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Faces Of Vaccine Denialism Medical t

Faces Of Vaccine Denialism Medical t


faces of vaccine denialism

Faces of Vaccine Denialism - Art of Trolling - Troll | Trolling | Yahoo Answers | Omegle

Faces Of Vaccine Denialism--AKA. The types of people who shouldn't have children.

The Faces of Vaccine Denialism

Mike McInnis on Twitter: ""The Faces of Vaccine Denialism" This. Is. GENIUS. RT @PhartPhace http://t.co/FUpM0iHw7b"

>:Faces of Vaccine Denialism

The real faces of vaccine denialism

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How vaccination affect disease rates: | 30 Charts You Didn't Know You Needed

The Faces Of Vaccine Denialism

Jesus heals us and sets us free.

There are plenty more that make it sound as if vaccines are highly dangerous — if you just read the insert. Here's what can easily result:


6:51 PM - 3 Oct 2017

With thanks to Chuck Lasker

Having gone through the materials so far I have to say Cook nails it. His graphic depicting the 5 tactics is very clear and easy to understand.

Over the last few decades the challenges we face promoting science and critical thinking have become greater, but so have the tools at our disposal.

It would be incalculably more likely than the never substantiated deaths from vaccination.

polio vaccine poster

How Drug Company Money is Used to Push Vaccines Which Have Killed and/or Injured


Anti-vaccination campaigns aren't just causing measles outbreaks in America any more. Photograph: Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

My wife spends a lot of time fighting with anti-vaxxers. I added Nurgle to one of their posters. - Imgur

Tristan W is a regular commenter on both the AVN's Facebook page and blog. I don't know whether he assumed that Charlotte J was associated with a skeptic ...

And why they don't make any sense at all

If you've spent any time around humans, you've probably noticed that we're not a rational bunch. We tend to draw conclusions based on our personal ...

Marin's relatively low vaccination rate is a problem. And, as Stewart pointed out, it's caused not by a lack of doctors or medical care, but by a denial of ...

... microchipping by vaccines [Source], ...

... Sack from the redoubtable Dr. David Gorski's blog, who goes by the nom-de-web of Orac. Recent epidemiology shows reducing the fraction of vaccinated ...

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A person receiving the yellow fever vaccine at a public health post in Caratinga, in

I have often thought that political conservatives who promote climate change denial are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

How do we deal with parents who would rather their babies face diseases than vaccines?

Here's the vaccination rate in Minnesota as reported by the Post; the decline in the non=Somali rate is likely statistically insignificant (they don't say), ...

If we are to assume some anti-vaxxers believe viruses in vaccinations shed, wouldn't they rather home school their children ...

Pseudoscience and the anti-vaccine lunacy

A Message to Ethical MDs: The Problem with the 2017-8 Flu Vaccine is the 2016-7 Flu Vaccine

No, this chart isn't the idiocy. The idiotic part is that anyone would seriously deny that vaccinations are the reason why these deadly diseases went away.


Child vaccination rates, measles, % of children, 2015 or latest available

1) Vaccine deniers have long appealed to scientific authority

2) Vaccine deniers have long focused on (rare) side effects

(Image credit - anonymisation by me)

Dorey on chase1. “

Medical Coding Career Guide

Climate change denial

When This Anti-Vaccine Image Went Viral, an Immunologist Responded — and it Was Amazing

Italy's parliament recently passed a law that requires parents to prove their children have the required shots before entering school, or else face a €500 ...

Autism One Canada doesn't appear quite as bad as the Mothership Autism One in Chicago usually is. At least, “scientists” like the Geiers don't appear to be ...

Anti-vaxx insanity: New study highlights the dangers of science denialism | Salon.com

... of data provided them by the state of California and found that there are pockets of high rates of exemption from vaccines among kindergarteners. In t.


An example of the work done by Catherine and Greg via light For Riley

Why do people reject perfectly safe vaccines? It may have something to do with the New World Order.



Personal belief exemptions in Texas: K–12th grade students with nonmedical exemptions, Texas, 2003–2016.

Stop the Anti-Vaccine Gospel

Chiropractors on Vaccines

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 7.13.42 PM

anti-vaccers anti-vaxxers all the same science denial cliamte change global warming GMOs


... (LPN) at an allergist's office in Denver, Colorado, according to her Facebook profile, her online resume, and her postings on other anti-vaccine sites ...

science denialism

Hey Donald Trump – vaccines do not cause autism. »

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state vaccination rates

... “we did not prove an association between measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described”. Yet he wrote a letter with Richard Barr one of ...

Misunderstandings and willful denial about our changing climate have had real impacts on policy decisions, and the consequences of our inability or ...

“Vaccines don't cause autism, you know.” Yeah, I know, and shame on that doctor for manipulating data. Autism has nothing to do with why I don't vaccinate ...

Four thousand died every year from pertussis. In 2014, that number was 13. We simply cannot ignore that ...

Antivaccine nonsense · Complementary and alternative medicine ...

Antivaccine nonsense · Autism · Complementary and alternative medicine


Unless of course they also believe that vaccine preventable diseases aren't as bad as we know they are. I can't keep up with anti-vaxxer thought patterns.


Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

Complementary and alternative medicine ...

science denialism

femvax posttoFAV

Mandatory/Forced Vaccinations a Blatant Violation of the Nuremberg Code

Anti-Vaccine Movement Timeline and History

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Minnesota is fighting its largest measles outbreak in nearly 30 years. Blame vaccine deniers. - Vox


baby receiving vaccination

Bordetella pertussis bacteria