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Can Social Media Save Two Rhinos Left For Dead by Poachers

Can Social Media Save Two Rhinos Left For Dead by Poachers


Can Social Media Save Two Rhinos Left For Dead by Poachers? Stephen Messenger. Stephen Messenger smessenger. March 20, 2012. injured rhino photo

A wildlife ranger strokes one of the world's last three northern white rhinos at Ol Pejeta

rhino photo

Black Rhino

Sudan, World's Last Male Northern White Rhino, Dies

Poachers Break Into French Zoo, Kill White Rhino And Steal His Horn

The Final Days Of Sudan, The Last Male Northern White Rhinoceros In The World

He should never have been the last male Northern White Rhino. We should have heeded conservationists' years-long demands that we STOP poaching rhinos.

Ami Vitale: It Takes a Village to Protect a Rhino | f-stop

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... the rhino could not be saved. Some justice: Forest officials shot and killed two of the poachers after they killed the

There are just 5,000 black rhinos left in the wild as they are being slaughtered for

White Rhino

african rhino photo.

Using AI and drones to combat elephant and rhino poaching

In addition to round-the-clock security, the conservancy has put radio transmitters

Time is running out – Can we save the Rhino?

So cruel: The rhino calf with its dead mother, her horn cut off by

Vince was found dead by staff at Thoiry zoo in France on Tuesday morning.

In December 2013, the northern white rhino Nabire walks around in her enclosure at a

Stamp Victims

white rhino

Rhino Wars: A Short History on #worldrhinoday

Report: African Rhino Poaching Jumped A Staggering 9,000 Percent in Just 7 Years

The picture that gave Wozani worldwide fame of him appearing to pucker up for a kiss

Vince the rhino was shot dead ...

In this photo taken Wednesday, May 3, 2017, a ranger takes care of Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in ...

A rhino on a ranch in Bela Bela, 150 kilometers north of Johannesburg. This

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A caretaker consoles Najin, one of only two female northern white rhinos left on the

Rhino ...

Rhinos graze in the bush on the edge of Kruger National Park in South Africa, October 1. In South Africa, rhinos are worth more dead than alive.

Lucky to be alive: This baby rhino is enjoying life in South Africa after its

Sudan: The last male northern white rhino and a symbol of endangered species conservation | The Independent

This is the time to step up and save them now don't ever have · Rhino PoachingThe ...

Rhino horn being sawn off

A bird sitting on the head of a white rhino at Kruger National Park in South

Rhinoceros are magnificent creatures with a body mass of around 2 metric tons and can run up to around 50 kilometers per hour. In Africa, they have been ...

Horrific: A video showing the injuries a white rhino sustained at the hands of poachers

Monarto Zoo is working to save the southern white rhino. Picture: Geoff Brooks

The death of the last northern white male rhino Sudan on March 19 in Kenya sent the world into mourning. When Sudan was born in South Sudan in 1972 there ...

Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, has died in Kenya at the age of 45, after becoming a symbol of efforts to save his subspecies from extinction, ...

Dehorned rhino mother and calf before release back into the wild. Conservationists often dehorn rhino

Young Rhino Named Hope Survives Brutal Attack After Being Left For Dead

JUST WATCHED. Can data save Africa's rhinos ...

Staff dehorn one of Hume's rhinos

'Better de-horned than dead' – zoo chops rhino horns to foil poachers | World news | The Guardian

Rhino Rescue

Rhino in Hluhluwe, South Africa

A group of orphaned white rhino calves doze in the shade at the rehabilitation centre in

24 Rhinos Slaughtered In 7 Days

Geotagged safari photos could lead poachers right to endangered rhinos

This week we are featuring the mighty white rhino! Did you

How IVF and stem cell science could save the northern white rhino from extinction | Environment | The Guardian

Biologist aims to grow rhino horns to save animals from poachers | The Star

If they truly believe a rhinos horn will cure diseases, then they should start using their own fingernails. They are made of the same thing ...

ROCS Rhino orphanage for calf survivors

Synthetic Rhinoceros Horns Spark Economic Debate on Conservation | Inside Science

black rhinos

Threatened for hunting endangered rhino

Najin and her daughter Fatou, the last two northern white rhino females, graze near

Brutal: Forest officials stand near the carcass of the one-horned rhinoceros that was

Black Rhino With Calf

Sudan the northern white rhino who is the last male of his kind - once he. + 2

tourism rhino poaching

A de-horned rhino ...

Rhino shot dead by poachers who used chainsaw to rip off his ivory horn inside Paris zoo - Mirror Online

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Rhinos in Kruger National Park,SA, file

Rhinos are targeted by poachers, fueled by the belief in Asia that their horns cure

Saving the Wild End of Year Report (2017)

Most southern white rhino are found in South Africa where they are under sustained pressure from poaching for their horn. Jason Gilchrist, Author provided

The final two members of the northern white rhino subspecies.

Tourists take a tour of Sudan's enclosure at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy.

A white rhinoceros rests in Kruger National Park, South Africa, the epicenter of a

A northern white rhino at the Dvur Kralove zoo in the Czech Republic. (Image: Mistvan/Wikimedia Commons)

Four-year-old white rhinoceros Vince, pictured, was shot dead at Thoiry

Reactive solutions to rhino poaching, such as inserting tracking sensors into the horn, are intrusive and stress the animal.


ACTCM rhino

Sadly, 11 rhinos have been poached in the Eastern Cape so far during this year alone, while 19 were killed last year.

Shaka, the orphaned rhino calf.

A black rhino. Picture: WWF