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Futuristic grenade launcher Year 3 Game Project Weapons

Futuristic grenade launcher Year 3 Game Project Weapons


This weapon was based on the Milkor MGL and was intended to be an anti-Titan grenade launcher. It was eventually re-purposed into a grenadier weapon.

The high temperature alloy of the suppressor can make single shots almost totally silent." First person weapon, created for Killzone

Terminator ABR-27 assault rifle with grenade launcher (sci-fi concept gun -

Rhizus-grenade-launcher. M23 MGL. Production information. Type. Grenade Launcher

Building a gun out 3D-printed parts is so 2013. Now, the United States Army has managed to 3D-print an entire grenade launcher, and it looks roughly like an ...

21358 - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Weapon designs

Anthony: i like the idea of weapons being implemented in the game, these designs are really good

Revolver action grenade launchers

ArtStation - Modern Combat 5 Weapons for Bh/Sapper classes , Mihalceanu Alexandru

Grenade Launcher Concept by Nathaniel Pengson on ArtStation.

Cross-Fate - Grenade Launcher Texturing by davislim on deviantART

Sci fi launcher - Google Search

Fictional grenade launcher

Typical home defense system -- Combat Assault Rifle FN scar H cal. with grenade launcher, red dot sight and laser pointer

A vector illustration of a science fiction heavy assault rifle. Heavy Assault Rifle Illustration Icon

Halo 4 Art & Pictures, UNSC Rocket Launcher

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Mind Blowing Media Explosion - Xbox 360 News At Xbox360Achievements

The above Terminator-like weapon is Colt's latest, greatest invention. Developed with Defense Research and Development Canada, (our northern neighbors' ...


Rifle #3. Older version:

Tigerfish Grenade Launcher by ThoRCX ...

... stickers and carvings to the weapon. It's not necessarily I dislike how they turned out but, rather I feel like they don't fit with the piece. Week 3

MP5 SMG with grenade launcher

Future War Stories: FWS Armory: Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and RPGs

Smart grenade launcher

ArtStation - Grenade Launcher, Doru Butz

Fictional Weaponry

Indian Su-30MKI 02

ATK XM25 “Game-Changer” Semi-Auto 25mm Airburst Grenade Launcher/Individual Airburst Weapon System (IAWS) Goes to Combat: DR Provides the Cool Skinny on ...

Pistol Grenade launcher

The Metal Storm Advanced Individual Combat Weapon fused an F88 (AUG) Steyr bullpup assault rifle with an 40mm top-mounted grenade launcher that fed from a ...

The Armbrust ATW that can be acquired for the first time. The third-person model lacks the rocket that is depicted as loaded from the front in first person.

SIPES gun prototype

The gallery shows off some of the game's weapons, including the gun you can see below. The description for the image says it's a near final version of the ...

Pixel Weaponry WIP by EcHo-74 ...

File:Grenade launcher necros war.jpg

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Rifle #3. Older version:

A closer look at the lettering on the launcher. Note the marking at the rear is one of the warning labels from an M136 AT4: it also has the AT4's "fire like ...

British Enfield SA80 Part 8: Grenade Launchers

XM-25 Airbursting Grenade Launcher (ATA_xm25) [ALPHA] - Weapons - Armaholic

Picture of Airsoft M72 LAW Rocket Launcher

"Do ...

Anti-sniper solution -- LG5 40mm Precision Grenade Launcher paired with programmable airburst grenades

... barrel of the grenade launcher protruding a couple of centimetres beyond the flash-suppressor of the rifle. The surviving combination weapon pictured ...

... barrel of the grenade launcher protruding a couple of centimetres beyond the flash-suppressor of the rifle. The surviving combination weapon pictured ...

Milkor Super Six Grenade Launcher Breakdown

... Metal Storm Ltd. Combining a 5.56mm assault rifle with MS patented stacked ammo caseless ammo grenade launcher, this weapon is truly futuristic !


It's now DefenseReview's understanding at present that the first XM25 combat testers will be “a line infantry battalion in the 101st Airborne division ...

CUP Weapons

Technical Specifications: Royal Ordnance ENCAW (Enfield Grenade Launcher) Calibre: 40 x 46SR mm. Overall length: approx. 340 mm

SYNDICATE concept - LAWS rocket launcher by torvenius ...

The Beretta company, the people famous for the world's most popular pistol, designed this baby as part of Italy's own Future Soldier program.

MP5 SMG with a M203 grenade launcher

In SAAB, the US Marine Corps of 2063 uses the M-590 assault rifle that fired a standard NATO 7.62mm round and modified 9mm Glock pistol. Most every weapon ...


Interestingly, the only existing grenade launcher assessed in early studies was the Colt XM148 launcher, but it appears that no attempt was made to adapt ...

Here's a picture of the weapon, from the same source:

Dead Orbit: Grenade Launcher

US Remington Advanced Combat Rifle

Future War Stories: FWS Armory: Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and RPGs

Future War Cult

... Rocket Launcher Weapon Prop. Image 4

China Lake Grenade Launcher

Trixie's Launcher Pack

Gvozd by KaranaK ...


Canadian Forces through the Soldier Integrated Precision Effects Systems (SIPES) project have developed next generation prototype gun.

A soldier aims an XM25 weapon at Aberdeen Test Center, Md. Credit: US Army.


Creating Grenade Launcher weapon

Solid Gold Mode V2: Overview

Picture of Heckler & Koch HK XM25 CDTE 25mm Smart Grenade Launcher

Click image for larger version Name: RocketLauncher_Update.jpg Views: 1 Size: 582.5

Morita MK I

I was headed past Milkor USA's booth today to take a look at their lightweight 40mm launcher when a launcher of a whole different aesthetic caught my eye: ...

The gallery also gives us a look at a shoulder mounted rocket launcher called the ANVIL launcher, though according to the website these are just concepts ...

Futuristic Looking Rifles and Guns



Resistance: Fall of Man Weapons | Resistance Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

KRISS Vector image 3

Easy Weapons

Military Models - Weapons Pack

This will cut down on the various rocket launchers and RPGs in service, and allow a single weapons platform to be "anti-everything".

Laser weapons

If the XM25 indeed works as advertised, DR agrees with our SF friend and the U.S. Army at large that it's potentially a game changer/combat paradigm shifter ...

Once I get a proto mesh & anims into the game I can really sink my teeth in and start modeling proper.

Gatling weapons are the favorite choice of the Aggressor Mutants. Some scientists even suggest that they are born with them. The very high firing rate and ...

Futuristic Weapon Pack - Unity Package VR / AR / low-poly 3D model - Props - heymesh

Via Fabrikabroni.pl

Realistic Futuristic Bazooka Rocket Missile Launcher - 3DOcean Item for Sale