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Can technology save us from global warming SDG 13 Climate

Can technology save us from global warming SDG 13 Climate


Goal 13 - Climate action

SDG 13 – Fight Climate Change and Its Effects

Climate change action

Goal 13 at a glance

Transforming our energy system to 100% RE allows the ...

Agriculture is more vulnerable to climate change than any other sector. A warming climate could reduce crop yields by more than 25%, according to the World ...

Extreme weather related disasters contributing to rising economic losses

A major and rapid uptake of RE is the only sustainable solution to limit the increasing effects of climate change on the ecosystems and biodiversity, ...


Goal 13 - I support Climate Action -Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts* by 2030 we will have strengthened resilience to climate ...

SDG 13 #2

Recycle everything

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“It's time to take URGENT ACTION to combat climate change and its impacts - really can make this happen.

Global environmental treaties and agreements are painstakingly drawn and must be complied with

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Climate litigation cases can learn from impacts of tobacco and asbestos lawsuits

Goal 13: Climate Action | The Global Goals

SDG13 Web banner

Enshrined within the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals are lofty ambitions which when achieved will do the entire humanity good. The question is, what is a ...

New clean energy tech will reverse climate change, eliminate world poverty by iEnergyLLC

How to talk to someone who doesn't believe in climate change

Natural Climate Solutions have the same impact on emissions as taking millions of cars off the road. Credit: The Nature Conservancy

The UN's new set of Sustainable Development Goals. Photo: Global Goals

Integrate with the SC model · Un Global GoalsClimate ChangeEmbedded Image Permalink

Infographic: The idea of a climate change hoax makes no $)%*@ sense

How To Use Less Plastic In Your Home

Through an innovative and interactive format, this event will showcase selected transformative solutions tackling the biggest challenges for humanity and ...

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The effects of climate change on coffee are ...

No one will blame you for global warming except your children.


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Sustainable Development Goal 13: Urgent action to combat climate change | GreenBiz

On September 25th 2015, countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty,protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of anew sustainable ...

Climate Change: The greatest Health threat or greatest Health Opportunity? #Infographics

Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

CLIMATE TAKE BACK; 16. BREAKING IT DOWN Limiting global warming ...

Credit: CC0 Public Domain. Global warming can ...

Arctic sea ice volume has declined by since 1980 - what this does to our sea levels and farmland could be catastrophic

Resilience and Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action at COP23


Brexit – Who is driving Environmental Management?


How business can help us achieve sustainable development goals

Proposal for Sustainable Development Goals .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

A man farming planting tea trees. Green leaves, trees in background.

Bangladesh hails new 'transformative' sustainable development goals

Whether you live in a.

Rest of the world 2015 ambition BARACK OBAMA; 13. THE ENERGY ACTIONS AND CLIMATE CHANGE ...

Using renewable electricity also for cooking, we could decrease the ecological burden on our ecosystem caused by unsustainable use of biomass.

This is the back of one of the 3 cards focussed on SDG 2

Global Warming Scenarios

We act as Homo technologicus, with the mindset of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Alongside the technological revolution, we need an equally unprecedented ...


A Simple Pie Chart Shows Why Climate Change Denial Is Just Hot Air

Our planet continues to face many global economic, social, and environmental challenges and uncertainties. To help deal with them, in September 2015 many ...

Making Development Sustainable through Climate Action

Smoke billows from a chimney of the Termika factory in Skojfa Loka January 21, 2010. Blockchain technology will help ...

Image via UN

If you don't have COP23 accreditation already, you cannot get accredited at the entrance and you will be turned away.


Who is at risk of climate change?

Impactful and Measurable Progress on CSA in Corporate Value Chains Workshop 27-28 March 2018 Framing presentation on Climate ...

Possible link between “Foster Innovation” and “Sustainable Industralisation”

Biologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber discussed climate change and toxic chemicals with Bill Moyers during her appearance on Moyers & Company.

Jan Dash climate Interview Ilene | Climate Change Mitigation | Tropical Cyclones

Stronger Together How our voices and actions will change the world

10 Prominent Global Green Technology Uses That Give Us Hope For A Sustainable Future

Here are four reasons why the fashion sector needs to speak up on climate in 2015.

9 things you absolutely have to know about global warming

... communities Targets Transbiblica; 40. Take urgent action to combat climate change ...

In the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), governments have agreed on an ambitious global agenda to address this crisis.


Investing in Family Planning: Key to Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals | Global Health: Science and Practice

How can local and sub-national efforts to adapt and build resilience to climate change thrive? What examples can we see of new leaders taking innovative ...

A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals

Yellow, orange and red colors correspond to climate costs. Green colors are areas where climate change benefits will be seen.

The UN Habitat III will set guidelines on urban development and growth over the next 2

17 Reasons We Can't Ignore the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Carbon Emissions, Climate Change, & The Various Effects

Consequences of 1.5°C and 2°C global warming levels for temperature and precipitation changes over Central Africa

SAIIA Youth Blog: Climate change updates from COP21


At SOCAR transport fleet in Baku, UNDP introduces a new eco-driving simulator, which will be used to train over 1,000 drivers in Azerbaijan.

... MUNPlanet and its series dedicated to world politics and the United Nations. Patrick Paul Walsh (University College Dublin) discusses the SDGs one year ...

Image: FAO

Download figure ...

What can we do about climate change?


CO2 turned into stone in Iceland in climate change breakthrough

Smart farming technology