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Heartbreak Monday thefeels turnitintoart songwriting songlyrics

Heartbreak Monday thefeels turnitintoart songwriting songlyrics


β€œI've got an east coast heart and a west coast mentality,” she says referencing the P.S Eliot song Tennessee. β€œIt's now who I am. I feel so connected.”

June 6, 2015 was the first time the band rehearsed. 321 days later they had released one of the best albums of its genre for the year.

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We walk a few doors down the road and sit in the corner of a pizza bar. It's a Saturday afternoon and people come and go for lunch.

It's an essential element of the song's sonic narrative. Perhaps it represents the cognitive dissonance created by the narrator's ...

Nothing that Camp Cope does is by accident and the photo that adorns the front cover of the album too portrays a deeper message. Sitting in a hospital, ...

Travis Scott Dishes on 'Stepdad' Kanye West and Being Misunderstood: 'People Think I'm a Douchebag'

The past few years has seen Maq grow from creating covers of Dresden Dolls, Lana Del Ray and The Pretty Reckless songs in her bedroom to busking on the city ...

Camp Cope

Mighty River by Jarah Tree

(Photo by Ian Laidlaw)

How You Gonna

by Hank Midnight


Mahalia - Sober | A COLORS SHOW

Music is an escape for Maq, but it's also something she can't escape. Her father is musician Hugh McDonald, a one time member of folk-rock group Redgum who ...

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A group of students touring a museum.

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Saints riding youth movement that eases pressure on Drew Brees

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Two students preparing food outdoors.

Owner's Appointed Agency (OAA)

Aerial view of the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago.

Texans need good health to contend, starting with Deshaun Watson