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Fragilaria capucina Algae t

Fragilaria capucina Algae t


3 Lipid content of western Lake Erie Fragilaria capucina at 10° C (

115011_Fragilaria_vaucheria. Fragilaria vaucheriae ...

4 Lipid content of Fragilaria capucina grown at different salinity levels at 20°

Percentage composition of the main groups of cyanobacteria and algae of Hlohovecký

Abnormal forms of Ulnaria ulna (UULN) (1), Fragilaria capucina (FCAP

(a and b) Principal component analysis (PCA) based on the taxonomic composition

Fragilaria capucina image

Biplot of algal diversity preferences in the artificial pools of Israel. The

Dry weights of biofilms collected from Firmi and Joanis stations in July 2004 and March 2005

Relative abundances of 10 diatom species (mean values; n = 3) with relative

Hind., Gloeocapsa sp. and Nitzschia cf. palea (Kütz.) Smith, what contributed to 63% of the algal community ...

Biplot of algal diversity preferences in the Kazakhstan lakes. The numbers are

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Results of the micro-mapping – percentages of diatoms (red channel), green algae s.l. (green channel), blank area (blue channel) based on the RGB channels, ...

Eunotia pectinalis (Kütz.) Rabenh., specimen from Jürgens Algae aquaticae (Slide

Fragilaria specimens found in Desmazières's material, BM 81302. A-D. Fragilaria sp.;

Distribution of algal species number over the groups of halobity indicators in the

Figure 4 Algal density (mean ± standard error) during samplings and algal group density between sites (a: Lake; b: River) and samplings, (LJ): Lake sampling ...

Percentage composition of the main groups of cyanobacteria and algae of Lednice

A, Conferva pectinalis , reproduced from Müller (1788, figs. 4–7

Graphical abstract

Sampling stations in the Riou-Mort River.


Systematical structure of diatom algal diversity in the Pamir high mountain habitats.

Specimen of Diatoma hiemale observed from the material in the envelope labelled “ Fragilaria pectinalis Ag


Two examples of ways that algal count data are assessed for biovolume

Fragilaria capucina

Figure 4: Seasonal fluctuation of algal species richness over altitude of sampling site.

Characium polymorphum

Algae_plate-01 Algae_plate-02

Algae in Water Supplies: An Illustrated Manual on the Identification, Significance, and Control of Algae in Water Supplies. - Page 55 - Digital Library


Figure 3: Bio-indication of major environmental variables by the algal floras of the



Last weekend I collected some samples from a pond that was still mostly covered with ice. In this sample I found pretty long Fragilaria capucina colonies.

Pediastrum green algae, light micrograph


Volvox is an organism that lies between the plant and animal kingdom, being variously classified

Scenedesmus dimorphus

Jamie Canepa's image Adaptation in Action (left above) continues a trend in the competition of showing symbiotic relationships between algae and other ...

Fragilaria capucina Fragilaria capucina, with phase-contrast MRI

Green Alga (Pediastrum) with a heart Zeiss PhaseContrast Ph2 40X 85um 20111216_9417 by botanical

a. Trachelomonas abrupta var. minor, b. T. volvocina var.

Figure 1. Tabularia variostriata , a newly named diatom species, collected at Otari-

Algae biofuels: the wave of the future

Croft Kettle through the magnifying glass …

Figure 3 Algal richness (mean ± standard error) during samplings and algal groups richness between sites (a: Lake; b: River) and samplings, ...

No it is not an alga it is a ciliate with algal symbionts. Absolutely spectacular

That band-shaped colony in the middle is the planktonic Fragilaria capucina and each dark ...

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Frames from a time-lapse film of a green algal filament, some species of

Maximum areal removal rate of total phosphorus and the doubling time of algae based on the chlorophyll-a analysis are shown as arithmetic means with ...

Tetracystis chlorococcoides

Diatom identification in the face of changing species concepts and evidence of phenotypic plasticity | Journal of Micropalaeontology

Algae of Itahari Municipality and its adjoining area, Eastern Nepal

Relationship between species richness of algae except diatoms and glaciation in % of

Discover ideas about Microorganisms

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A microscopic feat: Stunning photos reveal the bizarrely beautiful hidden world of biology This is Micrasterias - a type of green alga called a desmid.

Pictures of the developing algal biofilm over one experimental run (1). RGB channels were used for micro mapping.

Oedogonium diplandrum (near-microscopic filamentous algae [Algalweb]). From a plant

Photographic and schematic illustration of the algal turf scrubber construction.

Normal and deformed diatoms. Scale bar = 10 lm

Percentage composition of the main groups of cyanobacteria and algae of Mlýnský pond during season 2002

Figure 5 Nonmetric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) of periphytic algal communities between sites and samplings, (LJ): Lake sampling in June, ...

Anabaena pseudocompacta

Algae_plate-01 ...

Green algae, Anadyomere stellatai, mounted on sugar (60x). Note the metabolic

Fragilaria capucina Desm. A-I, SEM. A-C, open girdle bands with single row

FFFFF Diversity of algae in Wah River at Lai Nan subdistrict ... - CHM

Percentage composition of the main groups of cyanobacteria and algae of Mlýnský pond during season 2009


Coleochaete scutata is a flat chlorophyte (green alga). It lives attached to other

Scenedesmus platydiscius 400x www.flickr.com

The Loch

Euastrum oblongum 1 2 ...

Nearshore plant community structure of meio- and macro-algae of two depth zones of Lake Baikal at the reference Emelyanovka site (Transect 1) in 2011 (top ...

Stigeoclonium fasciculare

Biomass (mean ± S.E.) of meio- and macro-algae at (A) 0- to 1.5-m and (B) 2- to 5-m depths in the coastal zone of Lake Baikal at Khara-Murin, ...

Chlorokybus sp.

Pediastrum - Bing Images


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Biovolume of tychoplanktonic algae (in light grey, filamentous algae; in dark grey,

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FIGURE 4 -Results of the Canonical Corresponding Analysis (CCA) carried out in CANOCO

Figure 5 Contribution of dominant taxa of periphytic algal community in different hydrological periods (DP= dry period; RP= rainy period).

blue green algae globalhealingcenter.com

Richness of algae classes in the Bacillariophyceaeree aquatic ecosystems of Taperoá River basin

Heres another image, a little tougher:

Graphical abstract

Micro solutions for a macro problem: How marine algae could help feed the world


Nikon Small World - Pink Algae

I found trapped in a tuft of algae (?), hundreds of diatoms. Of multiple shapes!!

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Nearshore plant community structure of meio- and macro-algae of two depth zones of Lake Baikal at the site of high anthropogenic activity near the village ...