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spanish and chem @Molly Simon Simon Feldman

biology pick-up lines! this is actually pretty hillarious! haha imagine blurting that

Chemistry Cat: Image Gallery

Chemistry cat strikes again--those moments when you need to be followed by someone on the drums

Anatomy and Physiology Jokes | The chemistry jokes are great, but anatomy and physiology would be .

Cats are funny. Cats in glasses and bow ties are even funnier. Cats making nerdy chemistry jokes while wearing glasses and bow ties? I LOVE CHEMISTRY CAT.

A little Chemistry Cat fun.

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Haha...this is probably the most accurate one I've seen.

If I were a DJ, my name would be DJ Enzyme...because I'm always breaking it down. #Science #music #joke

21 Jokes Only History Nerds Will Understand

I'm repinning this because, thanks to my biology teacher, I understand this joke.

Science humor. #LoveIt

It still doesn't help. Chemistry

Um ~ atomic symbol for the element of confusion


Atom joke. Chemistry ...

I'm Out of Chemistry Jokes T-Shirt | LookHUMAN

Facebook News Feed History of the World: Protestant Reformation Through Queen Elizabeth I

Nerdy humor: Chemists do it on the table periodically. I'm not even a nerd and I find this funny.

12 Facts Biology Majors Would Love

Adding to my door of science jokes educate

And yes, I'm a nerd

Stand back, I'm going to try SCIENCE by xkcd

Pinning this because a physics major showed it to me before realizing that I am a

Science Humor ~~ This man is Mercury.

Help me, I'm diene!

Real vs Movie Scientist

GAAHHH ITS NOT OSMOSIS! It's DIFFUSION!!! Osmosis only works with water therefore diffusion is more applicable! Sheesh I'm a geek

Funny pictures about Oxygen bros. Oh, and cool pics about Oxygen bros. Also, Oxygen bros.

Kid eaten by a camel... save it?

That certain point in the school year…

243 best Medical Technologist♡ images on Pinterest | Laboratory humor, Medical humor and Gym

Truff. My notes are so brilliant I had to make a meme, lol

enzyme More

14 Jokes Only Chemistry Geeks Will Understand

Guillermo Suárez on

as much as I hated chemistry and the periodic table..this is cute.

I'm a nursing student and I'm already doing this!

lol I love puns

POGIL™ Activities for High School Chemistry, Book & CD. Great activities that involve literacy, higher order questioning and experimental analysis.

MCAT flashcards enable you to remember tons of information on Biology, Physics, General and Organic Chemistry

Bond with James: Dimensional Analysis - Start with what the students know.

Damn Organic Chemistry how I hate you

Valentine's Day is Thursday.

See more HERE: https://www.sunfrog.com/search/?53507&search=Chemical+Engineer Chemical Engineering.... Goes for high school too

keep calm and ride on.

I'm sold.

I don't always get science jokes , but when I do I laugh really loud and tell them to everyone I know

Because it's a CELL WALL!! I love this--nerd humor!!


study-hard-now: “pretty basic stuff but I'm excited that

Who doesn't love chemistry jokes

funny science news experiments memes - Very Tiny Elephants

Chemistry Cat: what did the angry electron say when it was repelled.

FREE Surviving Chemistry: A Workbook for High School Chemistry (free) product from E3Chemistry

List of chemistry mnemonics

Science jokes

This is what happens every time in chemistry lab - I'm happy to say I didn't do any of the breaking this year, yey!

Also trending on Pinterest

Okay, I know this is bad, but I thought it was just TOO funny not to post, so go ahead and think I'm a bad person. I'm still laughing!!!

Science jokes

How many times have I said this?

Biology Classification Joke hahah i am such a nerd inside lol

Back to school sale!

Molecular biology humor: Pirate Ribosome by Science Fried Art

Science jokes, for the geek in you.

243 best Medical Technologist♡ images on Pinterest | Laboratory humor, Medical humor and Gym

06/03/2018 ; 49 / 100 days of productivity : covered stem cells in bio, followed by catalysis in chem, and then work and power in maths.

Biology Teachers


70 Funny Chemistry Jokes To Make Your Day

Chemistry strikes again

"I'm afraid you have humans." - New Yorker Cartoon Poster Print by Eric Lewis at the Condé Nast Collection

15 Jokes That Only Biologists Will Fully Understand

... of undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cell types. Commonly, stem cells come from two main sources: -Embryos formed.

40 Terrible, Delicious, Funny Food Puns

MIT Open Courses: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences and Mathematics.

Clean jokes about school, students and teachers.

Creo que la tabla periódica de elementos azulejo por 15tangerines

203 best Nerdy Science Jokes images on Pinterest | Funny science, Funny stuff and Biology jokes

20 More Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

biology jokes | Tagged with biology jokes

203 best Nerdy Science Jokes images on Pinterest | Funny science, Funny stuff and Biology jokes

Read funny jokes and puns about chemistry. Laugh with Chemistry Jokes. Don't worry - our jokes are free and always will be.

You'll be HalloWINNING with these super easy-to-make RIP Graveyard treats

Browse over 20 educational resources created by Kendo's Chemistry Store in the official Teachers Pay Teachers store.

245 best Class jokes images on Pinterest | Ha ha, Chemistry and Chemistry jokes

oh mitosis how you warm my heart!

Chemistry Cat, Biology Teacher

203 best Nerdy Science Jokes images on Pinterest | Funny science, Funny stuff and Biology jokes


I wish I had a bio teacher like that, my clinical studies teacher is chill

chemistry joke I know this is nerdy, but I seriously just died. Fabulous>>>here bases in the basement is a lie

chemistry cat - Google Search More

Biology Cartoons and biology teaching from Ed Himelblau, Biology Professor at Cal Poly San Luis

(1) Tumblr. Chemistry ...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg this is great

Not sure if I can't study more because I'm confident Or I just don't care anymore. - Futurama Fry - quickmeme