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Gerard Way Romance t Romance Emo and Killjoys

Gerard Way Romance t Romance Emo and Killjoys


My Chemical Romance: Revenge Era vs Danger Days

3090 best Gerard Way images on Pinterest | My chemical romance, Killjoys and Gerard way

I can't watch the video for Ghost of you or I don't love you because i just cry so fuhkin much

This is the truest thing I have ever seen in my life. My Chemical Romance. Gerard Way

And an even bigger group of thirtysomethings still obsessed and still living MCR mainlined like it's Which is me.

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way and Frank Iero XD < < < this looks like a dad taking a pic with his emo son.

Why is Gerard soooo cute?

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard and Mikey Way wow they are so similar.

I'm with Gerard.

Haha oh Mikey < < Gerard is the cutest dad ever I can't

Our Gee Gerard Way My chemical romance

1367 best My Chemical Romance and Gerard Way images on Pinterest | Emo bands, Killjoys and Music

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way For one terrifying moment I couldn't tell it was a cardboard cutout of 2004 Gerard and I got freaked out by the space time ...

Gerard Way · Music BandsEmo BandsRock BandsKilljoysMy Chemical Romance ...

Gerard way is always fabulous (but I don't fangirl because I like girls)

5065 best Gerard Way images on Pinterest | My chemical romance, Killjoys and Romance

Gerard Way, Summer Hollywood, Photo by Brinson+Banks.// These photos continue to surprise me- I mean look at Bullets Gerard compared to Hesitant Alien ...

Gerard Way selfie from this morning

Emo bands · Rock GroupsGerard WayKilljoysMy Chemical RomanceEmoMusic

every heart i left behind that you couldn't break ✧ gerard way of "hesitant alien" (and my chemical romance)

I haven't posted in two days what. Music ArtistsMy Chemical RomanceKilljoysSass QueenGerard Way Black ParadeEmo ...

Pickle Gerard Pickle pickle little gerard i just wonder where mcr is at

Gerard Way quotes

AWWW · My Chemical RomanceKilljoysSass QueenEmo ...

< < Yep < < < < < I really wanna go to Comic-Con dressed as Harley Quinn, wait in line for 4 hours, and hopefully meet Gerard Way. It'll probably never happen ...

Gerard way the true lives of the fabulous killjoys comic

Like true brothers, but Mikey plays bass not guitar

Gerard Way before and after. Emo BandsMusic BandsMy Chemical RomanceThe ...

Gerard Way <3 I didn't mind his long hair, tbh. He's a cutie no matter what he does.

No that will kill you!! | MCR | Pinterest | Romance, Emo bands and Killjoys

I'm Emo But In A Gerard Way Ladies Black T-Shirt

That's not as long as it could get, but it's pretty long.

My Chemical Romance ~ Gerard Way

Gerard Way>>> I STFG I SAID STOP · KilljoysMy Chemical RomanceEmo ...

He kills me with those sad sad eyes Mr.

Gerard & Mikey Way the brothers of MCR

This is beyond words | My Chemical Romance | Pinterest | Romance, Emo style and Killjoys

My Chemical Romance~ Gerard Way

Gerard Way as a girl. Music BandsEmo BandsMy Chemical RomanceGerard ...

accurate description of how i feel thru the day: tired, angry and lashing out, sorry for lashing out, sad litl emo child with eyeliner streaming down cheeks

Gerard Way

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The bottom left photo is in the back of "True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" comic collection. The same one where the first sentence was "I don't have many ...

you're fucking killing me gee

The Sass is powerful and we love it! Music BandsGerard WayMy Chemical RomanceSass QueenPhoneKilljoysBlack Veil BridesEmoSunsets

Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance's revenge era.

My Chemical Romance & Black Veil Brides ~ Gerard Way & Andy Biersack wow if I could be with them now I would live my happy life.I can't imagine myself with ...

Gerard Way / My Chemical Romance

Wallpaper and background photos of Gerard Way for fans of Gerard Way images.

Gerard Way | cute / funny moments

Frank's wife and I'm pretty sure that's Gerard...? Haha <

Woah · My Chemical Romance WallpaperKilljoysMcr BandEmo ...

Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

I see gerard being sassy and some random chick who can't be half as fabulous.

another {#gerardway #mcr #mychemicalromamce #mychem #geeway}

-Gerard Way

one of my favorite pictures of Gee. He's such a beautiful human being

Gerard Way / My Chemical Romance 💀

Gerard won't go all the way. When he's talking, anyway. | Frerard? ^-^ | Pinterest | Romance, Emo and Killjoys

He was so adorable with his sideburns and spiky hair and little voice and his thing for wearing Mikey's shoes and his “mixed nuts” and his “gourmet fuckin' ...

Gerard in waistcoats on

look how pretty. Sparkly CupcakesSass QueenGerard WayMy Chemical RomanceRomancesBlack HairEmoKilljoysSheriff

6871 best Gerard way & my chemical romance images on Pinterest | Gerard way, My chemical romance and Killjoys

Gerard's hair looks so good!

Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Romantic · Oh God. Almost started crying on the last one. Emo BandsMusic BandsGerard WayKilljoysIm ...

Frank Iero & Gerard Way · Frank IeroMy Chemical RomanceKilljoysEmo ...

It's a coming of age story with Ray guns

Gerard Way and Frank Iero

Everyone needs to see Gerard in skeleton pjs😂😂

Frank Iero and Gerard Way // My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way Photo: Gerard Way

MCR. See more. Haha emo Gee

13 Things You Didn't Know About Gerard Way

Frank Iero & Gerard Way

My Chemical Romance. love this quote of Gerard; he is so inspirational!


How gerard way look now? | ... picture of someone who inspires youGerard Way. He inspires me so much

Ok I'm sorry but that hair color is perfect for Gerard. It's his natural hair color, isn't it?

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance

Gerard Way | My Chemical Romance

Gerard · Black ParadeMy Chemical RomanceKilljoysGerard WayMusicHot ...

New Album "Hesitant Alien" - Landing 9.30.14

Gerard Way - My Chemical Romance

< < *hides in corner* pls don't kill me

Gee Way April 2017 < < aaah metallica shirt, he hasn't even changed (:

My Chemical Romance

I swear to God if anyone tells me that MCR is "just a band" I will be livid because it's not just a band, MCR cares about their fans and actually tries ...


It's actually Lemon Gee but yes you're correct he was iconic < < < oh my god in the two right pictures he looks kind of like a hot surfer < < that's what I ...

Frank Iero / Gerard Way omg

Gerard Way · My Chemical RomanceEvolutionEmo

Filming teenagers mcr < <

Gerard and Mikey. Mikey doesn't seem impressed.

Gerard Way

Tbh Gerard is life

Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance