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Copyright UPYGreg Lecoeur Under the Sea t

Copyright UPYGreg Lecoeur Under the Sea t





british waters wide angle 3 "Fresh Otter at Sea" by Greg Lecoeur.


Turtle Twins in Tenerife. underwater sea turtle image


Cat 1 Winner: Mike Korostelev (Russia) Underwater Fisherman

Cat 1 Third: Greg Lecoeur (France) Lagoon


sardine run south africa scuba diving dolphin. A dolphin feeds on a sardine baitball. Greg Lecoeur

A humpback whale skyhopping. Image copyright Greg Lecoeur/UPY ...

Cat 7 Runner-Up: George Stoyle (UK) Planktonic Predator


South Africa scuba diving Cape fur seal

Shark behaviourist Cristina Zenato surrounded by sharks in The Bahamas Image copyright ...

Spinner Dolphins, Red Sea, Egypt

scuba diving with sharks

Gregory Lecoeur, France

Photo by Gregory Lecoeur. Hide Contributed by


solomon islands scuba diving. Anemonefish in their home off the Solomon Islands. Greg Lecoeur

South Africa scuba diving sharks

Behind the Lens: Greg Lecoeur - Pierre Frolla

snorkeling whale sharks


A surreal snap of a freediver was taken in the Philippines and came third in the

sea lions baja mexico

Gregory Lecoeur, France

Photo by Gregory Lecoeur. Hide Contributed by

Gingrich wants to build a moon colony. I say we start with colonies under the sea. Some day I would like to be the King of Sea Monkeys.

Photographer captures whales swimming in off Tonga

Gregory Lecoeur, France

A competition celebrates the scenery under the sea

The mesmerising winners of the underwater photography awards

A cormorant with a fish in its mouth.

Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018 winners: Stunning sharks, shipwrecks and seahorses

Cat 6 Runner-Up: WILL CLARK (UK) Shocked shark

The viperfish lives in the North Atlantic. It has fangs so large they don'

scuba diving through your lens photo contest

Cat 5 Winner & Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year: Pier Mane (

Tompot Blennies fighting mating season

The manatee - or sea cow - is a peaceful marine mammal that lives in the

A fish wedged between the bell and the tentacles of a jellyfish.

A Mexican hogfish in the Sea of Cortez. Greg Lecoeur

The mesmerising winners of the underwater photography awards

The Best Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo and La Paz, Mexico

Cat 8 Runner-Up: Trevor Rees (UK) Tompot Looking Out

2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year winners: Winner (Overall Title Winner) Category 2

Cat 4 Runner-Up: Alejandro Prieto (Mexico) What feeds beneath

Highly Commended, British Waters Macro. "I had been under Swanage pier for over an hour. I was getting cold and making my way back towards the entry steps.

The Napoleon wrasse is so-called on account of the lump of flesh on its

photo by Greg Lecoeur C/O Seadoors Whaleshark

Scott Portelli's “Jellyfish Feast” won Honorable Mention in the “Action” category of

The winners of the 2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year have been announced and the winners are all must-see, stunning photos. The competition this year ...

Gregory Lecoeur, France

The 2018 Underwater Photography Awards Have Been Revealed

Image by Greg Lecoeur

National Geographic announces 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year: Digital Photography Review

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sharks tiger beach bahamas

Gregory Lecoeur, France

Gregory Lecoeur, France

Cat 6 Winner: Marcus Blatchford (UK) Part of the illusion

Photo by Gregory Lecoeur.

Horacio Martinez (Argentina)

"Battle on the Nine"

... with this portrait of a humpback whale calf, the photographer took a chance and risked capturing no images by following his gut and diving in a cove off ...

grey Atlantic seal near Farne Islands ...

Cat 2 Runner-Up: Helen Brierley (USA) Pelagic Octopus at Night


Winners of 2017/2018 Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year and Celebrate the Sea Festival Shoot Out

Patrick Neumann (Germany)

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A coiled up conger eel.


In Images: 'Alien' Creatures Take Center Stage in Underwater Photo Contest

Greg Lecoeur