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Halloween is a pagan holiday promoting Satanism idolatry

Halloween is a pagan holiday promoting Satanism idolatry


Halloween is a pagan holiday promoting Satanism, idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy,

Would Jesus Avoid Halloween

}}}Jehovah`s Witness: POINTING THE FINGER, pagan philosophies, pagan celebrations{{{.[Beware of Jehovah-Allah, the godheads of Satan!

All Pagan holidays honor Satan not Jehovah God


Say no to halloween


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Anton LaVey's quote.

Would a Holy God want us to paint our babies up & celebrate sat.anic holidays?

Halloween Is A Pagan Holiday Promoting Satanism Idolatry

You should stop participating in this Satanic holiday. Ten reasons you should not celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Occult Origins

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I'm not sure that I'd say that Christians who participate in Halloween are worshiping Satan but it depends on how you define worship.

Resources to aid your Understanding

Zymmerkee, an Ex Wiccan and Satanist exposes Halloween. He kindly wrote this article for my blog.

Samhain (pronounced Sah-ween) is typically celebrated by pagans and Wiccans from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1, almost halfway between the ...

Halloween – The Eve of the Devil Part 8

Pagan Holidays: Christmas

The Seven Sins of Halloween "

Modern celebrations of Halloween may appear on the surface to be quite harmless, but the spiritual implications of dabbling with the spirit world are ...

Occult Holidays and Sabbats: Why Holidays are Satanic Rituals

(Strabo, Geography) Source(See ...


Easter: Christians Celebrating Abomination. "

And do you want to know what Easter, New Year's, Valentine's Day and Halloween truly represent? Once again, let me show you!

Halloween is one big trick that's fooling the masses but Christians believe it's a treat. October 31st marks the day Christians celebrate Halloween.

Picture of Jack-O-Lanterns

In a recent phone conversation with my assistant admin/editor, (discussing the research on Halloween) she made a comment to me that I feel needs to be ...

Halloween SM Post.jpeg

Human Sacrifice in New York | You Celebrate Halloween which is Devoted to Death and Satan, You're Gonna Reap Death and Satan

Christmas: The Rejection of Jesus. "

Halloween is a pagan feast part of Satanism, idolatry, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, and also the occult. Hollow's eve isn't a common public holiday in ...

Halloween Is A Satanic Holiday The Life And Times Of Bruce Gerencser


jesus came to redeem

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Anton LaVey's Quote.

Although the clear pagan, and Satanic past alone should be sufficient for one not to partake of the evil, wicked, celebration of Halloween, ...

In summary, what people like Anderson do is create a loophole in which he thinks he can circumvent God's Word and get away with being an idolater in his ...

Halloween Safety Tips and Crime Myths

Christianity and Halloween, Will God be Pleased?

If I had a brain, what would I think about Halloween?

As I have repeatedly stated, the Satanist believes that numbers contain inherent power.


Radio show 'He Came To Set The Captives Free.'

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The Top 5 Pagan Holidays Ripe for a Christian Takeover

An Imminent Attack on Religious Liberty

Is Rabbi's 2017 Prediction of Rise of Idolatry Coming True? – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.

15 Unpopular Truths about Halloween

In fact, only several years ago did I awaken to certain truths. Why? Not because of pastors, Christian educational institutes, and ministries – they refused ...

Three Reasons You Should Go Trick or Treating

This was written by a church Pastor, but he used no Biblical precedence to back up his religious opinions. In fact, he used absolutely no Scripture ...

Modern-day Druids (pagans/neo-pagans) gathering to worship their fallen

Steve Burns, EX Satanist.

Store ...


Anton LaVey

New Age = Satanism = New World Order


Why did the early Catholic Church adopt the pagan holiday of Christmas? Frazer continues:

Where will this woeful apostasy in America lead? The answer is quite obvious... to our own destruction as a nation. At Family.org, a web site of Focus on ...

1. The Roman Catholic Church -- Throughout this book, actions by Popes and the Catholic Church are simply referred to as "church". The major premise of this ...

In ...

Should Christians Observe Halloween? Boo Humbug!

Everyone knows about the occult background of Halloween. And yet there are still so many different opinions in the church about how we should partake in ...

It's Not As You Perceive, Episode 48–Halloween, Christianity and the Bible

Christian Colleges, Religious Liberty, and SB 1146

The demon-worship of Halloween

From Darkness to Light: Halloween vs. Christmas

How Christians Made Halloween A Satanic Holiday

A Messianic Perspective on Halloween

Let's Pull the Mask from Halloween

... too, given enough TIME. Perhaps our Creator, Yahuah, will forget the origins, and look at our new reasons, and accept it - oops, but then there's that ...

Dancing With The Devil by Jeff Harshbarger, Laura & others.

christian halloween

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Tract [B] - Homemaking—An Honorable Role

HALLOWEEN PUMPKIN- © Eti Swinford | Dreamstime.com

... behind this fall holiday and may be opposed to how our society has turned it into something ugly, mean, and scary. I think we should reclaim it for God.

Screen Sense: 3 No-Fail Strategies to Ending the Struggle Over Screen Time

Oct 29 The Truth about Halloween...from Ex-Satanist, Gina Marisa

A. Halloween is celebrated on October 31, typically by children dressing in costumes and going house-to-house trick-or-treating (also called guising) and ...

This was written by a church Pastor, but he used no Biblical precedence to back up his religious opinions. In fact, he used absolutely no Scripture ...