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ELEVENPLAY quotcubequotELEVENPLAYRhizomatiks music

ELEVENPLAY quotcubequotELEVENPLAYRhizomatiks music


ELEVENPLAY - "laser"【YCAM】(ELEVENPLAY+Rhizomatiks, music Taeji Sawai) - YouTube

ELEVENPLAY x RZM "trace" (2015)


Shadow – Elevenplay x Rhizomatiks. written by Filip Visnjic. Latest ...


Dancing with the Drones - Eleven Play - Daito Manabe - Rhizomatiks

ELEVENPLAY x RZM "fly - (2015 version)" dance with drones

Event Image

(2018-04-13) Rhizomatiks Research x ELEVENPLAY - discrete figures

Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY - phosphere at Sónar Barcelona

elevenplay " dot. " - iPad scene.

(Rhizomatiks Research + ELEVENPLAY + EVALA + Kinsei) - YouTube

Rhizomatiks Research collaborates with director TAKCOM and choreographer MIKIKO, along with musician Ametsub, dance company ELEVENPLAY.


'discrete figures' by RHIZOMATIKS x ELEVENPLAY at GRAY AREA

Dynamic VR Display (Rhizomatiks Research)

... Play - Daito Manabe - Rhizomatiks Dancing with the Drones ...

Rhizomatiks Research Reel

Dance Performance With Spotlight Drones

and electronic music

Elevenplay x Rhizomatiks Research - trace

Rhizomatiks Research x Daito Manabe x ELEVENPLAY - MUTEK_IMG 2018

Two dozen artists, educators, curators, and critics from North America, Europe, and Asia:

A Decade of Gray Area

This project is supported by the Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program, with the collaboration of MAPP_MTL.

First exhibition focusing on the cutting-edge media technology productions Rhizomatiks has created for Perfume. The exhibition hall displayed the ...

Nomination. Daito Manabe, MIKIKO, TAKCOM, ELEVENPLAY, Rhizomatiks Research

Photo by Suguru Saito

Rhizomatiks Research - distortion

Nosaj Thing x Daito Manabe - NO REALITY TOUR 2016

MagicLab + Rhizomatiks Research - 24 Drone Flight

VIDEO: Elevenplay dance performance scene 4 at YCAM © Daito Manabe

SonarPLANTA 2017: "phosphere" installation version

Daito Manabe is programmer, interactive designer, composer, DJ, performer, active in a number of collaborations of different nature, such as the Elevenplay ...

... Rhizomatiks,pursuing possibilities of relationship and interaction between the body and technology by interacting with a variety of hardware and devices ...

TL → BR: supercodex / Ryoji Ikeda, CI / Diamond Version, 24 Drones / ELEVENPLAY x Rhizomatiks Research, Blueprint / Joanie Lemercier, syn_ / Ryoichi ...

Perfume at SXSW – Real world and virtual world converge in a performance

"electraglide" by Rhizomatiks - DOWNLOAD. "

Elevenplay: Dance Act Creates Stunning Visuals with Drones and Lights - America's Got Talent 2016 - YouTube


Spring of Life Dress Costume in "Rhizomatiks inspired by Perfume at ICC"

Very Special Early Bird and round trips now available

Shadow – Elevenplay x Rhizomatiks

Daito Manabe

After the brutal 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, reporters from around the country descended on Laramie, Wyoming.

Video of the Day: “3 dancers and 24 drones” (ELEVENPLAY + Rhizomatiks Research)

Rhizomatiks Design provided the planning and production on this project as one segment of the “Nike Rise” campaign, which scouted elite basketballers from ...

Rhizomatiks Year End Party 2017


Rhizomatiks Research + MIKIKO summer workshop 2015

The phosphere system allowed Rhizomatiks Research to create 3D images that could be thought of as interacting with dancers in the same dimensional plane.

3 dancers and 24 dronesDemonstration of work by Japanese tech art dance group ELEVENPLAY and Rhizomatiks of proof-of-concept performance with dancers and ...

真鍋大度(Daito Manabe)DJ at Buddy/Tokyo Apr. 9, 2016(selfservice vol.6) - YouTube

Border at Spiral

Transparent Memo Akten - Sónar+D 2017 Barcelona

GIF video games, deadpool, dailyburnpilates, best animated GIFs unexperienced, rhizomatiks, elevenplay

LED Shadow dance

Mansai Nomura x Daito Manabe - FORM. "

Daito Manabe × Nosaj Thing「Live at Sónar Hong Kong 2017」 前編



transcranial / D.O.P.E. – Klaus Obermaier, Daito Manabe, Kyle McDonald

2018年4月18日(水)17時より、グランフロント大阪 北館ナレッジキャピタルで行われる「ナレッジキャピタル大学校」にてELEVENPLAY× Rhizomatiks researchの ...

... Manabe (on left) of Rhizomatiks, who is responsible for the drones used by Mikiko's dance company Elevenplay and for the high tech in Perfume shows.

Live Holographic Duet with Janelle Monáe and M.I.A. The debut of the new Audi A3 sedan

Choreographer and dancer Fredrik “Benke” Rydman have spent a great deal of thought into

Daito Manabe - Live at Sónar 2014

Tweets ...

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Intel - Intel® The Museum of Me

Rhizomatiks Research × ELEVENPLAY - border

Opening of Gallery AaMo

2015年夏、Rhizomatiks Research主催による、高校生限定のサマーワークショップを開催した。 テーマは「パフォーマンス作品の制作」。講師はRhizomatiks Researchの ...

'VODY' by Rhizomatics at Media Ambition Tokyo [RAW VIDEO]

OK Go – Obsession music video

This will sell out today! https://grayarea.org/event/discretefigures- rhizomatiks-research-elevenplay-dance-technology-performance/ …pic.twitter.com/ ...

Daehyun Kim & Ametsub - Blotted

導入は卒業生にしてPerfumeやELEVENPLAYそしてリオ五輪閉会式の演出を担当したライゾマティクスの真鍋大度さんの最新演出!これは夜更かしの甲斐が ...

Daito Manabe × Nosaj Thing「Live at Sónar Hong Kong 2017」 後編

2045 × LIFE PAINT Supported by VOLVO CAR JAPAN(Zach Liberman + Daito Manabe+ Setsuya Kurotaki part)


Paysages fertiles / Daito Manabe et Motoi Ishibashi — Transphere #1 — Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris — Exhibition — Slash Paris


MUTEK Montreal completes 2017 lineup with Beatrice Dillon, Lotic

Rhizomatiks Circle

Kevin Cummins × Bjork starring ELEVENPLAY

elevenplay x rhizomatiks "DISCRETE FIGURES" at Gray Area . . #elevenplay #rhizomatiksresearch

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