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Georgia39s recognition of the Circassian genocide in the t

Georgia39s recognition of the Circassian genocide in the t


Circassians in Turkey commemorating an anniversary of the Russian genocide of their people in 1864 (

Circassians Urge Russian President and Parliament to Recognize Circassian ' Genocide' - Jamestown

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Members of Jordan's Muslim Circassian minority hold banners and wave Circassian flags during a demonstration outside the Russian Embassy in Amman on May 21, ...

Ethnic Circassians protest against the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics in front of the Russian embassy in Amman. (Reuters/Muhammad Hamed)

The member of the board of the Circassian Federation — CircassFed (Turkey) Yilmaz Donmez (Yilmaz Dönmez) talks in an exclusive interview with ...

The Circassian Genocide ebook by Walter Richmond

The sprit of Olympics is not compatible with the sprit of genocide

History is a register of series of past events that pertain to individuals and nations. Historical facts and proceedings are studied, evaluated and ...

On March 18, 1864, the Russians and the Circassians clashed in their final battle, which took place next to a destroyed ancient Christian monastery at the ...