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How Conservatives Lose America Forever Smart Girl Politics

How Conservatives Lose America Forever Smart Girl Politics


Credit: a katz/Shutterstock. The debasement of American politics ...

Trump confronts 2018's harsh political reality

Hosting Organization. American Conservative UnionAmerican Conservative Union; Conservative Political ...

Don't Panic: Donald Trump Will Never, Ever Be President

The True "Reagan Legacy"

Stephen K. Bannon is remaking American politics. But he's building on long-standing conservative traditions to do so. (Brynn Anderson/AP)


Five big political betting stories to follow in 2017

Holding forth at the 2010 Smart Girl ...

Drop of Light/Shutterstock

Proud Republican God bless Ronald Reagan

The White-Minstrel Show

Hillary Clinton speaking at a rally in Des Moines in January 2016

Smart lady.

Clinton chief strategist John Podesta conspired with progressives to create front groups to undermine Catholic bishops (Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.com)

For generations, we've seen the political landscape in this country teeter back and forth between the Left and the Right. Usually about every 8 years or so, ...

We need more men like Mr. Gowdy, to stand up for our Country's laws

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“Jeanine Pirro has a few important questions for Obama on who his allegiance is really with America or Radical Muslims”

Rising Healthcare Rates Hurting North Carolina Business - Smart Girl Politics

Last Man Standing Cancelled

Voters wait outside a polling location for the presidential election Nov. 8 shortly after polls

David Brooks + E.J. Dionne

Margaret Thatcher quote ~ In politics if you want anything said, ask a man.

Men wave rainbow and 'black lives matter' flags while marching in the annual LGBTQI

President Donald Trump leaves the stage after addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday in

On the EDge: Bailing out early is a smart political move for Chaffetz

Can A Relationship Work If You Don't Agree On Politics? 5 Tips For Interpolitical Couples

Mark Nyanken and Lucinda Taylor moved from Oregon to Canada after the US invaded Iraq in

For ESPN and Jemele Hill, mixing politics and sports is bad business

BLACK-ISH - "Please, Baby, Please" - Dre is on baby

Ernesto ...

Why do people assume "thugs" is referencing blacks? How racist of them!


Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq Mushroom clouds, duct tape, Judy Miller, Curveball. Recalling how Americans were sold a bogus case for ...

liz wheeler hot

Controversial commentator Stacey Dash has been fired from job with Fox News. Dash is pictured

I ...

Lost in Space

This Is What It's Like To Be Forced From Home


Gage Skidmore/Flickr


U.S. Vice President Joe Biden began his career in politics in 1972, winning election to

One of the biggest stories of the TV season has been how ABC's Scandal, the deliriously entertaining political drama from Grey's Anatomy creator Shonda ...

Melania Trump on Her Rise, Her Family Secrets, and Her True Political Views: “Nobody Will Ever Know”

Jessa Crispin

Sylvester Stallone TV series

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. gets sharply political—and a surprisingly moving guest star

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

On the bicentennial of the most famous battle in world history, a distinguished historian looks at what could have been

How Sandra Day O'Connor became the most powerful woman in 1980s America

Courtesy of Tabitha Hale ...

Few figures in American political life have inspired such deep and decades-long contempt. But why?

Coming of Age in Trump's America

Anne Frank, aged 12, at her school desk in Amsterdam, 1941. (

The youth vote: 'My classmates are more interested in Netflix and Instagram than in politics'

The Political Gambler

Two new outside bets for Next Conservative leader

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. With guest Michelle Obama during Tuesday's 9/20

Featured Image

Kellyanne Conway Is a Star

Toffolo said she thinks that some people 'laugh' at her interest in politics '

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Chosen Nation: Christianity, Politics, and American Destiny - Faith Angle Forum

The Believer

Can anything stop a Tory landslide?

Josh, manning the FTR mic at the 2010 Smart Girl Summit in Washington, DC. Photo courtesy of Mike G. (@TechAskew).

Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock

Michelle Obama Opens Up on Eight Memorable Years in the White House - Vogue


About the author: Catherine Caldwell-Harris

The 23-year-old said she wants to use her fame to encourage younger

china woman

January 22, 1973, was the day that all state restrictions on abortion were declared unconstitutional in the infamous Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade.

Four first-time candidates explain how.

Clinton, 68, is the first woman to lead a presidential ticket for one of

Shirley Chisholm was the first major party African American candidate to run nationwide primary campaigns

Kristian Hammerstad

Photo Courtesy of Jeshuan García.

Michelle Obama Opens Up on Eight Memorable Years in the White House - Vogue

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Former Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri at a campaign event in 2016. Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

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One of the dumbest political mistakes in the modern era

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter, a favourite of many far-right Americans, takes credit

People, places and things recently insulted