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Dirty Politics Koch Brothers Tricks Dirty Duke Energy Welcome

Dirty Politics Koch Brothers Tricks Dirty Duke Energy Welcome


Wouldn't you LOVE to know what was said? Koch BrothersAmerican HistoryCitizens ...

EXCLUSIVE - Koch Brothers, Rick Scott And Jeb Bush Exposed In Florida Pipeline Scandal -

The Koch Brothers Launch A Surrogate War Against Pope Francis


Americas Owners

John Birch Society (JBS) = “Could Eisenhower really be simply a smart politician, entirely without principles and hungry for glory, who is only the tool of ...

Duke Energy fined $102 million for polluting rivers with coal ash

It should be re-spelled to "koch-spah" after this news… that the ever-meddlesome Koch brothers are now funding a major campaign ...

One conservative talking point is that unions spend more on elections than do the Koch brothers. While that may have been true at one time, the Koch's have ...

American democracy, Welcome to America, Inc., a subsidiary of Koch Industries. **So this is happening!

The fantastic expose of the Koch Bros. in the Rolling Stone has gotten plenty of

Read all about climate denial scientist Willie Soon's dirty money from petrochemical billionaire Charles Koch, coal utility Southern Company, ...

An Investigative ...

The Koch brothers and their ilk are buying our democracy to scrap it.

Study: Koch and Tobacco behind Birth of Tea Party

Koch Brothers Are Ramping Up To Eliminate National Parks And Seize Federal Lands

Koch brothers dirty money protest outside the City of London offices of Koch Industries, which

Do not support the evil ones who would attempt to buy democracy and who is not. Koch BrothersRepublican ...

... BLOG closely may know that I've been working in the background, for a number of weeks, on an exclusive series concerning the billionaire Koch Brothers, ...

Koch brothers set $889 million budget for 2016

In mid-July of 2015, a month after Donald Trump announced his presidential run, I joined a gaggle of political junkies in a clubby bar four blocks from the ...

Duke Energy says possible data breach may impact hundreds of thousands of customers

David Koch, Vice President of Koch Industries, brother

The Koch Bastards.

On today's BradCast, the scam behind Florida's anti-solar Amendment 1 initiative is revealed and widespread voter suppression tactics are reported during ...

David Koch

ProPublica has put together a neat little inactive chart that shows how dark money flows through the Koch Network. Click the following image and give the ...

The Koch Brothers are self-serving billionaires, racist, tar sand-loving sociopaths. Oh, and they bought our government. From brand new group Our Koch.

Most wells in the area of Duke Energy are contaminated, but Duke has released ITS

koch web influence

... external) and Virginia (link is external) attempt to pin down evasive administrators to review grant contracts cut between billionaire Charles Koch and ...

Cato ...

American University students

The ubiquitous Koch brothers, heirs-apparent to the throne once America says "Okay, OKAY! I give up!"

Jon Tester targeted, attacked in Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity ads - Washington Times

Tea Party ties to Koch Brothers Ignored by Media in IRS Scandal

July 26, 2016 @ CFACT

Charles Koch

sam elliott tea party

On Monday, March 27 Representative Timi Brown-Powers and Represenative Bob Kressig welcomed Royce Rios from the Regional Council of Carpenters to the ...

The Koch brothers have poured millions of dollars into controlling the turnout in state elections and they have gained control of a political party in the ...


Welcome to the age of Trump. News Article · Politics

This is how they'll gut American democracy: Scott Walker and the Kochs want


Meet the latest wealthy political powerhouse, California liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, who has emerged as an environmental hero and major source of cash ...

Israeli PM Netanyahu Addresses Joint Meeting Of Congress

koch brothers

Tammy Duckworth blocks key EPA nominees, cites ethanol stance and ties to Koch Industries - Washington Times

The Duke of Malborough, James Spencer-Churchill (right in both photos above)

May 17, 2016: Noon and Lakatos Expose More Clean-Energy Dirt ON.

American University student

And on the day of Kennedy's visit to Dallas, the John Birch Society -- founded by Frederick C. Koch -- ran the following full page ad in the Dallas Morning ...

Monica Lewinsky was just the tip of the cigar.

Lovely 2 Bedroom Flat To Rent in Barking ( DSS Welcome )

March 5, 2015: @ 100% Fed Up!

In this time of potential totalitarianism, two very different journalists, former Dubya speechwriter David Frum and veteran Putin chronicler Masha Gessen, ...

History and Ties to the Koch Brothers

Maybe Charles Koch isn't worried about climate change because he doesn't get the science | Environment | The Guardian

This week I led a letter with 36 House colleagues to @EPAAWheeler opposing the agency's decision to weaken protections for communities from the harm of ...

Renewable energy in Montana is mostly wind power. (Photo by David J Laporte,

lido_1085 …

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Overnight Energy: Koch backs bill opposing carbon taxes | Lawmakers look to Interior budget to

American University student

Roger Stone - Pretty reckless is going straight to hell

Roger Stone - Pretty reckless is going straight to hell. “

Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China

Assclowns of the Week Year #85: The Top 50 Assclowns of 2010 edition

Health Care Town Hall Meeting in Travelers Rest, SC

Media's Dirty Tricks: Slanting a Story -- and Politicizing It -- with a Headline

MSU Graduate Employees Union

Mercatus ...

Koch brothers are fat cats for prosperity

"I believe that if we had and would keep our dirty, bloody, dollar soaked fingers out of the business of these [Third World] nations so full of depressed, ...

Joel Francis, the Cal State-Los Angeles senior and Marine Corps veteran, today followed through on his promise to visit Koch Industries headquarters in ...

Dirty Corporations Pay Big to Host ALEC Legislators in San Diego

NC to Duke Energy: Have You Dumped ALEC Yet?

Americans for Prosperity

The Koch Primary (and What It Means for Climate)


MSU Graduate Employees Union

Dominion and Duke Energy got more bad news about their controversial Atlantic Coast Pipeline project this month, with North Carolina regulators announcing ...

Pat Higby was at the Capitol Monday, March 27 for Iowa Wind Energy Association and Cedar Prairie Sierra Club. Pat was advocating for wind energy throughout ...

Welcome to The Hill's Morning Report, and happy Thursday! Our daily email gets you up to speed on the most important developments in politics and policy, ...


Around the nation, big utility companies are successfully lobbying lawmakers and regulators to restrict individual and corporate access to solar power, ...

2/02/15 http://www.newrepublic.com/article/120922/keystone-xl-senate-bill-amendments-influenced- koch-brothers