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Cycling My sport t

Cycling My sport t


I didn't feel like riding, but the mood quickly…”

Lance Armstrong: My life hasn't been without punishment


After 10 minutes of looking for his bike shorts, Hayley participated in the biggest race

Cycling is my favorite sport royalty-free stock photo

David Millar is hosting a series of bike experiences in Mallorca and Dubai

Cyclists in London

Rachel Neylan on the attack

Riding lots can make you fit, but you need a specific strategy if you want to lose fat

... "Whenever I travel, I try to bring my fold up bike and check out the # cycling infrastructure and Victoria has been awesome.… https://t .co/mIvwZs7Jlu"

Soon after, I saw the team had announced me as the winner of their bike! I couldn't believe it! I was so happy at that moment that I started calling my ...

by John Rieti

'Before the start I'm told my bike is too long' – Giro d'Italia time trial winner didn't have it easy

Riding at the same speed won't help you improve. Training high and recovering low is key. My Fitbit makes it easy ...

Took awhile, but I am slowly getting better at it. I intend to join in on one of Juventus' Roller sessions, just don't ride too close to me!

Crazy Cycling Rule #4: It is Forbidden to Ride a Bicycle Faster than 65 Miles per Hour (100 km/hour)

The wind rain didn't let up as we pushed along busy A-roads past Bridgend and on towards Port Talbot. The traffic wasn't pleasant either, lorries passing my ...

I am just comparing my childhood with my kids and I realize how fast life has become. You don't have to wait for 2–3 days ...

I had multiple fittings, I put in plenty of hours in the saddle, I even tried to buy speed: Zipp 404s. I remember racing my first half ironman, ...

For the first twenty seven years of my life I rode sport bikes. I had a mountain bike as a kid that I rode around the neighbourhood with my friends, ...

And I couldn't be more proud. I feel like a kid, who finally got the desired toy, when I ride my new baby. Now I can't say I'm an expert when it ...

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If anything, my back feels infinitely better today than it did when I started cycling in that ...


Less than a week ago, I really wanted to quit cycling. If I weren't training for the Rapha Women's 100 for my new job, trying to impress my new boss and ...

When I left home in the summer of 2001 to ride my bike from Eureka, California to the Mexican/American border, I didn't have a clue what I was doing.

I have played a variety of sports my whole life, ranging from basketball, to ringette, to judo. You name a sport and I've probably tried it.

Cycling is getting bigger every time in my country, from organized rides at night of normal people that do it for fun to grand ...

... off and let my kneecap heal was a good reset for me though; I hadn't taken a long hard break from the training-racing goal mindset for like, six years.”

I never got comfortable on the extremely challenging CAT1 course at Plattekill Bike Park. Heavy rain on Saturday afternoon didn't help my confidence on the ...


'Although the snow was six-feet high on each side of the road as '


I haven't ridden let alone unpacked my bike since I got home from Sedona #roambikefest . I think it's safe to say I'm in full off season mode.


Vincenzo Nibali

Naturally… that night was also the first time I would ever fall off my bike – much to Hadzray's annoyance. It isn't my first time cycling, mind you, ...

I wasn't a real road-/ or mountain biker before, but I did get the opportunity to combine fashion and sports here. And the office is only about 5km from my ...

Jamie Anderson on Twitter: "My blogpost about my 2017 Cycling Season, and why I am delightfully exhausted right now. https://t.co/5JhmcTtZej PLS RT… ...

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Vintage Mountain Bike: My 1984 Schwinn Sierra

Im Riding My Bike #cycling #bike #bicycle #mtb #sport #tshirt

Don´t Forget To Keep Cycling

Like most 12 year-olds, I was enjoying my summer vacation. There wasn't much money then, my parents, farm working ...


Canyoneering and climbing in Mallorca.

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So there's still hope for me after my inevitable carwreck.

The Mavic Haute Route Rockies is a timed and ranked competitive amateur cycling event which takes place in the Colorado Rockies.

Malcolm Elliott

This has helped me improve all aspects of my cycling including both my fitness and perspective of ...

Watching my breakaway companions on the climb. Photo by John Denniston.

mass participation bike ride

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Helmet and bike shoes off, cap and running shoes on, gels stashed. I have a little pause and sit down and assess how I feel. I feel okay!

Father-of-two Roger Armstrong (pictured) couldn't believe what was

photo by Janie Brown / click to enlarge

I wrote about my favourite, and choosing the bike for CHPT3 - https://chpt3.com/blogs/journal/factor-episode-two …pic.twitter.com/fieUf0SAPA

I don't write in much depth about riding slow, other than to include it as something I do so I can ride daily without smoking my legs, because it's really ...

I felt so bad for making my cycling buddies waited for me, so, I did some secret trainings, by riding to and fro Putrajaya from Sri Petaling via MEX almost ...

Nicolas Roche crosses the line yesterday after closing the gap on Vuelta leader Chris Froome

I couldn't stop shaking. Looking into my ex's eyes as I broke in front of her shook me. I felt terribly, terribly ill. All my strength was gone.

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Chris Froome on stage six of the 2017 Vuelta a España. “

Joining a cycling community is all about shared passions. Sharing experiences with people. It changes your view of a city, and in my case, ...

Riding when your bike isn't fit to your body, especially over long distances

I am not a particularly flexible fellow. I still can't touch my toes (unless I'm sitting down), yet the setup on my road bike is exceptionally aggressive:

Do you really need an expensive bike

Lets start with the good stuff

I need to find another team triathlon (and another team)! I do really well and th swimming and cycling, but my knee can't tolerate distance running anymore.

Although the cycling team has been a club sport at UCLA for decades, but it wasn't until last year (2017) that we had the opportunity to take our whole ...

Tom Boonen on the Muur van Geraardsbergen

Of course, I couldn't have done it without the help of my coaches and other supporters. As they say, it takes a whole village.

I continued my path through the youth ranks very successfully winning numerous national titles and the only year I didn't achieve a gold medal was in the ...

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Miles are my Meditation Grey Cycling T Shirts

I used to have a lot of cycling shoes, specifically Sidis! I tried various brands in my first couple of years of cycling and Sidis fitted me the ...

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Riding through Bingham I pondered over what it may have looked like when Billie rode - I don't even know if we took the same routes - I guess we must have, ...

Photo of Bare Ranch By Michael David Winery - Lodi, CA, United States.

Poster: I'm Doing This for Me

Perhaps the most influential person for me in the world of cycling is a member of my own family.


My racing days have passed, but I still love to do Fondos and weekend hammerfest rides with buddies. Even if my legs don't have the snap they once did, ...

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Trexlertown Velodrome - My visit to world famous cycling track

On Sunday afternoon I dug out my padded shorts, dusted off my bike and hit the road. I haven't been on my road bike for 2 years, it felt weird.

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Cycling: Looks like Muhd Edrus won't be quitting just yet | The Star Online

It's going to be a LOVE-LY day; and by that I don't mean that it was nice sunny day, although it was. It's a day full of LOVE as we started off ...