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How many cows can you save by not eating them t

How many cows can you save by not eating them t


How many cows can you save by not eating them?... Check out that cool T-Shirt here: https://www.sunfrog.com/Holidays/Make-Everyday-Earth-Day.html?53507

You hate saving the lives of nearly 200 animals per year.

how many animals saved by going vegan


PETA on Twitter: "Go vegan today and save 100 animals by January 1st, 2018! https://t.co/C89m27vuF2… "

Don't Lose the Plot on Twitter: "If your #cow makes only a little milk, it might not be getting enough good quality feed. Make your own #fodder to save ...

PETA India on Twitter: "No cow, pig, chicken or goat wants to be eaten! Pledge to go vegan to save animals from slaughter! https://t.co/3tKYKxp8ef… ...

There's simply no easier way to help animals and prevent suffering than by choosing vegan foods over meat, eggs, ...

Having said that, I don't understand why some of them don't eat bull meat ? So it might be due to more of spirituality !!! They think that sacrificing the ...

There are currently approximately 1.3 to 1.5 billion cows grazing, sleeping, and chewing their cud at any given time on planet Earth. And these 1,300 pound ...

Hindu intellectuals please stop propagation of beef eating and cow slaughter…

Decalf and his bros

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being an animal lover means not eating them ~ courtesy outreach

The only thing more disturbing than these images are people that don't find them disturbing. Pigs in gestation crates is just plain cruelty.

Keep your cattle off the grain by paying special attention to the forage you supply them with in the pasture.

Livestock-rearing is a major cause of greenhouse gases, in part because of the

Probably one of the most misunderstood topics about dairy farming is the “mystery” of what happens to the male calves. Female cows are the only ones that ...

Calves can become so distressed from separation that they become sick, lose weight from not eating, and cry so much ...

If you're mad about Harambe being killed you better be vegan or you'


Cow Appreciation Day


Rescued Dairy Cow Loves the Affection of the People Who Saved Him

Looking for spiffy Cow T Shirts so you can literally holler about your devotion for them “till the cows come home”? Well, your quest is over because we have ...

Chopped hay creates less waste because its easier for the cow to eat in smaller pieces. Reducing waste always saves you money. They don't have to work as ...

dairy facts


I am constantly badgered with the questions “Do you really think you're making an impact?”, “What are you ACTUALLY doing to help?”, and “Don't you miss ...

Cow in pasture

The behavior you are describing is known as "surplus killing". It is not, as it appears, killing for "fun" or for "sport" as it is often mischaracterized.

Image caption "Given cattle are major producers of greenhouse gases, on balance, it would be better if they didn't exist"

Yes, Peta, sometimes farmers are 'mean' to cows – in order to save them | Carrie Mess | Opinion | The Guardian

Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef, not chicken. - Vox

Anyone who says the animal doesn't feel anything


Cows have one stomach with four different compartments.


Cow Grazing

Ten reasons why you should eat less meat! We're not asking you to Puasa on Meat to the extent of being a complete vegetarian! Just eat less meat.

What does Grass-Fed Mean? ...

There's a better ...

Records suggest that early humans went from gathering their food to hunting it about 2 million

This is from a Reddit thread (I know, I hate myself) discussing the recent conviction of some elephant poachers; two Chinese poachers were sentenced to 30 ...

5 More Life Lessons from the Cows

Miniature Zebu Cow

We're not likely to save the planet eating mostly plants, and vegans aren't necessarily healthier than conscientious omnivores.

I used to get little itchy rashes on my hands and sometimes feet and ankles. It went away within about a month of giving up animal products.

Cows on a traffic island in central Delhi eat offerings of food left for them by passers-by.

Miniature Cattle Breeds Miniature Belted Galloway

grain fed calves

Wagyu cattle are an example of a breed raised primarily for beef.

cattle on a pasture

dairy facts, veal calves

Despite the fact that we all know it is good to be a vegetarian, most of us are not. It may be because like me, you love meat and fish too much, or it could ...

Raising bottle calves will not only get you a herd 'on the cheap,' you'll also make some great memories. ...

If these needs are not met, the calf can run into serious health issues either as a calf or later in life as an adult cow ...

Seemingly benign bovines and other livestock eat ...

Onion and Garlic dilutes the blood like aspirin does and adds a chemical called 'Allicin' in the blood. The blood runs faster than normal.

Calf Scours is basically baby-cow diarrhea. It is dangerous and can be fatal. Be sure to watch your bottle-calves closely (especially their stools) to be ...

Is this what you thought the life of beef cattle was like? What surprised you?

Dairy products do ...

... How to Save Money Don't be fooled, “creative” is just a code word for weird. We're about to dive into some really odd stuff here. It might make your ...

The main difference between vegans and vegetarians and is that vegans will not eat eggs and

A Viva! undercover investigation uncovers the death, mutilation and disease that goes into producing goat's cheese tartlet (not to mention the pus, ...

Do cows like to Be Milked?

Manatee Appreciation Day

Hidden Animal Fat Lies In Plastic Bags Photo


Inside the milk machine. Shutterstock

A cow walks in front of a kebab shop in Lucknow, India

Shorthorn heifers, a typical multipurpose breed of cattle.

Dairy cows sleep for a third of their lifetimes (Image: Getty)


Does Milk come from Pregnant Cows?

A Mother's Cry For Her Baby

Industrial Animal Production The Characteristics of Industrial Agriculture Corporate Involvement in Agriculture The True Costs Did You Know? What You Can Do

Even buildings don't go to waste around here. As farms grow older, buildings fall into disrepair or just fall down (from the weight of their own age or by ...

I feel so bad I haven't been to a save in ages 😓💔

“Organic” isn't a new idea