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Damn it what a dark and sexy guy comics scyfi nerdy stuff

Damn it what a dark and sexy guy comics scyfi nerdy stuff


I hear Gackt is down with all that nerd stuff. ‹‹

by David Willis - Batman is good at everything

Thank you for a gorgeous time. ‹‹

Nerd Stuff and Pop Culture

"Stop being sexy and fight me, dammit!" - Arsenal & Cheshire

DIBS: A Mass Effect Comic by CrazySuperior on DeviantArt

Irrational 'Deep Dark Fears' Transformed into Comic Strips

SciFi and Fantasy Art Dwarven Farmer of War by Fredrik K T Andersson

Zatanna and Constantine

batch of comics 7

The Goddamn Lego Batman

batch of comics 8

What If Batman's Parents Died in Different Ways?

Spider Man-Calvin and Hobbes By: Rog Hernandez

Ghost screenshots, images and pictures - Comic Vine

Sexy Batman by Kate Beaton. i think i've been reading this comic for a year now and it has never gotten old

Hahahah I love these


man there were so many things I wanted Bones to be taping to his head and

Dark Legacy Comics: Catty. Lol silly kitty. I guess so coming from his

UI/UX Designer by day, nerd and illustrator also by day. Sleeper by night.

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Don't try to tell me that's not goddamn sexy. (Sparring is a personal fetish of mine, though.

by Christopher Willingham

No Mercy Cover Art... Nerd StuffCover ...

He's not afraid of anyone. Not even the Avengers.

I didn't really feel like that when I played, but damn, this comic.

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1985 - Daredevil colour guide- art by Barry Windsor-Smith

Daily Batman: The Goddamn Batman.

edible anus chocolate

Well damn. Lol. Dragon Age InquisitionNerdy ThingsVideogamesDragonsSexy MenComicGamingPostsSearching. "

Tony Stark by Leinil Yu. Nerd StuffComic ...

Rogue in black

Batman-The most DANGEROUS man on Earth.

Candyland and the Nature of the Absurd

Superhero Pinups : Photo | арт | Pinterest | Pepper potts, Comic and Marvel

Sci-Fi Ghetto

Gorey Covers covered by Kate Beaton

Dang it Nightbeat

Predator Venom

Batman by Yanick Paquette

Cain (Starfighter, HamletMachine) "Cain is the quintessential jackass in black leather. And he owns it." -- This is the most accurate description I ever ...

The Bard – Damn Birds - Fantasy Art

Star Trek-The Next Generation Fan Art: Funny stuff!

Hark, a vagrant: 238 by Kate Beaton laughed so hard I almost choked on my spit

Ghost by Ryan Sook *

Law and Order... and the Goddamn Batman. Criminal JusticeNerd StuffFunny ...

Which wouldn't actually be a problem if I knew where the rest of the goddamn story for Black Vortex was. I mean, I liked it, but what the fuck ended up ...

Right: A page from philosophical-sci-fi-crime-drama The Incal, by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius.

SciFi and Fantasy Art The Bard – Damn Birds by Fredrik K T Andersson

Dark Horse Previews for December

Fantasy & Sci fi art by Fredrik Andersson

The Avengers men :) Jeremy Renner Tom Hiddleston!

SciFi and Fantasy Art Damn Trolls by Fredrik K T Andersson

Battlestar Galactica Infographic: Ships of the Colonial Fleet This is pretty damn cool.

Aliens Assemble by *Inside-Joke Lightened my mood today :D

There goes the second Domino I´ve done time ago for Marvel: War of Heroes as part of the beach set. Dang, is raining here today :S. Domino Plus - Hot Fun in ...

Black and Nerdy


Farscape - A surprisingly good bizarre SciFi show from the 90's, I think.

let's not say good bye this time

"Grand Jump" Does Sci-Fi And Sexy With Mature-Audience Tributes To

Prepare your lady boners. Hot MenSexy ...

SciFi and Fantasy Art Misplacer Beast by Fredrik K T Andersson

Imagine Batman with a superpower - Batman - Comic Vine

Name a funnier comic than Popeye. Wrong, idiot, there isn't one. Not only is Popeye the best ever, but this volume of Fantagraphics Popeye series ...

The Bard – Damn Birds - Fantasy Art

Robin Dunne from Sanctuary

Open mouth, insert foot.

One thing I demand from all my Star Command Lieutenants is that they be really, really high. Check out those pupils! Sure, Lieutenant, take all the time you ...

The Ultimate Guide to All the Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows Coming in 2016

ComicVine. Seriously, Marvel, you know this issue would've sold 1,000 times better as "What if the Fantastic Four all had really great cocks?"

Batjesus :: from my personal jesus series

Ryan Robbins - so amazingly beautiful and a superb actor!

Female Shepard and Garrus Vakarian:

Marianne ...

Orphan Black Gif - Secret Lab Under A Comic Book Shop

very funny stuff.

32 cards that will hopefully be turned into a $300 million film franchise someday.

My taxonomy classes would have been much easier.

"You ...

Poison Ivy and Batman

I'd fallen on hard times recently and then hard times fell on me. Now I'm the meat in a hard times sandwich. As a result, things have been piling up around ...

When Disney Scared Us: The Films They'd Rather Forget

StarTrek: Damn it, Wesley! I'm not a coffee drinker!

I mean it's so gorgeous and so well drawn that every expression on Spock and Kirk's faces is just perfect, it's almost uncanny watching the art and seeing ...

Spider-man Senior. Love this, though not sure why. Black White ArtArt PrintsProductsSpiderman SpidermanAliensStretched CanvasComicsSuper HerosNerd Stuff

The Ultimate Guide to All the Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Shows Coming in 2016

Thor The Dark World: Heimdall (Idris Elba)

A group of slave Leia cosplayers gather at Comic-Con.

Comes from an actual quote ...

This is like the best picture I've ever seen. So dang wonderful.

Check out The Wolf's Man Friday today!

Naruto, Saitama, Luffy, Natsu, Goku y Kurosaki