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Coloured Veg Tan Leather Strips props and making t

Coloured Veg Tan Leather Strips props and making t


Introduction: Tooled Leather Wallet

Picture of Buckle Holes and Belt Loop

Design your Orient #watch a unique - brown vegetable tanned leather strap, created specifically for your watch measurements and for your taste.

Introduction: Vegetable Tanned Bifold Wallet

Handmade veg tanned leather Hex crossbody Bag *MADE TO ORDER

Picture of Bringing It All Together

Cranberry Red Leather Strap, 16mm wide, Eco Friendly Leather Made in the USA, sold in 16" increments / Organic Leather Straps, Leather Cord from NatureBeads ...

Introduction: Craft Yourself a New Leather Belt

2 set Vintage Military Surplus Ammo Pouches by GalacticEmporium

Handmade veg tan leather belt with cast brass buckle

Introduction: How to Make a Leather Belt


Coloured Veg Tan Leather Strips

The hide used for this bag is allmost thick and stitched by hand; the leather has been vegetable tanned and dyed british tan from the the surface.

Picture of Dyeing and Tooling

Green | Italian Veg Tan Leather Minimalist Hand Stitched Long Wallet or Biker Style Wallet |

Introduction: Slim Leather Front Pocket Wallet

A Zeus belt that I have made from lovely veg tan leather.

I like the colour of this full grain veg tan leather belt - I have made

natural color, vegetable tanned leather straps by ed bonoan

Economy Natural Veg Tan Cowhide Side

The Games Factory 2. Tan Leather ...

T. Rex | Hand Tooled and Dyed Wickett & Craig, Italian Veg Tan,

This is one of my irridescent blue belts that I make for top quality full grain. Handmade Leather BeltsTan ...

Fossil Machine 3-Hand Date Leather Watch

Introduction: How to Glue Leather for Sewing

I am now making some lovely natural veg tan full grain leather belts in narrower sizes

This case is made of 6-7 oz veg tanned leather dyed with warm dark-brown, treated with a leather satin acrylic finisher. All parts are hand-sewn

Black Dyed Veg Tan Cowhide Strip 3.0-3.5mm

TKLA1 - Unique leather lamellar armour Made from 4mm thick natural veg-tan leather plates, with thick straps and strong buckles for adjustment, strength and ...

Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch, Skeleton Men's watch, Aged brown Leather Cuff, Bracelet Watch, Watch Cuff from Cuckoo Nest Art Studio

Picture of How to Make a Leather Hat

Introduction: How to Make a Leather Hat

chocolate colored, vegetable tanned leather tote by milette & ed bonoan.

Love classic and quality belts and love this color! Made from veg tan leather and dyed.


Picture of The Body

Black veg tan with west end solid brass buckle

Picture of Want to Make a Strap?

Picture of Fin.

Design your Orient #watch a unique - brown vegetable tanned leather strap, created specifically for your watch measurements and for your taste.

Rooster | Hand Tooled and Dyed Wickett & Craig Veg Tan Hand-Stitched Biker Wallet

Introduction: Hand Painted Leather Headband

A roller buckle veg tan handmade leather belt · Handmade Leather Belts

How To: The Quick and Dirty Beginner's Guide to Steampunk Leatherworking, Part One

Picture of Final Product

Explore Belt Pouch, Magnets, and more! These pouches are made from veg tanned leather, hand dyed ...

Leather checkbook cover Vegetable-tanned by SwellValley on Etsy

Belt pouch sporran

Green saddle stitch on black veg tan leather

collection of homemade watch straps ranging from nubuck to snakeskin and growing ;

Leather Checkbook Cover | Paisley | 2 Colors

Introduction: Full Grain Leather Belts

Day Sporran in British Tan Pull-up leather with laced edge. Sam Browne belt

My first (and so far only) attempt at a belt. My tooling is quite crude compared to the OP's work, and I don't have a hot chick to model it, ...

Picture of Stitching the Exterior

Picture of Want to Make a Strap?

Picture of U.S Mail Bag

Leather Tote detail 3

Veg Tan Kangaroo Leather – Lightweight Veg Tan Kangaroo Leather – Lightweight

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather from Identity Leathercraft

Picture of Making the Strips

Introduction: U.S Mail Bag

Steampunk Leather harness,Tan Underbust straps with Brass buckles.Hand stitched and Premade.

This stunning leather shoulder armour, (The Vendel shoulder armour) has been hand made out of a variety of layers of 3.5mm veg tanned leather and was ...

leather Yin Yang bag from rensz. This girl does amazing work. There is a tutorial on a link at this site using different material. The leather used for this ...

Picture of U.S Mail Bag

The water will quickly get absorbed into the leather. Once it has, you can stamp away. Now, back to the picture I showed above with the stamp.

Bashilo 15 backpack - the veg tan leather straps shape to your body with use,

Red | Italian Veg Tan Leather Two Pocket Minimalist Card Wallet or Front Pocket Wallet | All Hand Saddle Stitched

Tandy Leather Eco-Flo Gel Antique 8 oz Saddle Tan 2607-05

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 1.46.20 PM.png

The dark spots you see are my feeble attempt at coloring in the damage. It actually improved its appearance but you can't hide ugly under a white light.

Picture of Connecting the Two Strips

Handmade Viking Belt Pouch based on the Birka archaeological finds. veg tan with a basket stamped border, dyed antique mahogany

Picture of Adding the Straps

Finish belt with neutral shoe wax, neat foot's oil, mink oil or whatever is easiest to get a hold of. Just don't use olive oil. You're not going to eat it I ...

Pic 1: I used an ( approx ) 4 to 5 oz Veg tan Leather, got a great deal at my Local Tandy Leather Shop in Manchester.

Leather Watch Cuff, Men's watch, Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch, Leather Cuff, Bracelet Watch, Natural Leather Cuff

The strips were not quite wide enough to get three lacings out of, so I cut three strips, two to use and one scrap piece that was too narrow to really do ...

Made from handpainted natural veg tan leather, these magical slip on Elven shoes feature a slight turned up pointy toe and a wired turn over leaf

3 snakeskin straps on the right :)

Picture of Actually Making It a Belt

Its made of high quality vegetable tanned leather,its dyed vintage brown,its large enough and so cool for short trips . All metal parts are brass ...

Picture of Burnishing

Picture of Cutting the Leather

Introduction: Leather Legal Pad Folder


Leather cowhide off- cuts, 25cm x 5cm, assorted colours, ideal for watch straps

Ultrasonic Solar Pest Repellent. Best Outdoor Electronic Repeller & Control for Birds Geese Pigeons Dogs Raccoon Squirrels Cats Deers.

I got the leather for the main body of the jacket, and for the shoulder belt, at ACS Trading Post. I got a full hide of distressed brown upholstery/garment ...

Picture of Making the Rounds

Introduction: Make a Leather Wallet

Soft Lamb Sheepskin Pieces - Colours from Identity Leather Craft ...

Matching axe mask & belt hanger in 4mm veg-tanned leather, dyed tan and

Leather Watch Cuff, Men's watch, Steampunk Leather Wrist Watch, Leather Cuff, Bracelet Watch, Natural Leather Cuff

Picture of Attach Side Straps

from 68.00) Red | Italian Veg Tan And Kangaroo Leather Hand-Stitched Minimalist Card Wallet or Business Card Case | Badalassi Carlo