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EXO DO DO EXOK t Exo The Face and Punch

EXO DO DO EXOK t Exo The Face and Punch


D.O. Exo ...

credit: to it's rightful owner, please see logo on pic (if have)


baekhyun ♥ #EXO

D.O. Exo ...

Image via We Heart It https://weheartit.com/entry/174098507

EXO | EXO-K | Do Kyung Soo (D.O.) | tumblr

D.O - 141219 2015 Season's Greetings official photocard - [SCAN][HQ] Credit: Moonhalo.

D.O Kyungsoo EXO-K


EXO's D.O to make appearance in new drama Hello Monster

~{EXO's D.O.}~ #DO #DoKyungsoo #EXOK #EXO

D.O.. Exo KAsian ...

Exo - D.O "D.O hates when his girl fans are always talking about how big

EXO - D.O.

d.o, exo, and kyungsoo imageの画像

D.O. Imagine on. Kpop FashionExo KKyungsooSmileBabyHandleKorean ...

Pure, Melted, Shameless - oneshot smut exo exok kyungsoo exodo - Kyungsoo ( D.O



that face melts my heart sooo cute

Exo-K 216. Do, 211. Suho, 214. Chanyeol, 212

Kyungsoo's adorable 2015 selcas #exo #DO #kyungsoo

Exo - D.O "Those big lips that I want to kiss soo bad---"

|EXO| D.O (Do Kyungsoo)

D.O you are such a squishy~! keke I wanna squish your cute face and kiss your cheek~! *pouts* Saranghae Kyungsoo oppa~ most adorable human being ever I luv ...

Exo do

Exo - D.O "You are just. - can't explain him because he's too PERF -"

Do Kyung-soo 도경수 (D.O. 디오) is a powerful lead vocals member of EXO-K. Born in South Korea January 1993 💕

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Explore Kpop Exo, Baekhyun, and more!

D.O - 170713 21st Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival Opening Ceremony, red carpet Credit:

D.O EXO for " ...

#DO #Kyungsoo #EXOK #EXO #blackandwhite

Squishy Penguin! Exo ...

Exo | Exo-k | - D.O. DO Kyungsoo & Kai Kim Jongin #KaiSoo

Exo k D.O

I think Kyungsoo is fuckin' cute person. Find this Pin and more on EXO (엑소) | D.O ...


[ D.O. ] Die Jungs Photobook #exo

D.O | EXO | Taipei airport to Incheon 07.13.2014

Sehun wow this just I can't I don't even know what to say

Exo - D.O My precious baby. Ksoo is my ulti bias. So yeah, marry me.

EXO's D.O... Excuse u? Do u need me to slap u? Is

kyungsoo - "It's Okay It's Love". Find this Pin and more on D.O. Exo ...

Exo Planet ~ Suho

Exo - D.O "Kyungie looks soo beautiful <33"

Sexy D.O Kyungsoo

I got: D.O! Which exo member will be your Boyfriend

Of course the second I have a break during vacation, the first thing I do is find new pics of EXO. Kyungsoo, you are HOT!


D.O. exo-k

#EXO #EXOK #DO #Kyungsoo


|EXO| D.O. (Kyungsoo)

[First Box] The cutest reaction from D.O after Baekhyun mimicked his way of talking

exo, exo-k and d.o image on We Heart It

Read Kapitola from the story Don't Cry [Park Chanyeol FF /CZ] by Chanyeols_soulmate with reads. exo-k, park, yeol. Probudila jsem se s vyschnutým hrd.

Exo - D.O "Oui baby lookin good

D.O Exo season gereetings 2015


Exo - D.O "AHHHH!! I finally hit 400+ followers <3333333333 I

D.O yearbook xoxo

Exo official · d.o.


|EXO| D.O (Do Kyungsoo)

I want to wear his sweaters and snapbacks

exo do



Exo Do, Exo Luxion, Kyungsoo, Twitter, Girls Life, Travel, Lost, Fan Girl, Celebrity


Exo do

iKONCENTRIC on. KyungsooExo KKpop ...


Kyungsoo/D.O.- exo

Netizens fangirl over EXO D.O.'s new swole look

140903 - EXO MCM Worldwide (D.O.)

D.O. · Next DoorExo KKyungsooBoysChenAsiaKdramaKpopKorean

Exo Baeksoo cr: to the owner

Suho from EXO Another pretty face I wouldn't be able to tell apart if his name wasn't on the photo... < <

Exo sehun

Exo - D.O "Kyungsoo~~~~ You're so sweet ^.

#DO #Kyungsoo #EXOK #EXO #live #smile #cute

《 D.O 》. Exo ...

Kyungsoo being cute and squishy. Find this Pin and more on D.O. Exo ...

Exo · EXOFFICAL on Twitter: "CHEN x Punch - Everytime (Descendant Of The Sun OST

Kolon Sport Summer Special Edition T-Shirt Promotion, 2014

D.O EXO in KBS Radio

D.O EXO K Squishy Kyungsoo

EXO's Second Box : Sleepy birthday boy D.O. ...

D.O. 디오 is a powerful lead vocals member of EXO-K. Born in South Korea January 12, 1993

Sassy Suho is my favorite Suho.besides I don't give an f so screw off suho

Black and White picture boy exo EXO-K korean Kyungsoo d.o blackandwhite-is-classy

D.O. his eyes with eyeliner.

D.O. · Exo KKyungsooK ...

kyungsoo aka D.O

EXO baelhyun call me baby

D.O KYUNGSOO MAMA 2017 EXO // THE NEW . ✿✿✿🌸✿✿