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HMS Furious15 HMS Furious 47 Wikipedia Naval t

HMS Furious15 HMS Furious 47 Wikipedia Naval t


Stern view of Furious in 1917, showing the ship's single 18-inch gun.

Furious as originally completed. She had a flying-off deck for aircraft forward.

Closeup of the ship shortly following its initial conversion and in dazzle paint scheme. An SSZ class blimp is on the after deck

Furious seen in 1918, after being fitted with a landing deck on the stern

HMS Furious in 1918 – Note forward flying off deck, and original cruiser superstructure.

Stern view of Furious taken in 1925, shortly after her reconstruction

Oblique view of Furious at anchor before her armament was installed. Her retractable charthouse is prominent at the forward end of the flight deck.

HMS Chester (1915) - Image: HMS Chester (1915)


HMS Delight.jpg

HMS Tauranga 1902 AWM 300009.jpeg

HMS Terror (I03).jpg

HMS Humber

HMS Ark Royal (91) - Ark Royal immediately after launching. The lifts on

HMS Lance.jpg

HMS Swift

HMS Sir Bevis (1918) IWM SP 689.jpg

Black and white photograph of a single-engined monoplane running along the deck of an

HMSBenbow190sPortBow.jpg. HMS Benbow ...

Fregatte F 222 Baden-Württemberg | PhotoBW.info

KMS Gneisenau

HMS Plumpton - HMS Plumpton

Tribal-class destroyer (1905) - Image: HMS Ghurka 1907

HMS Eagle (1918) - Aerial view of Eagle in 1931, prior to her

BL 18 inch Mk I naval gun - A view of the stern of HMS Lord

Armstrong Whitworth - Image: Armstrong Whitworth Advertisement Brasseys 1923

HMS Dido

BL 5.5 inch Mark I naval gun - The gun Jack Cornwell served in his Victoria

HMS Repulse (1916) - Repulse during the early 1920s. Photographed through a porthole

Black and white photograph of an aircraft carrier at sea. An aircraft is about to

Second World War[edit]

HMS Furious cùng những chiếc Sopwith Camel trên sàn đáp phía trước

King George V-class battleship (1911) - Centurion at anchor, June 1919

HMS Pursuer (D73) underway in March 1944.jpg

HMS Kempenfelt (R03).jpg

HMS Gorgon (1914) - Image: HMS Gorgon

HMS Implacable (R86) - Implacable at anchor at Greenock in camouflage, 14 June

HMS Implacable (R86) - Implacable being towed down the Clyde, 1944

HMS Eagle at flying stations in the Mediterranean, January 1970

Destroyers moored at Hawthorn Leslie shipyard, Hebburn (15826921322).jpg. HMS Marksman ...

Invincible-class battlecruiser - Inflexible picking up survivors from SMS Gneisenau

HMS Pallas at Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1901

HMS Gibraltar

German battleship Scharnhorst - Scharnhorst firing against HMS Glorious

Greek battleship Salamis - Unfinished battleship Salamis (far right) in Hamburg

HMS Argus (I49) - Argus in the late 1920s

HMS Argus in 1918 – the world's first full-flight-deck aircraft carrier.

HMS Glorious - Glorious at anchor during the First World War

King George V-class battleship (1911) - Right elevations and plans for the

HMS Savage December 1943 IWM FL 18726.jpg

Acorn-class destroyer - Image: HMS FURY (1911) attending Audacious

Iron Duke-class battleship - Image: HMS Benbow 1

Furious in August 1941 with four Hurricanes on her flight deck

HMS Keppel docked in the East India Dock, London WWII IWM A 15039.jpg

HMS Eagle (1918) - Eagle at Hong Kong in the 1930s. The depot

Attacker-class escort carrier - Image: The Royal Navy during the Second World War

USS Boxer

HMS Victorious (R38) aerial c1959.jpeg

HMS General Wolfe (1915) - HMS General Wolfe in 1918

HMS Royalist (89) - HMNZS Royalist at the Devonport Naval Base, 1956

HMS Desperate (1896) - Image: HMS Fame (1896) IWM Q 021241

HMS Newcastle (C76) at anchor in Plymouth Sound.jpg

HMS Hermes (95) - Image: HMS Hermes (95) off Yantai China

... Navy as HMS … USS Stockton (DD-73) - Image: USS Stockton (DD 73)

The stern of HMS Royal Arthur while drydocked in Sydney.

HMS Pearl

Acorn-class destroyer - Image: HMS Liverpool tows HMS Audacious

Tribal-class destroyer (1905) - Image: Afridi 1909

HMS Biter (D97) - Biter and Avenger seen from the deck of Victorious,

Die Diana

HMS Eagle (1918) - Line drawing of Almirante Latorre, illustrating what Eagle would

HMS Hermes (95) - HMS Hermes at Pearl Harbor, circa 1924

Humber-class monitor - Image: HMS Severn (monitor)

HMS Chester (1915) - Chester, showing damage sustained at the Battle of Jutland

HMCS Magnificent (CVL 21) - HMCS Magnificent in June, 1954

Abercrombie-class monitor - Image: HMS Abercrombie July 1915 right broadside AWM G01083

Renown-class battlecruiser - Repulse firing in 1929

HMS Nerissa (1916) IWM SP 1335.jpg

HMS Hannibal (1896) - Image: HMS Hannibal

HMS Camperdown (1885) - Image: HMS Camperdown (1885)

HMS Hermes (95) - A close-up view of Hermes sinking

HMS Glorious - Glorious at anchor, 1935; the doors to the lower hangar deck

HMS Arno


BL 16.25 inch Mk I naval gun - Image: HMS Benbow Forward 16.25 inch gun

Armstrong Whitworth - Many of the locomotives are shown in this catalogue in the collection of

HMS Neptune (1909) - The ship's aft 12-inch gun turrets

HMS Victorious

USS Ronald Reagan in 2005. In less than 100 years aircraft carriers have developed into a powerful tool for the projection of power in pursuit of national ...

Allied order of battle for Operation Tungsten. From Wikipedia ...

HMS Invincible (1907) - Invincible anchored at Spithead in June–July 1909