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FOX BIZ NEWS US Army halts use of Chinesemade drones over

FOX BIZ NEWS US Army halts use of Chinesemade drones over



article. The U.S. Army ...

FILE PHOTO: Drones are displayed inside DJI's first flagship store of DJI in Shenzhen, China December 18, 2015, two days before it's official opening.

A leaked US Army memo obtained by unmanned aviation news site sUAS News is making some waves in the drone world today. In the memo, the largest branch of ...

Chinese made Iraqi Ch-4B drone attack ISIS gathering in Ramadi | thaimilitaryandasianregion

Hong Kong police are testing thermal drones made by the Chinese company DJI. The models tested by the force are not listed on company's website.

Dongguan ...

FILE - The Inspire 1, a drone manufactured by DJI, is flown in Davenport

U.S. Army Members Must Ground Chinese-made Drones

The Iraqi Army Is Flying Chinese-Made Killer Drones

This morning we were visited by yet another helicopter that was most definitely giving us the eye. -- This time I am fairly sure this one belonged to the ...

A Mavic drone, manufactured by the Chinese company DJI, which the US Army called

Russia delivers shipment of Mi-28N Night Hunter combat helicopters to Iraq

How to Build Your Own Drone? And Should You Build a Drone? Part 1

U.S. Army Airborne Artillery Fire the "Killer Jr." Howitzer Round

6 Awesome Ways Drones Are Being Used Today

Airbus and Local Motors push forward with crowdsourcing project on cargo drones

US-led coalition strikes kill pro-regime forces in Syria

A data visualization company has created a compelling interactive infographic to display the effects of U.S.

Two Iraqi soldiers prepare the drone on the street next to a heavily-armoured vehicle

The Army Grounds Its DJI Drones Over Security Concerns

US covert war on Syria

According to a U.S. Army memo obtained by sUAS News, the U.S. Army Research Lab and U.S. Navy have concluded that there are operational risks associated ...

The Marines now are giving small, unmanned quadcopters to every squad so they can practice and drill with drones and robots. The drones will play a role in ...

United States has authorized first deployment of 50 U.S. Special Forces in Syria 13110152


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Kinling Lo

AH-64E Guardian có đủ sức đè bẹp Mi-28N Night Hunter? -. Military HelicopterAttack HelicopterAircraftDronesAir ...

He Huifeng

Four Powerful Countries Plan Resistance To China in a Disputed Asian Sea

The United States is not exactly happy about Beijing's drone proliferation. But, in this one case, it's been strangely helpful.

Trump Continues U.S. Use of Special Forces, Keeping Wars at Arm's Length

Trump signs proclamation sending National Guard to Mexico border immediately

Next Big Future: China building 42000 military drones over next eight years and many are copies of US designs


Military and Commercial Technology: Russia starts T-90S main battle tank deliveries to Iraq

US to Impose Arms Embargo Against South Sudan

China seizes U.S. underwater drone, USNS Bowditch, South China Sea

The Past and Future of Drones in the U.S.www.pyrotherm.gr FIRE PROTECTION

BLDC Motors vs. Brush DC Motors: Understanding the Differences:

Syrian Arab Army soldiers aiming their small arms at a defensive position during an exercise. Although large quantities of Chinese-made helmets and body ...

Military and Commercial Technology: Iraq prefers Russian T-90S over American M1A1 Abrams

Employees of a drone maker checked their wares last month at the air show in Wuhan

India-Pakistan border bitterness stops sweet exchange by armies

Houthi forces in Yemen captured an underwater drone. Via Business Insider

Russia to increase defense budget in 2016 to continue modernization of its armed forces 12710151

Russia sends new stealth fighters for combat trials in Syria as Putin uses civil war to test latest military technology

The prototype system complies with DOD Directive 3000.09, “Autonomy in Weapon Systems,” and will be used as a surrogate to inform the development of future ...

Vietnam War Casualty Statistics Total number of U. soldiers / personnel deployed to South Vietnam Total number of U. casualties in the Vietnam War Total ...

This January 25, 2015 photo appears to show a Chinese made CH-3 drone, owned by Nigeria, which has crash landed upside down. The two AR-1 ATGMs attached to ...

Armed officer on the Florida high school campus did nothing to stop the shooter

A U.S. sailor works with bombs being prepared for loading on military jets on the flight

The logo of Chinese drone maker DJI is seen at the company's office in New York, New York, U.S., August 11, 2017. REUTERS/Alwyn Scott

The Nigerian Army has set up a court-martial to try cases of misconduct, indiscipline, among other misconducts that led to recent deadly attacks on Dalori ...

How to Kill 40.7 million Americans?

What Pundits and Politicans Mean When They Say "Neo-Isolationism"

US Army brings heavy military equipment and troops in Lithuania for training tasks 22310152

General USA (Ret.)

By sending its military to quell the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, the government in Kiev may be setting itself up for a spectacular defeat, ...


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Securing the Peace Guarantees a Total Win

Heralding the Rise of Russia: Exclusive report: The East-West Balance and the Strategic Importance of Crimea - April, 2014

Iraq plans to spend up to 20% of 2016 national budget on defense 23010152

It's not a stretch to think that Trump may spend more time getting information from Fox News' morning hosts than during scheduled time for his daily ...

I am old enough to have seen this movie before: faced with intransigent guerrilla warfare, an American president decides to send in four hundred or so " ...

Iraqi Federal Police members stand guard as the operation to retake Iraq's Mosul from Daesh terrorists

Photo Gallery: Who Has The Edge In The U.S. Air Force T-X Trainer Competition? | Aviation Week


Getty Images

A DJI Phantom 3 drone is flown by Matthew Creger, left, marketing director for

American Penguin C long-range long-endurance UAV at Milipol 2017

PLA Sends Planes Round Taiwan for Second Time in a Week

UK to maintain 450 troops in Afghanistan throughout 2016 22810151

World's first amphibious drone made in Shanghai

Russia's Turn to Its Asian Past


Pakistan Arrested 28 Islamic Militants In Conjunction With NATO Supply Route Operation

A still from a video released by the Israeli defense ministry that appears to show an Iranian copy of a U.S. spy drone. Credit: Israel MoD

Bahrain shows interest to purchase Russian Pantsir-S1 short-range air defense system 640