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CaptivityKills SeaWorld Sux t

CaptivityKills SeaWorld Sux t


SeaWorld Sucks

Never Forget Blackfish, Captivity Kills, Sea World Sucks, Free Tilikum, Free Lolita, Free Morgan, Save Orcas

CA Bill (The Orca Welfare & Safety Act) went before the State Assembly today! Repin if you DO NOT SUPPORT SEAWORLD! Orca. Killer whale. Captivity kills.

#opseaworld SeaWorld Orcas. Captivity kills. Empty the tanks. Let them move to

Captivity Kills~don't buy a ticket

SeaWorld is a circus. It sucks. Don't ever go there!

#blackfish, open your eyes, we shouldn't support any kind of zoo

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Captivity kills. Orcas in captivity DO NOT live as long as those in captivity.


#boycottseaworld boycott seaworld sea world #seaworld empty the tanks #emptythetanks doplhins dolphin orca orcas whales #blackfish blackfish the cove 6 six ...

boycott seaworld sea world empty the tanks doplhins dolphin orca orcas whales blackfish the cove 6 six san diego injustice cruelty animal rights captivity

3:16 AM - 22 Sep 2015

Don't buy their lies. Smash SW #Blackfish #EmptyTheTanks

Find PETA T-shirts, animal rights leaflets and stickers, and much more.

#CAPTIVITY KILLS - Boycott Zoo/Circus/Seaworld

Captivity Kills. Don't support cetacean captivity. #blackfish #seaworld #marineland

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Ask Richard Branson to stop Virgin selling trips to SeaWorld

hannah fletcher on

Boycott SeaWorld. The whales and dolphins want to be free.

Tilikum ❤. RIP Dawn Brancheau. Orca. Killer whale. Captivity kills. Boycott

SeaWorld Sucks on Twitter: "This is NOT okay. #SeaWorld #CaptivityKills #EmptyTheTanks https://t.co/YxW0HNAGHW"

Please don't buy a ticket to a dolphin show. Put an end to

Morney Versfeld on

#EmptyTheTanks #SeaWorld #SeaWorldOfHurt #notocaptivity #captivitykills #freetilikum #Blackfish

boycott sea world empty the tanks

Another captive death. RIP Freya. You are free from your prison now. #

Seaworld of hurt. Orca. Killer whale. Largest in the dolphin family. Mammal. Sentient being. Captivity kills. Horrific drilling of their teeth.

Captivity kills. Boycott marine parks. Get the facts.

... Twitter: "News of the Week: Unna, an orca, died at #SeaWorld after suffering from fungal infection for months. #CaptivityKills https://t .co/fzBN9kDPis"

After watching Blackfish, I will forever boycott SeaWorld. I feel bad for the poor people who are killed by them but even worse for the whales.

Say NO to Sea World in Dubai!!! No!!! What Would Captive Orcas Tell Us If They Could Talk? Empty the tanks!! Sick, horrific drilling of their teeth…

Seaworld . Empty The Tanks . Freedom . Anti Captivity . Dolphins . Don't

Captivity kills them. Top of the dolphin family. Don't buy a ticket to any marine park.

Seaworld Sucks

Sea world sucks!

#CAPTIVITY KILLS - Boycott Zoo/Circus/Seaworld

#GreedWorld AKA #SeaWorld to purchase Washington Generals #DontBuyATicket https://themedreality

SeaWorld against - Google Search

Orcas don't belong in captivity!! #captivitykills #boycotseaworld #seaworld #

Freedom-it's what every cetacean deserves. DON'T GO TO SEAWORLD


Don't Buy a Ticket!!! SeaWorld Sucks!!!

Captivity kills. Boycott marine parks. Get the facts.

Animals are NOT to entertain us! Captivity kills! Boycott sea world!

Beautiful creatures

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Asks 'Anchorman 2' to Cut SeaWorld Cruelty Out of the Script

Captivity kills. Boycott marine parks. Get the facts. Protect our majestic oceans and sea life! Sustainable world!

Hey #Seaworld We will not give in We will not give up We will not

If dorsal fin collapse is so normal why would #SeaWorld photoshop a dorsal fin STRAIGHT


Dolphins at SeaWorld have died this way. Remember that. Boycott SeaWorld or any similar aquariums please.

I didn't think they treated their animals that

Fifth Animal Dies at SeaWorld in 8 Months. #captivitykills

#boycottseaworld boycott seaworld sea world #seaworld abuse empty the tanks #emptythetanks doplhins dolphin orca orcas whales #blackfish blackfish the cove ...

We belong in the ocean, don't buy a ticket

Great fact sheet, if you still haven't please watch #Blackfish

12:31 PM - 19 Jul 2017

Watch the movie Blackfish to find out more! They trap the, and take the babies away to early and don't care that's what happened to tilikum

#boycottseaworld boycott sea world #seaworld abuse empty the tanks #emptythetanks #blackfish blackfish

Starbucks, Get Out of SeaWorld

SeaWorld Sucks on

seaworld sucks

SeaWorld (SEAS) The marine life theme park operator came under fire after

Picket the ticket!

Happy World Oceans Day! Honor wildlife. Please don't support wildlife captivity.

From gnawing at his concrete tank. This causes a lot of health problems for orcas

#Blackfish Free the Orcas Put SeaWorld out of business.I would LOVE to have

SeaWorld's business model must change. Marine parks must end captivity and stop the breeding of

SeaWorld's Most Famous Whale Is Dying #Tilikum #seaworld #captivitykills

#CAPTIVITY KILLS - Boycott Zoo/Circus/Seaworld

Floating around in a tiny concrete tank? Don't go to SeaWorld. Don't Buy A TIcket Watch Go see The Cove

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When corporate Green overcomes Hunan Morals!!! Sea World Sucks!

Boycott SeaWorld, and any aquarium or park housing Orcas or dolphins captive. Cetaceans are too mentally and emotionally complex for captivity.

Boycott seaworld! If you don't know why watch the documentary Blackfish. At the very least you'll be appalled, but if you're an animal lover you'll be ...

#boycottseaworld boycott sea world #seaworld empty the tanks #emptythetanks #blackfish blackfish cove

Ban Sea World: Free the Orcas


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SeaWorld Cruelty - Bing Images

Bycott SeaWorld and other seaparks, any place animals are held captive and made to perform

Every day is a horror show @SeaWorld not just Halloween #OpSeaWorld

Boycott SeaWorld. Orca abuse. Animal rights. Watch Blackfish.

Seaworld: where every orca is named Shamu because they all die so fast

In the last 10 yrs, 7 #SeaWorld orcas have died at average age of

I Work Out to be Strong Enough to Carry Orcas Out of Sea World T-Shirt

I graphed the captive orca deaths at SeaWorld. Before 1991, there were approximately 20

How to Help

Stop SeaWorld from Expanding to the Middle East

Reasons Why I Won't Be Boycotting SeaWorld #seaworld #blackfish http:/

Captivity kills

I'm sure this was a huge reason SeaWorld had to dump all six whales… https://t.co/03xUBqWN7v"

8 Reasons Orcas Don't Belong at SeaWorld

You Ask, SeaWorld Lies or Doesn't Answer-They Breed For Greed $