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Flying fox by Loopydave on deviantART Army stuff t

Flying fox by Loopydave on deviantART Army stuff t


Flying fox by Loopydave ...

All a bit silly really by *Loopydave on deviantART

army face details by Loopydave ...

ribbongirl by Loopydave ribbongirl by Loopydave

Cover paint by Loopydave ...

character design by Loopydave ...

loopy dave drawing-girls cartoons (150 pieces)

builder WIP by Loopydave ...

Lastest Amazing Illustrations by Loopy Dave

Outback xmas turkey by Loopydave ...

Chase your dreams... by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

Raining Frogs by Loopydave on deviantART

Spaceballs by Loopydave.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Highland witch by Loopydave on DeviantArt

FernandoPeque character design

Pirate by tanselebegil

mind-blowing illustrations by loopy dave

Finished poster! by Loopydave

K2so details by Loopydave

StarTrek by Loopydave

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Portrait of Yaeko Wolfe at age 16

man shoots himself in foot by Loopydave ...

DanielaUhlig 1,482 68 DJ Goh goh by Loopydave

Darenrin 1,167 21 Resistance is futile by Loopydave

Diamond ToQE edition by Xeir-Zith


So this week, we'll be choosing some from their favorites, as well as including some other art to round out the selection since his favorites are sparse.


urban fairy by Loopydave.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Filled We Brought A Zoo (Lunars 2.5 interest closed, ST Found) [Archive] - Giant in the Playground Forums

TsaoShin Paint-Along- Memekyu by Flying-Fox

dragonspell by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

Cherry Crocmas! by Loopydave. Nature of fox

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Mind-Blowing Illustrations by Loopy Dave


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Loopydave 3,419 521 Panzer Baboon by Dstolpmann

Nature of fox

How to annoy Logan by Loopydave

Dragibuz 462 46 Blue Fox Spirit Style by Dragibuz

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army girl 4 by lazeedog ...

Dragarta 223 21 The lost wanderers by Keltaan

30 Hilarious Marvel Movie Fan Comics That Change The Way We See The Movies

25 Mind Blowing Digital Art works and illustrations for your inspiration

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Outback witch by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

Monster Fest 2014 by Loopydave.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

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two :iconshanyar:

TheWolfLP 1 1 Perfect place to rest by etrii

Loopy Dave

Die foul minion of the deep by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

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The return of Viking Barbie by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

You remind me of the babe... by Loopydave.deviantart.com on

girl's gotta accessorize by lazeedog ...

Kanda x Allen by Dantelian

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Loopy Dave – illustrator More info and pics: Loopy Dave's Official On-Line portfolio – small portfolio, small pics Loopy Dave on deviantArt – bigger pics ...

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Ash for Prez! by Loopydave

sonnyaws 470 27 Dragon Pidge by Taluns

Cynthiana in combat by Xeir-Zith

#70s | Explore 70s on DeviantArt

Betty Sketch by Loopydave ...

Farscape by Loopydave

thefirstfleet 183 72 TF TAAO 01 cover by markerguru

Stan by Loopydave on deviantART

tanselebegil 0 0 Cocuk by tanselebegil

freshberries 5,449 554 Dryad Ruler by sonnyaws

Xeir-Zith 0 0 The Assassins Way Teaser Poster by Xeir-Zith

ice mage by anndr

Giant armpitman by Loopydave.deviantart.com on @deviantART


Les illustrations de Pin Up par Loopydave

Ashley Wise and Lauren Nicole

amnesia IX by Loopydave

Fotos de la biografía - Art of Loopydave

FUNKYMONKEY1945 120 7 Hatter 41 by faestock

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Amazing Illustrations and Pin-Up Art of Loopydave

Taluns 250 32 Hefmur by Darenrin

Shinji-bpm 71 10 C-119J Completed 01 by dinobatfan

Fotos de la biografía - Art of Loopydave

Book of Dragos by Loopydave on @DeviantArt

Trying something a little different... painted the under colours in water colours,

Who are you Protecting by Xeir-Zith

tanselebegil 1 0 Tipleme2jpg by tanselebegil

#70s | Explore 70s on DeviantArt

Art of Loopydave - Biografía