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Grojband Trina Grojband t

Grojband Trina Grojband t


Grojband Trina Riffin

Trina making Laney unhappy.jpg

Evil Trina and HAPPY Corey.jpg

Grojband: Trina Abduction

File:Trina Curling her Hair.jpg

Fun Trina.jpg

Kiss Fail in Bee Bop A Loofah.jpg

Cute Trina.jpg

Bubble Hug.jpg

Trina looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves Nick.jpg

Queen Bee Episode

Singer(s):, Laney Penn

Sadness Diary Mode

Kon fighting Trina in Kon's mind.jpg

Smash True Love. While Grojband as spying on Trina ...

Smile Diary Mode

Grojband Trina Poses 002.jpg

Quincess Trina

Grojband Trina Poses 001.jpg

Curse of the Metrognome

Mina joins the grojband club by WaRrior9100 ...

August 9, 2013

Corey says that they'll get lyrics from ...

Image Big Fat Trina.jpg

Grojband | Ultimate Trina Rages

Grojband Corey and Laney | Laney and Corey(Networked)-Grojband mini comic by MESS-Anime-Artist

File:Corey and Trina as Babies in the bathtub.jpg

Trina comes out of the car and insults Grojband.jpg

File:Livewire Laney.jpg

After Grojband carry out Corey's instructions to bring Trina over the sewer manhole, Laney got sick of Kin and Kon's ideas of using a catapult and simply ...

Trina diary mode guysroom grojband

Corey and Trina from Grojband by Doodley ...

But this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. We

Trina Riffin by Montatora-501 ...

Baby Trina.jpg

Trina Riffin Extreme Emotions by Djb645 ...

Grojband Between Me and You Ch.7 OC application by Freelance360 on DeviantArt

Grojband Trina Riffin Character Profile by PokeLyokoHearts213.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Kiss Fails

Kate and Allie and Trina

Angry Trina, Running Corey by GirlyRainbowVampire ...

Above: Laney rotation

File:Kon pulls Trina's finger and makes her fart.jpg

Trina's Heart

Trina ending Fear Diary Mode.jpg

Grojband - Corey and Trina by DarkAngel1208 ...

... the actual production. As you can see - James Walsh and the posing team are doing a great job matching the original posing style we loved so much from ...

File:Laney not Smiling.jpg

Grojband Trina et Mina

Corey has no idea why the hell Laney is looking at him lovingly

Corey and Laney Pregnancy test by JorgeMoctezuma ...


Laney from Grojband

Laney X Corey by CK-Draws-Stuff ...

Trina's Diary is a diary that belongs to Trina Riffin. Whenever Trina gets gets overcome with an emotion, she goes into Diary Mode where she unwittingly ...

Trina from Grojband - Elliott Animation, Toronto

Grojband goes Sailor Moon? by weirdklown ...

grojband [corey and laney] love somebody

Future Diary Mode

Laney outfits

Ignorance- Corey and Laney (Grojband) by MESS-Anime-Artist ...

Corey and Laney by BlackAries13 ...

Trina Riffin Trina Riffin

Grojband | Surviving a Drive with Trina

Trina's Diary Modes

Grojband | Mina is Always Helping Trina

Grojband: Meet Laney's Heart

Trina's Inner Jealousy by Obeliskgirljohanny ...

Grojband Corey and Laney | Laney Grojband Clover Credited

Grojband | Trina's Epic Kiss Fails


Trina-Diary Modes

Grojband- One Last Show by Otakuofeverything.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Trina Riffin images synchrozed siblings HD wallpaper and background photos

Grojband - (Trina) Killer Queen

Grojband: Corey and Laney by SouL00020 ...


Grojband - Trina

... and Laney's original designs ...

laney penn(grojband) by ayessa14 on deviantART