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Short trick Counting figure part 2/आकृतियों की संख्या भाग 2 Reasoning in hindi triangle figure

Best & Easy Trick for Counting Figures #Triangles FIGURE COUNTING | BEST SHORT TRICK | PART 2 |

Figure Counting Part 2 Reasoning Short trick in Hindi By Er. OP Saini

Counting of figures Part-2 (किसी आकृति में त्रिभुज की संख्या पता करना) By Kd. Prasad

Counting Figures Reasoning Tricks | Triangles | for SSC CHSL / CGL [in Hindi] Part 2

Figure Counting Part 3 Reasoning Short trick in Hindi By Er. OP Saini

Figure Counting Part I Reasoning Short Trick in Hindi

Reasoning || Figure Counting short tricks || SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, CPO, Tet, Railway || part 2 Hindi.



Reasoning: counting of figures tricks Hindi medium # triangle counting in hindi Part-2

Reasoning (Part-2) Counting Of Figures Tricks in Bengali

Counting Of Figure shortcuts Tricks (Reasoning) - Hindi/English

Triangle counting short tricks part -2 for Ssc/Railway/Ras/Dp/Rp

COUNTING FIGURE- त्रिभुज को गिनने का सबसे आसान तरीका | PART-01 | REASONING SHORT TRICK

Triangle Count Part-1 (त्रिभुजों को गिनना )

5) Counting triangles within a triangle

Tricks for Counting Number of Triangles | Short Tricks to Solve Quantitative Aptitude Questions - Unacademy

Again you can see that option A matches the pattern

Counting Of Figures Shortcuts In Telugu Part 1 usefull For rrb | ssc | postal exams

Very Short Tricks | shortcuts | Counting Of Figure (Reasoning) - Hindi/English - EduGorilla Trends - Videos, News, Career Updates

If one side of given dices is common then list these sides (numbers on them) either in clock-wise or anti-clockwise. Comparing the numbers obtained from ...

2. If one side of Dices is common. If one side of given dices is common then list these sides (numbers on them) either in clock-wise or anti-clockwise.

When you are holding a piece of paper, you are actually holding 1 layer. When you fold it once, you will get 2 layers. Making a third fold will result in 4 ...

Now match the pattern of X with all the 4 options and see which option has exactly the same pattern.

In short, no matter which figure of an unfolded cube is given in the question, the alternate faces are opposite to each other.

The questions in this section are designed to test the ability of appropriate use of numbers and number sense of the candidates. The scope of quantitative ...

How many rectangles are there in the above figure? Solution : For a 'n x m' grid ['n' is the number of rows and 'm' is the number of columns]

how many triangles are there in this picture

how many triangles are there - puzzle 2

Suppose there is a problem asking for finding the number of triangles in the above given figure. Now, what we will do here? Counting EACH & EVERY Triangle ...

Download Handwritten Reasoning Full notebook PDF Free

(1) From the figure, it is clear that white is opposite brown. (2) Out of the three colours black, blue and white, no two colours lie on opposite faces.

Solution : There are 4 rows in the above figure. Hence n=4. Apply the formula [n(n+1)(2n+1)/6] = 4*5*9/6. Answer : 30 2) Counting ...

Front face → Face no. 1, Rear face → Face no. 3, Top face → Face no. 5, RHS face → Face no. 2, LHS face → Face no. 4, Bottom face → Face no. 6.

(Hindi) Counting of Figures - Reasoning Problems - Unacademy

Counting of Figures & DICE Tricks | SSC Gold Reasoning

Which book is best for learning shortcut tricks for math in SSC CGL? - Quora

How to solve Alphabet Test in Reasoning Section

Now, lets count those Triangles that point at Downward direction.

Case 3: When the mirror is placed on the left-hand side of the image.

This will make sense if we take any example -

Counting the number of triangles in the type of figures shown above.

In this question the face opposite to 2 is asked, so just look at each cube and list the neighbours of 2. From 1st cube : Neighbours of 2 = 3,4 ...(1)

Case 2: When the mirror is placed on the right-hand side of the image.

From the above figure, neighbours of 6 = 1,3,5. Note that there are only 3 neighbours in the list and hence we can't be sure of the face that is opposite to ...

How to solve SSC Venn Diagram Questions: Tips & Tricks

Different Shapes and Their Names | OOPS Concepts and .NET Part 2: Inheritance, Abstraction .

IBPS RRB Notification 2018 Released

Magician: Now count the number of triangles.

Base size - 1: UT - 15; IT - 10

2 lies inverse 4, 3 lies inverse 6.

The top and bottom part of the image will be changed, while left and right-hand side of the image remains the same. The reflection of the image looks like,

Example 3 :- The salary of Amar and Manoj is 4000rs and 6000rs per month. Manoj's salary is how much percent more then Amar's salary?

Age Related Problems Part -1 | आयु सम्बंधी प्रश्न

Tips and Tricks on Analogy (Verbal & Non Verbal) in Reasoning Section

Simplification Part – 6 ( सरलीकरण ) | suare root | cube root | square | cube | decimal

How many squares are there in the above figure? Solution : This rectangle is a 4 x 3 grid [4 rows and 3 columns]


Most Important Reasoning Questions .

From the unfolded cube it is clear that-


Uptill now, we have counted those Triangles whose TIPS point upwards towards the Arctic Ocean (I mean North Direction) :P


Fig. 3

Base size - 1: UT - 21; IT - 15

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Method #2: The sum of the measures of the angles around each interior point is 360

I Copyrighted material; 13. CONTENTS Chapters Pages SECTION ...


Reasoning Tricks: Find the Number/Counting of Triangles in the given figure – Analytical Reasoning


Water image of numbers:

Train with shapes

प्रायिकता ( Probability ) Part -1

When we say “3 times 2”, that is the same as saying “3 groups of 2” and we can show these three groups as 3 rows and 2 columns or 3 columns and two rows.

Miscellaneous Logical Puzzles 156; 14.

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Time and Work Part – 1 | समय तथा कार्य. “

Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for Open House.

Train Related Questions Part – 6 | Problems on Train | रेलगाड़ी सम्बंधी प्रश्न. “

Counting Faces, Edges & Vertices of Polyhedrons - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Water image of small letter alphabets

I counted ...

how many triangles do you see in this figure

spatial reasoning practice test

Pattern anchor chart

Pumpkin Skip Counting Set for Beginning Multiplication Fun

Each box in Fig. 4 contains similar shapes.

Number Sense Craftivity

SSC CHSL LDC/DEO Selection Process 2017 (Tier 1/2, Skill Typing

The two shapes below are said to be similar. This means they are the same shape but can be different sizes.

Inductive & Deductive Reasoning in Geometry: Definition & Uses