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Code Simplicity What Is Overengineering UXD Course week 4

Code Simplicity What Is Overengineering UXD Course week 4


Just learnt about switch statement fallthrough

Anyways, just wanted to take a break from my Functional Programming study for my exam I have on Tuesday. My brain's a mess rn.

... for next iteration; 48.


... 57.

Give that dev a cookie. LOL

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... Poppendeick; 49.

Programmer humor

Another case of integrating the scenario, storyboard, and system navigation. The whole work is expected to be in early UX UI Service Design Tool

... The Best Jobs for Every Personality Type ...

How to Create a Good User Experience? #UX

UX Consistency: Solution Creation and Comparison


Course Learning App

If you ever feel bad about letting non-functional code through to production, just remember that it even happens to companies like Google (My screenshot ...

devRant - A fun community for developers to connect over code, tech & life as a programmer

How Do Your UX Skills Stack Up?

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... Firefox Identity; 81.

Scrum; 53.

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today while inspecting the code of a webpage, a message showed up in the console :)

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) designation offered by the CXPA is the first

Challenges concerning value of UX (Theme 2).

... couldn't understand his own programs when they were shown to him. PS - The picture attached is supposed to be an implementation of Kruskal's algorithm.

W3schools ruined my life

Designlab is a part-time, online course that helps you improve your UI/UX design skills through mentorship from an expert designer.


From Google to miscellaneous tests performed around the world, here are some of the most

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... Poppendeick; 44.

... UX Research Platform for the Data-Driven Enterprise; 40.

this is how to propper use a demo webpage

I know pretty much everyone here understands the importance of net neutrality, but here's a nice chart you can share with all your non tech friends ...

... internal motivationCHRISTIANVATTER 47; 48. IDENTITY GRID FOR ...


Value Stream for Cola Cans Lean Thinking – Womack and Jones; 41.

To Achieve Code Reductionism


As promised in Part 1, it's now time to build a more useful example to try out if/how data-classes work in a ZK application. Finally wrapping up to check ...

21 Examples of Pricing Pages in Web Design

Kent Beck's Value Stream Map ...

... test-code-refactor loop ...

Vision of tomorrow essay definition Essays Vision tomorrow of Cheap college essay writing service, model essay for ias exam guide vikings essay introduction ...


UX Skills Stack. Great tool for monitoring your growth and development!

Increment ≠ Mini-waterfall; 56.

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) - A Design Principle

Here's an excerpt from the article: What's in, ...

Design thinking cards for councils

Kent Beck's Value Stream Map; 43.

Eliademy: "The aim was to do away with Moodle's over engineering and non-

Some honest to God declarations are in place here! Hope no new js frameworks get added before this rant is seen.

I started coding about 2 years ago,started with C language and now practicing java(created several projects).Here what coding really seemed to me and what i ...


System maps and flow diagrams form a key part of Khella's UX process

Writing an Effective Design Brief: Awesome Examples And a Free Template To Get You Started – Design School

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Don't Make Me Think – Key Learning Points for UX Design for the Web

They all tend to regurgitate suggestions for the same old plugins. Copycat content. No wonder the identical plugins ...

N-Layered Domain Oriented Architecture Guide With .NET 4.0 | Windows Communication Foundation | Model–View–Controller

It's much better that you have some basic knowledge about the user experience design principle. But if you have no any basic knowledge, you may need to get ...

Quote: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Weekly Inspiration for Designers #72

Voxygen creates products for communications providers that improve customer experiences.

2. Refactoring: Evolving the design of software.

Find this Pin and more on UX by ldobigny.

16. Customer Development: Creating customer value.

Legacy Code: What happens when a codebase is untested, large, and coupled? How can you fix it?

I have to say that the logic some times is as worse as the conventions 😓 Besides I am not cocky with conventions, but I think at a high-class university ...

... "Simplicity, neat interface, and powerful presentations"... these are the qualities enjoyed by users of the first courses powered by SuperMemo UX: Fast ...


While checking out a tool that uses the requests HTTP library for Python, I happened to see that requests itself uses a library called urllib3 internally.

One last note: Learning a craft requires a balance between studying and doing.

... 54.

In this course, you'll be building a trip-planning app for the Finnish public transport system.

... 18.

14. Testing Products & Services: Do our products & services provide what our customers need?

... centers on the idea of having ...

Bootstrap Studio has a beautiful and powerful interface, which is built around the simplicity of drag and drop. This makes it the perfect tool for ...

The Building Blocks of Visual Design

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The 7 Factors that Influence User Experience

UI/UX gradient design 2014/2015

Left to right: Product brainstorming; hiring planning; outside one of the conference rooms, which are named after team members' dogs.