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German Police G36C Bundeswehr t

German Police G36C Bundeswehr t


G36 assault rifle

A soldier carries a German gun G36

Bundeswehr Soldaten Sturmgewehr G36 Heckler und Koch

It all started back in 2010, on Good Friday, following a Taliban ambush just outside German ISAF headquarters in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan.

The firestorm over the Bundeswehr's G36 assault rifle has reached a new fever pitch: Heckler & Koch, maker of the embattled rifles has sued the German ...

German army to phase out G36 rifle from 2019

German Weapon Pack A3

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That Awkward Moment When H&K Fanboys Find Out That The Germans Call The The Rifle That "Doesn't Shoot Straight" - Bearing Arms - German military

Gun maker denies problems with army rifles

G36 rifle

Army buys in new guns to replace defective G36

The fate of the trouble G36 rifle has been revealed: German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced on Wednesday that the Bundeswehr would seek ...

Review: A weapon used by counter terror police is faulty, a report has claimed (Image: Getty)

On the heels of Heckler & Koch announcing their suit against the German government regarding statements about the company's G36 assault rifle, ...

HK G36

A U.S. Army Specialist of the 1st Aviation Regiment holding a G36

British police using G36C assault rifles 'that do not shoot straight in hot weather' | Daily Mail Online

German Special Forces a Kampfschwimmer (2658x1772) ...

G26 for Feldjäger and KSK. The German police ...

German Special Forces Want New Assault Rifle

Saudi soldiers on parade with G36C

Bundeswehr. German troops in Afghanistan with G36 ...


German news media have been on fire over the past couple of days over a report that is expected to be released to the public soon.

A Latvian soldier with the G36V/AG36 combination.

German Police G36C

The German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has released a Prior Information Notice (PIN) to ...

HK G36 assault rifle

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Ge reports that a German government commission investigating alleged problems with the H&K G36 found no problems with the rifle. In fact, they got glowing ...

Following the terror attacks in Frankfurt, Hanover, Würzburg, Ansbach and Berlin it is clear that more and more of the regional German Police Forces are ...


Is ...

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The security had obviously been upped because of Paris and Brussels, and outside the Chamartin train station was a guard with a G36C assault rifle.

BREAKING: Court Rules H&K NOT AT FAULT for G36 Rifle Controversy; Owes German Gov't No Compensation

German Police G36C. See more. from fnhfal · 963735659ddda3edbbb3b57b3e94cbfc.jpg 736×1,228 ピクセル

A Malaysian Navy diver from PASKAL armed with a G36C in 57th Malaysian National Day. It is configured with birdcage flash suppressor and a buttstock short ...

The G36 rifle used by UK police is under review after questions over its reliability (

HK G36C 'Compact' or 'Commando' assault rifle, with optional Picatinny rails

Off target: It has been claimed the G36 (pictured) does not shoot straight

Panzergrenadier der Bundeswehr mit G36K

NOTE multicam pouches, G36, helmet, knee reinforcement

An Austrian Assault Weapon Positioned as a Possible Successor of the German G36 Rifle

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Knights Armament C SD and a G36C With the Troy rail set up. #sbr #g36c #556 #magpul #german #bundeswehr #SL8 #nocompromise @hecklerandkoch @hkparts

GSG9 Quelle: JPW - #ksk #kommandospezialkräfte #isaf #oef #G36 #bundeswehr #infantry #specialforces #germanarmedforces #semperfi #Kampfretter #PJ ...

Many of our readers have asked how the apparent flaws of the 20-year-old G36 rifle could have remained unknown for so long. The German Defense Minister, ...

Screenshot heckler-koch.com Produktpräsentation Maschinengewehr MG5

militaryarmament: “A combat diver “Kampfschwimmer” of the German special naval forces pictured during a presentation by the German army in Eckernfoerde, ...

police officers of Germany's GSG-9 (federal border police), a special police unit

Heckler & Koch gewinnt Prozess - Schlappe für von der Leyen in G36-Affäre

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Advanced automatic weapon G36 in armament of NATO and German army | Stock Photo | Colourbox

Deutschland Sturmgewehr G36

GSG 9 is a German counter-terrorism and special operations unit.

Bundeswehr G36 RIFLE

Bundeswehr Soldier with G36C [5404x3539] ...

Die Welt (“The World”) is a German National daily newspaper, and according to their information the tender to replace the current Bundeswehr (Germany Army) ...

German military to stop using gun 'that can't shoot straight when hot'

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Photos from official Bundeswehr Flickr


Foto: Bundespolizei #nurdiebestenkommendurch #345 #germany #deutschland #bundespolizei #polizei #

Check Out French Police HK G36: U.S. Soldiers Get Some Range Time with the HK G36 – Soldier of Fortune Magazine

German police. File photo

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Assault rifle used by UK counter-terror police 'doesn't shoot straight

Since the XM8 was pretty much based off the G36 design, if the housing component for the trunion used the same material as the G36, then it may have ...

Sturmgewehr G36 Heckler und Koch (picture-alliance/dpa/B. Weißbrod)

Two german soldiers with MG3 and G36 (3574×2379) ...

The Peshmerga's German G36 rifles take a bite out of ISIS | SOFREP. >

German soldier in Afghanistan shooting a G36 with a serious remark about vertical filming [HD]


German Soldier with his G36 and AG36 Grenadelauncher in Afghanistan [1244x1067] ...

This image of an HK 243 civilian variant of the G36 highlights the carry handle/sight attachment. Due to the contrasting finish, one can see that the sight ...

... Twitter: "More SIG MCX for German police, at the same time they withdrawn from the competition to replace the G36 in Bundeswehr https://t .co/hkYXtaWXxT"

G36K Carbine with two G36 magazines clipped together jungle style. A standard German Bundeswehr ...

Heckler & Koch HK G36 - The Heckler & Koch HK G36 assault rifle is the standard frontline service gun of the Germany Army.

Private First Class Gary Pritt, a chaplain's assistant with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 18th

The German Police orders hundreds of SIG Sauer MCX Rifles

Bundeswehr snipers with Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifles, the weapon of choice for German

Heckler & Koch has been under fire recently in Germany for their G36 rifles. Soldiers in the field have been complaining about the terrible accuracy they ...

H&K G36C

A G36 rifle is on far right, second row from the bottom. Alexandre Meneghini/AP photo. At top—German army G36 with attached grenade ...

The G36K IdZ

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A German newspaper is reporting that the German military has officially decided to drop the G36 as its main infantry rifle.

G36 by revdisk ...



A standard German Bundeswehr G36 with bipod and a Beta C-Mag drum magazine