unreal Power

Then I found this piece of concept art from the game and I loved the feel of it.

For ...

Griftlands is a gorgeously-animated sci-fi RPG from Klei

STARDROP is a story-driven Sci-Fi adventure and exploration game.

The Brief asks for a multiplayer shooter and while my level structure creates the choke point in the middle, ...

I also had few references to the drone in the scene like shown below. I wanted to build my drone in a different way with propellers and some shooting ...

In this scene, I tried to maintain the sci-fi downtown theme with some holographic posters and sci-fi buildings. conart_4

Here ...

Action ...

Guardians of the Galaxy - Framestore. “

After the pre-production stage, I chose my favourite map which I thought would work the best as a shooting map. The map was the “Shopping centre”, ...


Performing as the title character in "Chappie," Sharlto Copley wore Weta

These are my failed attempts at getting the touch inputs functioning, I thought I was onto something but then realized it never would have worked.

I wanted to design this character in such a way like how a Scifi Spaceship Pilot looks like. so I always had some sci-fi robotic props in my mind.

Fast forward a couple of hours to the hotel room, where we had signed up and downloaded a copy to start checking out.

prototype 2 concept art ...

69224_Crysis2-Artwork-01 lol 0cd15e6e1b7db6432ac4bb5cdf1a1 concept2oosg

FPS ...

... starting with a rich red sunrise, moving into the pale yellows for the day, before turning an ominous green as night comes; signalling the awakening of ...

ORION @ Kickstarter (Sci-Fi MMO RPG Shooter) http://kck.st/2dPtKPO

prototype 2 concept art concept art 2 prototype 3

We wanted to create a score that supplemented and enhanced the atmosphere of the game, so we decided to fuse more traditional and organic sounds such as ...



Sci-fi RPG Consortium free on GOG.com


FPS ...