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Cows graze hay at the end of winter with the old barn and silo in the

Cows graze hay at the end of winter with the old barn and silo in the


Cows graze hay at the end of winter with the old barn and silo in the

Cows graze hay at the end of winter with the old barn and silo in the background Pat Gamby - Artist

Sweet cream, (egg tempera) Artist: Pat Gamby

Pat Gamby - Egg Tempera Artist of Rural America | Art | Pinterest | Tempera, Artist and Country art

cows in front of barn.pinner says: windmill, barn,and cows.such an idyllic country farm scene!

Red Barn On Hill & Cows

Pat Gamby - Egg Tempera Artist of Rural America

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Black and white cow standing eating green grass on an Amish farm with a red barn

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Cows graze hay at the end of winter with the old barn and silo in the background Pat Gamby - Artist | Artwork | Pinterest | Barn

In a perfect world, each cow would have her own individual stall that she would go to, day in and day out, week after week. However, we have more cows than ...

Cows graze ryegrass plots

Cattle grazing in a field with a farm in the background, Clarington, Ontario,

Did you trip that barn?

Cattle grazing in a field with a farm in the background, Clarington, Ontario,

Beef cattle are primarily fed hay with some grain and/or silage. At least, those cattle or cows that are still raised traditionally (kept in pens during the ...

Winter Grazing

Curious young Holstein cows on a dairy farm in Vaughan Ontario with barn and silo -

Light radiates through a barn window on a cow and her newborn twin calves. An

Holstein dairy cows grazing, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada - Stock Image

Mob grazing

Cattle in a pasture

Did you ever read the 'Little House' series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder? 'Farmer Boy', documenting the early life of Almanzo Wilder, Laura's future ...

Dairy farm with one black and white Holstein cow in foreground green pasture, three silos

Fall calving herd grazes cool-season annuals

Cows grazing grass ; Amreli ; Gujarat ; India - Stock Image

Cows strip grazing stockpiled bermudagrass

Cows Grazing near Dayton in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA - Stock Image

WISCONSIN Walworth County Red barns and silo in valley round bales of hay hazy day after

Dairy cows drinking from a trough on a north central Florida dairy farm. A modern

What Do Cows and Cattle Eat?

Cow CountryNews Cattlemen's Association

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Brown Cow

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Beef breed cattle are kept outside pretty much year-round, coming into the barn only at calving time. Dairy cattle, on the other hand, are typically housed ...

Why We Feed Our Family Milk Cow Grain

Sorry about the fence.

Viable grassland management – experience, challenges and opportunities by BEF Lithuania - issuu

Typical dutch landscape with cows farmland and a farm house


That's a bad pun and one that's not entirely appropriate as we haven't grown or cut hay at Hickory Nut Gap for several years now.

Gothic Revival

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Despite his shiny coat, this photo tells me that he's not in a good way. His eyes look dull, his ears are down (not up and perky), and he's definitely ...

And finally, Our Barn again,

I don't think any of them lifted their heads for very long.

*One other thing that makes it tricky for our cows...the young ones especially...is that we have two different types of stalls in our barn.

The unfortunate end of our old "stock trailer". Thankfully our two new rams

Cows in the barn with hay

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This year's calves....tomorrow's dairy herd

First ...

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Cows grazing next to an Amish barn with three tall silos


A group of young cows chained to their outdoor shelters in the winter time.

cow winter grazing

American Countryside With Blue Cloudy Sky

That little speck in the alfalfa field is Jim...guarding the division wire that we put up. The cows don't get the entire field at once...we'll move that ...

The big animals in the pictures are the mama cows. The slightly smaller animals are the babies they had in February. These babies have been nursing off ...

Bouw lambs on alfalfa pasture in early October

Cattle in a ...

Matt Beller, rotational grazing

cow on pasture at sunset in summer

We rarely feed our cattle directly with purchased hay, and never with stored silage; they feed themselves, year round, on the grass and other growing forage ...

Civil Eats Highlights Winter Grazing in new article

Cows grazing in pasture in front of silos - Stock Image

Farmers rush to sickle down grass and stack the hay in barns for the winter. Cows, sheep, goats and horses are now grazing in the valley, their last chance ...

Steve Grudzinski works with water source

Cattle standing in a pasture with barn in background

The young black end white cow stands on straw in barn

cattle, livestock grazing contracts

Charles Redd cattle ranch

The cows were so happy to be grazing this morning! We'll soon bring them inside again, where they can just lay down and make some milk!

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After we brought them back in around 3:00, I was in the barn cleaning up, and the atmosphere was almost an eerie quiet. Typically at that time, ...

My husband does most of the feeding because it is a bit complicated, and our feeding conveyors and mechanisms are a bit antiquated.

Animal Grazing


sheep grazing alfalfa

Photos & videos of life in Bovina.

Belle was a tremendous cow...the last Belltone daughter we had. I wonder who will become the new leader of the pack?

Cattle grazing in pasture on diary farm wirh red barn, Tennessee, near Sweetwater,

cattle on reclaimed pasture

Why We Feed Our Family Milk Cow Grain This ...

The older cows know the routine. The younger ones have to learn where we want them to go, and then sometimes out of necessity, we go and change it on them.

Cattle, a large barn, and silo; a large hotel on a hill in

A tractor mowing a hay field, with the cut hay lying in the foreground.

John Hornstra's Hornstra Farm in Norwell was recently named Dairy Farm of the Year, and

And, if you're like me, you probably don't think too much about hay unless you're shopping for it, storing it or hefting it around the barn.

IMG_0014 (1024x683)

dairy heifers, livestock grazing contracts

... I assumed she had developed a reproductive issue. I guess she was just holding out on us. (She did spend last winter with the bulls, so it's possible)

black and white cow lying on hay in a barn on a farm

Dairy cows grazing in the meadow with farm house buildings in background

Cows eating in the barn