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Damon Salvatore I39m the one who helped Katherine on I wasn39t

Damon Salvatore I39m the one who helped Katherine on I wasn39t


Damon Salvatore: I'm the one who helped Katherine on. I wasn'

The Vampire Diaries - Katherine Pierce and Damon Salvatore banter.

#Vampire #Diary | Television | Pinterest | Delena, Squad and Damon

Children of the Damned

When He Gave Katherine A Beautiful Farewell

Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert The Vampire Diaries Delena

Damon and Aaron

Katherine Pierce - Season 5 Episode 1 - The Vampire Diaries.

bahaha Damon sure knows how to grow on people

The Vampire Diaries parallel between Damon & Elena - Katherine & Elijah

#TVD 8x07 "The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You"

TVD The thing people forget about Damon and Elena is that she not only fell in love with him once, but she fell in love with him twice.

stefan and katherine quotes - Google Search

While You Were Sleeping

Damon Salvatore- I'm Sexy and I Know It

Damon Salvatore Tribute | "He's the better man."

Nice one, Damon.) Damon, Stefan + Elena -The Vampire Diaries.

Haha, Damon

The Vampire Diaries Recap

2- If I hear the word DOPPELGANGER one more time, i think I'm gonna actually have to learn HOW TO SPELL IT!!!


The Vampire Diaries TVD S08E16/Season finale - Damon, Stefan and Katherine

'The Vampire Diaries': 11 Times Damon And Bonnie Were The Definition Of #FriendshipGoals - MTV

Damon Salvatore

The Vampire Diaries, kind of true-ish.

The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries: 7x12 - Damon tells Stefan that he killed Elena [HD] - YouTube

Elena Gilbert through the seasons. I'm going to miss her so much next

Katherine Pierce

Stefan Salvatore

Death and the Maiden

The Vampire Diaries S05E17 - Damon and Elena in school

I want the old Elena back, the one who really did care about other people and put their needs first, the one whose willingness to help Damon brought him out ...

"The Vampire Diaries" Plan B (TV Episode 2010) - Quotes - IMDb

490 best tvd images on Pinterest | The vampire diaries, Vampires and Damon salvatore

Kai, Katherine, Damon et bonnie

The Vampire Diaries-- hopefully he can repeat this in the end


"The Originals" - Katherine, Stefan and Damon

Jeremy Gilbert, Elena Gilbert, Klaus Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Katherine Pierce, Damon

Damon Salvatore's Daughter

Valerie Tulle

'The Vampire Diaries' Spoilers: Season 7 Finale — Damon Saving Bonnie | TVLine

Vampire Diaries

"I'm doing this for Bonnie, Elena. Not for you."

Elena's first and last words on TVD Ya I'm not crying

The Vampire Diaries Elena & Stefan "This can't be the end, I'm still loving you"

Bring It On

I just love our KP bitch ;)

TVD - im gonna make this outfit on polyvore

I want all of them but klaus and Stefan the most>>>>>I'm fine with having Kol but I wouldn't mind Klaus and Damon.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. I'm still trying to get over the fact that they broke up!

Tyler Lockwood

#TVD 6x22 "I'm Thinking Of You All The While" - "


John Gilbert

The Vampire Diaries Elena,Damon & Rebekah xD

The Vampire Diaries Pictured: Ian Somerhalder as Damon, Nina Dobrev as Elena, Paul Wesley as Stefan Photo Credit: Art Streiber / The CW © ...

Katherine Gilbert (Damon Salvatore Love Story TVD)

The Vampire Diaries Paul Wesley(Stefan Salvatore),Nina Dobrev(Elena Gilbert, Katherine Pierce,Amara etc.

I think this is the moment Damon started to have feelings for Elena.

Damon Salvatore x Katherine Pierce - TVD

TVD 6x01

I'm pleased to report, that it featured my FAVORITE character, Damon Salvatore, in a mesmerizing EXTREME CLOSEUP!

The pissed off, "I'm going to kill u" Damon face (

Damon Salvatore x Katherine Pierce - Ian Somerhalder x Nina Dobrev

Katherine - The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore - Quotes - TVD - The Vampire Diaries

2.16 The House Guest - “Katherine, there are 6 other bedrooms in this house

'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon's Finale Twist — Season 8 Spoilers | TVLine


Damon Salvatore - just eat katherine/elena and get it over with already

Before and after compulsion TVD 6x02

Stefan and Katherine | The Vampire Diaries Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Elena and (Katerina, Katherine, and Kathy all the same person)

Ellie Salvatore

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series

'Vampire Diaries': Elena, Damon Taking Cure — Season 6 Episode 19 Recap | TVLine

Which 'Vampire Diaries' Character ...


the vampire diaries, Nina Dobrev and katherine petrova image on We Heart It


Season 6 Episode Elena and Damon

Josette Laughlin

The Vampire Diaries Recap

Katherine Stefan

I just finished the one and only season of this show, Young Americans that aired in 2000! I'm upset that it only lasted one season before it got canceled.

No idea which episode this is from, the tv series is The Vampire Diaries, with characters Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)

The Vampire Diaries - Damon & Katherine 1864

25 best Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev & Paul Wesley / Damon Salvatore, Elena Gilbert - Katherine Pierce & Stefan Salvatore images on Pinterest | Vampire ...

Kai Parker, Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore.


Vicki Donovan

1800's vampires | Katherine and Stephan 1800's - The Vampire Diaries Picture