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EXO kyungsoo EXO UwUr t Exo

EXO kyungsoo EXO UwUr t Exo


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do kyungsoo exo image

If EXO-L feel like Kyungsoo stans are annoying and like to putting down other members, I'm sincerely apologizing to all of u (bcs I'm a Kyungsoo stans but I ...

Imagine if D.O. wasn't so shy! He could be our resident EXO ladies man an extreme fan flirter:)

D.O - 160818 'Lotto' album photocard - Credit: MoncherDo.

what the %^&** is this person talking isn't it me who is supposed to come from another planet. Find this Pin and more on EXO ' ...

what you didn't know about exo d.o. do kyungsoo

#kyungsoo #do #exo Kyungsoo oppa, I don't trust that cute

Happy birthday DO Kyungsoo 💕😍😭

D.O #exo #exok #kyungsoo

D.O. #EXO #kyungsoo

D.O./Kyungsoo (EXO) Being Cute Moments ❥

Exo Credit to

O Dokyungsoo exo

kpop lookalikes on Twitter: "Exo's Kyungsoo and this penguin from Penguins of Madagascar http://t.co/RJsaryv9jn"

kyungsoo ah, do you have a abs? | D.O 'EXO' | Pinterest | Exo, Kpop and Idol

[First Box] The cutest reaction from D.O after Baekhyun mimicked his way of talking

170805 SMTOWN in HK - don't go exo D.O. kyungsoo focus

D.O EXO - Season's Greetings 2018

This is EXO D.O Kyungsoo (Funny Moments)

EXO'luXion 151017 : Baby Don't Cry - Kai

Do Kyung Soo ~ EXO. See more. Kyungsoo

[SCAN] #EXO #DO - " Universe" Album.

Do Kyungsoo. Exo ...

EXO SCHEDULE on Twitter: "STREAMING | 171118 #EXO #KYUNGSOO Instagram Live of Room No. 7 stage greeting 🕒 4:50PM KST https://t.co/rpBb0pFDAK"

DK, your source for all information and updates regarding EXO-K's main vocal and actor Do Kyungsoo!

D.O. Kyung soo EXO-K


Exo - D.O "You are just. - can't explain him because he's too PERF -"

The Reason Why D.O. Is The Only EXO Member Who Didn't Trend On Twitter - CLEO Singapore

[ no touch. Find this Pin and more on Exo ...

What a year😭 #EXO_Olympics @weareoneEXO #EXO #디오 #DO (D.O.) #Kyungsoo… https://t.co/SYGv8r74oK"

D.O --- DEAR HAPINESS (I usually don't like shirtless pics but he looks adorable here! \^o^/)

Lay - 160722 Exoplanet - The EXO'rDium in Seoul merchandise Credit: Lay Zone.

Seriously you could sing to me in freaking klingon and I wouldn't care. Find this Pin and more on EXO > ...

Do Kyungsoo lockscreen #exo

170722 the eve #kyungsoo #exo

D.O EXO for 'Love me right' photobook

EXO's Do Kyungsoo has been cast in 'With God;' here's all that we know about his role and the movie - IBTimes India

D.O EXO 2017 ⭐️

EXO / Kim Jong Dae / 김종대 / Chen / Te mereces el mundo y yo solo soy una ciudad.

All hair looks good on Kyungsoo. Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

The most awesome images on the Internet

140415 D.O @ EXO Comeback Showcase (cr.

Squishy, SUPER SQUISHY, creeper. Kyungsoo everyone. XD. CreepersReal Quick KyungsooChanyeolExo ...

Zhang Yixing playing a piano~ he looks so freaking beautiful~ i wouldn't mind hearing his self composed songs~ I LOVE YOU LAY~ you are so darn perfect~

EXO - D.O ❤ January 12. See more. #Kyungsoo

[Part 1/2] EXO'luXion 151212 : Don't Go -

Read Kapitola from the story Don't Cry [Park Chanyeol FF /CZ] by Chanyeols_soulmate with reads. exo-k, park, yeol. Probudila jsem se s vyschnutým hrd.

At least he isn't shorter. ;) :)

justmebeingafangirl: “ mochiwon: “ Manly Soo ” krismebaobei ” But can you imagine, Kyungsoo coming home from a long and stressful day at the office, ...

Awwwwww - Kyungsoo is extremely cuuuute can't handle it mommy! Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

D.O "DO Kyungsoo" EXO Airport Fashion 2016

Many fans have been commenting that Kyungsoo should show his abs and then the "EXO Abs List" will be complete. Why is there such thing as that?

D.O. Exo ...

EXO Vocals: D.O Kyungsoo

D.O. | EXO'luXion #2

[ Film Cut ] Do Kyungsoo ( EXO ) Tearfull Scene of Pure Love / Unforgettable oleh @___eL - YouTube

Kyungsoo Exo

EXO Byun Baekhyun

[KYUNGSOO Cut] EXO 으르렁 Growl) Dance Ver - YouTube

kyungsoo pics on Twitter: "https://t.co/m8noOTJkGH"

Don't Worry, My Dear (걱정말아요 그대) - Do Kyungsoo (도경수 EXO D.O.) x Jo Jungsuk (조정석) (형 OST) - YouTube

[UPDATE] 160906 SPAO中国 Weibo: EXO D.O. cre: SPAO

Kyungsoo stop. Exo ...

[CUT] 141226 D.O. Do Kyungsoo EXO 2015 Season's Greeting Making DVD Global + China Versions - YouTube

Kyungsoo being nice! Find this Pin and more on d.o exo ...

'Pure Love' Gwangju Showcase 160112 : D.O. (4/4)

exo, d.o, and kyungsoo image

EXO D.O // sooo cuute

EXO-K Do Kyungsoo

kyungsoo ~ #exo

Lay, Baekhyun and D.O ❤ Mcountdown Selfie

EXO D.O. (디오. Do Kyungsoo) - 외침 (Scream) (CART OST) [Hangul.Romanization.Engsub] - YouTube

do kyungsoo. Exo ...

#EXO #D.O #Wallpaper #Lockscreen #Aesthetic #Kpop

Updated December 26 KST: With just hours left until the release of EXO's "Universe," SM Entertainment has released a new batch of individual teaser photos!

Why is kyungsoo sooooooooooooooo adorable? I need to be loyal to my biases .because I'm already having 3 in exo

10 Times EXO's D.O., Do Kyungsoo, Was Squishy Without Realising It - CLEO Singapore

exo aesthetic pics on Twitter: "exo d.o (kyungsoo) aesthetic http://t .co/NUgTAUmXFn"

Lay oh baby boy 💜♥💜♥. Find this Pin and more on exo ...

Ahhh~~~ Heart lips Soo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ image by EXO fanbase. Discover all images by EXO fanbase.

Haha I bet they're actually such awesome friends behind camera XD they're

... EXO-Ls. Source: KnownPeople

도경수 Do Kyungsoo - EXO | 2017 | 2

D.O e Suho - EXO

(KyungSoo) EXO Brother's Laysoo Laydo ver - YouTube

Aww D.O don't hide, you'll always be my bias

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Exo - Kyungsoo ; what a cutie skjfkas.

this asshole isn't even my bias but he is wrecking my list. Find this Pin and more on EXO's ...

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sehun cute smile · Sehun CuteExoSmileSmiling FacesLaughing

EXO Kai so beautiful Kim Jongin LIVE #EXO #Kai