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CH Precision Audio t Audio

CH Precision Audio t Audio


High End 2015: Stenheim, CH Precision, Audio Consulting, ZenSati | Audio Traveler

CH M1 System

All the analog audio circuitry in these components as well as all other CH components, is fully discrete, transistor based and fully symmetrical, ...

High End Munich 2017 - Techdas Air Force One Premium + CH Precision + Vivid Audio Giya G1 Spirit

... those classic digital artifacts don't bother me—at any rate, not like they used to. It was a very long gestation, but digital has arrived, ...

Montagna CH Precision

L1 Front2

ch precision. Contrast this with the teleportation created by SET gear, like Audio Note Japan. ANJ places you up close and personal the musicians, ...

Bending Wave USA, Göbel High End, Epoque Aeon Fine loudspeakers, CH Precision, AXPONA 2018


The M1, CH Precision's statement amp, made its debut at CES 2015. Many consider it a contender for the gold ring in the amplifier category.

CH Precision L1 preamplifer

STENHEIM Loudspeakers, CH Precision, Robert Koda, Metronome, Holborne analog, Tellurium Q Cables - YouTube

Swiss high-end manufacturer CH Precision has finally added a standalone phono stage to their Borg-like range of identically cased electronics.

CH Precision at Montreal Audio Fest: Video with Raphael Pasche

CH Precision C1 Digital-to-Analog Converter/Controller and D1 CD/SACD Player - The Audio Beat - www.TheAudioBeat.com

CH A1 system

Cambridge Audio chose to use our Heimdall 2 and Frey 2 cables to debut their new Edge Series:




Goebel Highend Loudspeakers, Epoque Reference and Baforce Fine, Kronos, CH Precision, High End Munic


If ...

On paper, CH Precision could be a perfect example of the breed, a company that offers a range of almost identical solid-state boxes without a single ...

c1 5 ch precision

the CH Precision L1 Preamp

There's a common theme to all CH Precision components in terms of design and overall look. They are share the same wave like front panel with centre display ...

Vitus Audio SS-102 CH Precision Finite Elemente YG Acoustics Sonja 1.2 at Absolute Hi End - YouTube


M1 2-channel Reference Power Amplifier

P1 Dual Monaural Phono Stage

CH Precision D1 Player Crystal Cable Arabesque Speakers Boulder 865 Amplifier at Absolute Hi End

If ...


CH Precision at Munich High End 2016

Magico M3 Goldmund Telos 1000+ CH Precision C1 Siltech at Absolute Hi End - YouTube

Wilson Benesch The Cardinal / Torus CH Precision A1 Power Amps C1 / D1 at Munich 2013

7:16 AM - 15 Apr 2018

Magico M3 speakers, Goldmund Telos 1000+ mono, Vitus Audio SCD-025 player, CH Precision C1, Siltech TAOC at Absolute Hi End @MagicoLLCpic.twitter.com/ ...


CH Precision in Salon Audio Montreal Audio Fest

Review Music Emotion CH Precision en Wilson Benesch


CH Precision at TAVES 2016

Rupert Neve Designs RNHP 1-Ch Precision Headphone Amplifier image 1

Wilson Benesch Cardinal Audia Strumento No8 CH Precision C1 Wavac Accuphase Aesthetix - YouTube

... Hi End on Twitter: "CH Precision M1 amplifiers, D1 DAC, L1 Pre, X1 PSU, P1 phono, Air Force One DS Audio Nightrider Cartridge http://t .co/i1m6rG2Edv"

Marten Coltrane Tenor CH Precision D1 Lamm ML2.2 LL2.1 at Absolute Hi End - YouTube

CH Precision P1 Phonostage

Mono and High end audio magazine by Matej Isak. Magico, Wilson Audio, CH

Driven by a 200Wpc CH Precision M1 amplifier ($US54,850), the Focal Sopra No.3 speakers ($US20,000/pair) produced sound that was rich, bold and beguiling.

Now, look at the range, which consists of:

Audia Flight Three S CH Precision D1 Magico S3 Finite Elemente Absolute Hi End


The four pillars are shafts for the adjustable spikes and simultaneously form the supports for other CH components that are stacked on top.

Absolute Hi End on Twitter: "Wilson Audio WAMM and CH Precision at Jadis Electronics LTD Hong Kong @WilsonAudio #chprecision… "

CH Precision (Custom). DVL Audio / Nordost


The Wilson Benesch R1 HIFI Rack with CH Precision P1 Phono Stage at the Munich High

High End 2015: CH Precision, Vivid Audio, TechDAS

All CH products also have very cleverly integrated adjustable spiked feet. The components can be positioned just like any other audio component using their ...

Kroma Audio Elektra T+A MP-3100 TechDAS Air Force III Kuzma 4-point tonearm and Kiseki Purple Heart NS Cartridge CH Precision M1 and L1

CH Precision in Element Acoustics, Vancouver

... demo room @MagicoLLC feat Magico M6, Soulution amps, CH Precision, AMG And Kronos Turntable, DS Audio Master 1 @DS_Audio… https://t.co/FWvuj8gtQG"

The New CH Precision I1 Universal Integrated Amplifier, the Company's First Integrated Design.

If we look at analog technology, the working life of the microgroove record is already approaching six decades (in stereo form; it's considerably more if ...

D1 SACD & CD Transport / Player

TechDAS Air Force 3, Air Force III, Vivid, CH Precision, High End Munich 2015 - YouTube

If one had desire for an ultra-wide bandwidth DC-coupled amplifier, until now it could have meant very serious Swiss franks for a CH Precision, Goldmund or ...

Stereophile review CH Precision P1


Audio by Mark Jones definitely don't cater to the faint of wallet but Mr. Jones is an absolute master at assembling musical marriages of premiere high-end ...

CH Precision electronics and Kronos Audio featuring the Goebel High End Epoque Reference loudspeakers was an excellent sounding room.


KL Audio Record Cleaner

I haven't been a really big fan of the Wilson Benesch loudspeakers at trade shows. But, I could tell before getting a good seat, that this time was going to ...

CH Precision A1 Amp Gigawatt PC-3EVO Power conditioner Stillpoints Magico Soulution Vitus Audio - YouTube


Absolute Hi End on Twitter: "Wilson Audio WAMM and CH Precision at Jadis Electronics LTD Hong Kong @WilsonAudio #chprecision… "

Absolute Hi End on Twitter: "CH Precision I1 Integrated amp, @Grand Prix Grand Prix Turntable and Apertura Audio Speakers at Munich High End Audio Show ...

CH Precision electronics (backed by Audio Research) was used to drive the new Wilson Audio Specialties Alexia Series 2 speakers. It wasn't until the Sunday ...

CH Precision at Elite Audio Systems, San Francisco

Listening – Wilson Watt/Puppy 8

Orpheus isn't was it used to be when the lead designer leaved to start CH Precision.

Dual-channel precision audio analyzer with built-in condenser measurement mics

Mono and High end audio magazine by Matej Isak. Magico, Wilson Audio, CH Precision, Raidho, Nagra, Kondo Audio Note, Kronos, FM Acoustics, Goldmund

If we look at analog technology, the working life of the microgroove record is already approaching six decades (in stereo form; it's considerably more if ...

If you pop the hood it looks more like a computer than a piece of audio equipment. Quite a stark contrast to my beloved ...

The CH Precision M1 power amp is a special piece of technology. Raphaël has told me all about it! For example, one can connect to it using a tablet and ...

AXPONA 2017 Vids 2 Audio NoteCH Precision, Kronos Sparta, Magico S1Classic Audio Loudspeakers, Purist Audio Design, Atma Sphere, […]