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Cameo portrait of Julia daughter of Emperor Titus 2nd half of 1st

Cameo portrait of Julia daughter of Emperor Titus 2nd half of 1st


Portrait of Julia Titi (daughter of Emperor Titus). From Asia Minor. c. 90 CE. J. Paul Getty Museum. Los Angeles, California.

220-222 CE) Julia Paula, first wife of Emperor Elagabalus

"Portrait Head of Julia Titi," Roman Empire, about 90 CE. Marble with polychromy. Julia Titi was the daughter of the Roman emperor Titus, who ruled during ...

Flavian Woman: profile (Copenhagen 793) Roman marble portrait of a Roman aristocratic woman. The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek (Copenhagen) dates this figure to ...

https://flic.kr/p/GmtTw | Head of Julia Titi

Flavian Hair Portrait bust of a young woman (Julia, daughter of Titus) 80s—90s A.D. (Rome, Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Nuovo, Hall of the Emperors) Flavia ...

A Roman Marble Portrait Head of Julia Titi, Daughter of the Emperor Titus |

Marble portrait of Emperor Augustus, 1st century BCE.

Marble bust of the emperor Lucius Verus from Asia Minor. A.D. 160-69 | Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio

EARLY EMPIRE: Portrait bust of Livia, early first century CE. This well-executed head does not seek to be a lifelike portrait but depicts Livia as an ...

Emperor Claudius, head of Roman statue (marble), 1st century AD, (

Domitian, Museo Nazionale Romano, Palazzo Massimo.

Roman Marble Head of Domitian Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 1 st Century AD

Emperor Titus Flavius Domitianus Marble Portrait bust, Roman,from the island of Paros in

Bust of the Roman Emperor Domitian 1st century CE Marble (1)

Roman marble portrait bust of Julia, daughter of emperor Titus, late century AD. National Roman Museum in Palazzo Altemps, Rome.

Agrippina the Elder or Antonia the Younger 2nd Half of first Century, C.E. Marble,

Wk 11 Bust of Julia Mamaea, marble, Capitoline Museum, Rome, 220-

Emperor Vespasian, head of Roman sculpture (marble), 1st century C.E., (

Bust of Emperor Domitian - Louvre.

Titus, elder son of Vespasian, became the Roman Emperor, ruling from 79 - This was the first time the imperial crown passed from father to son.

Julia the Elder, 39 BC - 14 AD, daughter of Emperor Augustus, portrait

The Flavian emperor Titus (C.E. 79-81). Found in the so-

Marble portrait bust of the Emperor Augustus - Stock Image

Portrait of the Roman emperor Domitian,

Travertine cameo with portrait of the Emperor Augustus (30 B.C. - 14 A.D.).

Tiberius, Romisch-Germanisches Museum, Cologne (8115606671).jpg

Intaglio of Julia, daughter of Titus. Aquamarine (2nd half of 1st CE) signed Evodos. Carolingian frame (9th) surrounded by 9 sapphires and 6 pearls.

https://flic.kr/p/GmysR | Head of Julia Titi

Head of Julia, the daughter of Titus. Roman work. Marble. Italy, ca. 90 CE. Los Angeles (USA), John Paul Getty Museum

Roman - Portrait bust of emperor Trajan (53-117 AD) 1st-2nd century AD

Julius Caesar most notable for his victory and tyranny against the Gauls at the Siege of

Julia Domna, (died 217), second wife of the Roman emperor Septimius Severus

Julia, daughter of the Emperor Augustus, stepsister and second wife of the Emperor Tiberius

Agrippina the Elder, granddaughter of Augustus, mother of Emperor Caligula, mother of Empress

Head of Julia Domna, member of the Severan dynasty of the Roman Empire. Empress and wife of Roman Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus and mother of Emperors ...

Julia the Elder, 39 BC - 14 AD, daughter of Emperor Augustus, portrait

30 best CFS images on Pinterest | Ancient art, Ancient rome and Roman emperor

Agrippina the Younger, sister of Emperor Caligula, mother of Emperor Nero, wife of

Marble bust of a man

Titus Flavius Vespasianus, Roman Emperor from 79 to 81. Munich. Glyptote

Chiusi: fragmentary portrait of a young woman Roman marble portrait dated by the national archaeological

Presumed portrait head of the Roman emperor Geta, brother to Caracalla. c.3rd.century C.E.

Julia Avita Mamaea or 29 August after was a Roman regent. She was the mother of Roman Emperor Alexander Severus and served as regent of Rome during his ...

Portrait bust of a young woman (Julia, daughter of Titus) A. (Rome, Capitoline Museums, Palazzo Nuovo, Hall of the Emperors)

Julia Domna, wife of Emperor Septimius Severus, Roman bust (marble), 2nd

CE) Portrait of a member of Flavian dynasty

1st century CE. Athens, National Archaeological Museum

Busto del emperador Caracalla. El arte romano: el realismo que recalca la fuerza de una mirada.

Marble Portrait of Livia Roman BC This portrait of Livia was created not long after her marriage to Emperor Augustus. As the first empress of Rome, ...

AD CE was an Empress of Rome and wife to the Roman Emperor Domitian. She was the youngest daughter of the general and consul Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo.

Portrait of Julia Flavia (Julia Titi), daughter of Emperor Titus. Roman,

Marcus Claudius Marcellus as Mercury (Hermes), son of Octavia the Younger, nephew

Emperor Titus

Emperor Caracalla, Roman bust (marble), 3rd century AD, (Musée du

Portrait head of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (called Caracalla), ca. 217–230; Late Severan Roman Marble

Domitian (Head) - 2009 Flavian exhibit, Rome

Roman early 1st Century AD Colossal marble portrait head of Emperor Augustus

Julia Domna 193-210 AD. Roman | Kunst Historisches Museum Wien

Poppaea Sabina, wife of the Emperor Nero. Marble Bust, 1st c AD.

Poppaea Sabina, wife of the Emperor Nero. Marble Bust, 1st century AD, Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Rome #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

Statue of Empress Julia Agrippina 'the Younger' (Minor) AD) , Emperor Claudius' wife and mother of Emperor Nero, Basanite, Rome, century CE.


Statue of August from Prima Porta (close up). Marble. Ca. 20

caesar-loved-his-salad: Portrait Bust of a Flavian Woman

Julia, the daughter of emperor Titus. Glass paste. Late 1st century. 5.6

Julia Maesa, sister of Julia Domna. She was angered to be evicted from the

Empress consort and wife of emperor Augustus

Emperor Titus, Roman statue (marble), 1st century AD, (Museo Archeologico

Julia Flavia / Julia Titi (65-c. 91 CE); Augusta; daughter of Titus and Marcia Furnilla; mistress of her uncle Domitian Portrait bust in marble. 1st century ...

Illustration of Augustus Caesar. "

Portrait of Claudius, National Archaeological Museum of Spain

four roundels with profile busts ||| relief

Onyx cameo portrait bust of a Roman woman wearing a stola. The thick folds of

Commodus Musei Capitolini MC1120.jpg

Julia Cornelia Salonina (died 268). Augusta, wife of Roman Emperor Gallienus.

Learn About the 1st of the Good Emperors

Portrait bust (79-81 A.D) of Julia Flavia (

Portrait head ...


Augustus (Imperator Caesar A.), 23.9.63 BC - 19.8.14

Head of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus, Roman artwork of the late Augustan period, last decade of the 1st century BC

Roman Emperor Macrinus

Livia Drusila (59/58 BC-20 AD) or Julia Augusta. Wife

Antoninus Pius or Titus Fulvius Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, 86 - 161, Roman

Faustina the Younger (- profile), daughter of Empress Faustina the Elder and Emperor Antoninus Pius, wife and cousin of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, ...

Imperator Titus Caesar Vespasianus Augustus


Second settlement. Portraits of Augustus show the emperor ...

Julia Flavia hairstyle, Terracotta made in Smyrna, c. 90 - Louvre

Titus, Titus Flavius Caesar Vespasianus Augustus, 39 AD- 81 AD, Roman emperor

Julia Domna, wife of emperor Septimius Severus - Roman statue century AD)

Cameo portrait of Julia, daughter of Emperor Titus (2nd half of 1st century CE). Aquamarine signed Evodos. Carolingian frame (9th century) surrounded by 9 ...

Cameo Portrait of Emperor Augustus, Julio-Claudian Roman Sardonyx 1 x 1 in. x 29 mm) Purchase, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, 1942

Roman Emperor Alexander Severus

Julia Livilla - Julia Livilla, daughter of Germanicus

Victorian intaglio seal fob Rose Thistle Cross - Love Protection Mourning

The Livia Cameo. This stone is made of white and blue sardonyx and dates from the first century AD. A superb cameo like this one would have been presented ...